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Yeah disc golf is an outdoor event.

Ever notice smokers on the course?

Most pick up their cigarette butts.

Some do not care....

Know of friends and family that have died from it.

i.e. Patrick Swayze died from pancreas disease, from smoking cigarettes.

How do you get through to a smoker?

Will they sue the cigarette companies because they can't quit?

Will an 'iron lung' be PDGA approved for play?

Why did they start?

Open for comments...

This is a call for health, not attacks on those that don't smoke or smoke.

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Personally have never seen that rule enforced.
Believe it will only be enforced when the 'sport' has more exposure.
It seems to be only in writing to protect the PDGA and tournaments....
The "We told you so attitude."
The PDGA does not have a real marshall service.
The only tournament where this rule only seems to apply is at the USDGC...
Mainly because of "exposure."
Don't care what people do, just as long as it is not offensive to me or others,
It's like trying to 'piss up a rope.' If you read most of the 'posts' on DGRUS "you are the bad guy for suggesting appropriate behavior."

Some people just don't get it.
If the sport is to grow than so do its participants......
End of conversation.
End of conversation????? It's over when we say it's over...Soap Box Annie!!! HA!
Don't call me Shirley?
Sorry, I meant....Jimmy Ann Bruno!!!
ok is it just me or that fact that illegal substances are not allowed at a tournament site, then in "C" its forbidden from the 2 minute warning til the time the score card is turned in. So I guess if you run across the street and do it its not illegal? You would think a illegal substance would not be permitted at any time? It kind of sounds like a mixed signal there..
And I pick up my cigarette butts and throw them away, not to mention the 12 pack of beer cans left by others..
So how would you feel if someone was smoking meth or shooting up or doing a line before you teed off? is that ok cause it was before the 2 minute rule? Would that be someone you would be concerned about having to play a round with?
great Mikey now i got to think about this too!!!???
anyway you look at it its illeagle, i think the PDGA should go over this rule and make it to where if you use any illeagle substance then you are DQ from the tourny wether its B4 or after the tourny, espicially if the person is high B4
Don't think anyone is going to argue the health risks associated with smoking just as I don't think anyone would argue the health risks of drinking alchohol. We still have some freedom left and I don't plan on giving it away simply because there is a subsection of the population that wants to run my life and finds perfectly legal practices irritating.

If you want to get through to a smoker then stop addressing their smoking as THE PROBLEM and help identify the "real" problem that causes the INDIVIDUAL smoker to reach for a cigarette in the first place!
You are definitely correct.
In America you have the option(s) to choose.
I really accept this.
DO not try to preach to anyone at all.
Just state facts that's all.
Lost a good friend to pancreas disease & my girlfriend lost her father too it.

Smoke on!
I was told to say nothing.
I think that you should have told his mother. In the end, how did that affect you?
whole lotta self-righteous preaching in this thread...
totally agree. everything is not always about YOU!


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