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Just cant get that snap down so frustrated see people that has been playing for a couple of months and can out drive me by 75 feet HELP

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try snapping a towel as practice, it's pretty much the same motion.

Towel Drill is a great way to help find your snap.  also a weight resistance band is a great way to help improve

you want to let the disc rip out of your hand when throwing for distance.  Most of the distance is lost due to no rotation on the disc. 

Try anything that works the wrist.

Try the snapping towel routine.

Try the band, well that is more for arm then wrist.

Try tapping a can of dip.

Try snapping your pointer finger against your thumb and middle finger.

Try master..... just kidding.

Try using free weights like dumbbells and due forearm curls and wrist building.


But most of all, switch to a power grip and let it rip.

Practice, Practice , Practice rotating the disc with a snap.

How do you throw the disc? Do you pull straight back and come straight through? Or do you dip during your throw? Focus on pulling back as far as you can, then ripping the disc across your chest, then slapping someone backhanded as you let the disc go with your index finger and thumb touching.

I like the towel idea for helping point you in the right direction, but it won't give you the feeling of a disc at the hit. I also like the towel for use before a round or taking a shot once you already know how to hit it. It kinda gets you in the right frame of mind for making the hit, but its incomplete.


For a real world teaching application I like to use a spike hyzer to get somebody used to carrying their arm further down the line to where the disc snap releases. When you throw the spike hyzer you tend to reach back fuller. You also get more of a gravity pull on the disc when pulling up through the shot. This gives your mind something to remember in how the disc should feel in your hand on a proper pull through. It's like a weighted building pressure that you feel in the fingers approaching the hit.Throwing the spike you also lift your elbow higher as you pull and carry the disc up higher into the release.


After practicing the spike hyzer and getting that feel and kind of breaking down what your doing and how it feels during the key parts of the throw, you can then relate it to throwing it flat. Once you start throwing flat, trying to simulate the feeling you get throwing the spike, go slow, one step at a time. Start by trying to get that weighted feeling as you pull through accelerating all the way into the hit and beyond. Don't jerk start the motion, accelerate.


As you are accellerating past your pecs make sure you keep that elbow travelling down the target line as far as you can before allowing the arm to start uncoiling. As the arm uncoils the wrist is still going to stay loaded; not cocked; but just a little tension because you are going to help the disc out with a little flick right at the hit. As the disc bursts free right at that point, just before your arm extends all the way, let  your elbow take the lead again with a chop around toward your back making a full turn letting the left side of your body fall in behind the disc, finishing clean. 


Throw full reaching spike hyzers from a stand still, then try and simulate it as a flat throw from a stand still. Once you have that down, then put in your run up.


Hit= Snap

Use a fairway driver or slower disc.


Good luck.

A beautiful explanation.. I get the feeling u have explained this before ;) I'm wondering how important it is to accelerate through the pull? I think I just pull hard from the start.

i dont even worry about snapping the disc. i just keep every part of my body left and open up at the release for a rhbh shot. when i do stop (snap, rip, whatever) every thing on the release , it goes far too. If there was a way to combine the 2 i betch i could get an extra 120 feet.

Two things:


1. Hitting the snap requires the use of fast twitch muscles that don't have a lot of stmina. They are shot and decelerating by the time you make it to the hit if you start the pull hard.


2. It throws off the timing of the whole throwning motion from the core up. From a stanstill you won't notice it as much, but once you get to the point of incorporating the accelerating pull method with your runup, you'll thank me.


Good Question!

Snap starts with proper foot work. Set up your throw with a proper X-step and the snap will follow. It is what gets you the power.

Thx!  I'll try working this out tomorrow.  Definitely feel like I can add some distance to my drive.  Hard to understand how some of these mild mannered fellas chuck 500+ feet like its nothing.  :)

Try the Towel thing , then move up to a bigger Towel !!!!

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