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Yea, you can preach it till you're blue in the face, but don't understand it till you actually stop trying to kill it every time. more is less and less is more, yea, not just a saying. So, my average "kill" is 350ft and my average newfound smooth form is 350ft. Well, 350 may not be far for many of you, but it is to me, with the occasional 375 footer.

Now, how to perfect smoothness over 400ft because that's my goal to reach in the next 4 months? I need to video myself, really. Any pros near DFW that can help me one afternoon?

Everything i've learned has been on the internet or DVD's, i can't seem to get lucky enough to bump into a pro. Most guys i've met are pretty close to my skill level.

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One thing that has helped me lately is making my arm loose. I have been throwing when it is really tense and that robs some smoothness and distance. I am still playing with it, but it is coming along nicely.

BTW I throw mainly standing still, which I know robs me of distance, but I can get 300' easy, 350' on a good throw, 380' on a great throw, and 400' on the rare miracle throw.

My thought was to try and perfect my throwing form standing still as my run up mostly always hyzered out. I am getting distances normally now of about 300-320' with a run up. I am still getting the feel for meshing it with my throwing form.

Really think I need to go to some clinics next year. I am going to break that distance wall, and with practice so will you.
yea, you're doing great, considering you have no run-up, just a lil footwork and you'll be crushing it. i believe the smooth thing translates to minimal wobble, so if i slow it down enough, it then becomes harder for the disc to wobble because i'm pulling from the "reach back" straight, clean, all the way through, now the disc does more work, probably what you've perfected without the run-up. oh, and my run-up is a walk-through now. 2nd thing that's helping i believe: my grip. so i found this happy medium thing i'm liking. for me to stay smooth, i felt i was concentrating too much on a hard grip, then i overcompensated by being too loose in my grip. what i found is if i use Ken Climo's grip and modify it a bit, i get a nice happy medium. Hard to explain, but now i put no forearm flex pressure on the disc like he does and i don't turn my fingertips white. i use his grip to keep the disc firm in my hand just by the way the fingers demand it by where they are placed, with no real effort in finger pressure though per se. that allows me to take tension out of my forearm and keep it relaxed. I think of holding a fork and enjoying lasagna, not killing a cow with it, lol. anyways, good stuff, thanks for the feedback.
Some pros that I met during our state championship this past summer said to stick to putters and mids for a long time. They said to learn to manipulate and control the disc and try to get max distance out of them and still throw them straight (I was told that this will help you learn to be smooth). Also, from what I've heard and read, most people hit the 350' barrier because they haven't learned to effectively snap the disc out of their hands.

I've been throwing my putters and mids a lot and always reread the articles on discgolfreview.com over and over. I must say that I've noticed a difference. The only problem is that every place that I can play at is buried in the snow and there is no real sound footing. So I'm not able to see what the net results are as of yet.
If your disc is wobbling that means there is not enough spin on the disc. How I get a lot of snap on my disc is power and letting the disc rip out of my hand. How ever you do it more spin on you disc means longer in the air and more distance. Also try different weights in your discs and as many molds as you can to find. What works best for you might be something you never thought of.
I think that I'm at this barrier too. Most of my throws are 300'-350' max. On occasion, my Champ Destroyer has reached 400', something that no other disc in my bag can do. Granted, it only does it with the perfect throw and with the perfect skip, but I'll take it.
I got a big bump in power by doing the standing drive for a few months. My control got a lot better and when I started putting steps back in, my power went up substantially. From when I started the no-step to when I put the steps back in, I probably gained 30'-40'. They key for me was that the no step helps you focus on your arm and most importantly your hips. The twist in disc golf is just like batting, ball golf, raquetball kill shots, etc. All of these sports stress good core strength and a nice "twist."
I'm still learning, so I wasn't exactly at a plateau at that time. Even now, I still pop it up or grip lock it enough that I'm considering taking the steps out again.
The best example of Smooth=Distance are the Ken and Mark Jarvis. Maybe 5'9 150lbs, crushing 600+ ft drives.

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