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I got a quick question for everyone. Have you ever really measured how far you can drive? Not just walking off your drive or using the distance on a hole. I bring this up cause me and a few buddies were having a little argument about how far everyone could throw their drive and they all thougt they threw 375 400' cause of the lenght of a few holes and I called bs on them so we went to lined football field and guess what? Not a single one on this windless day could throw from one end to the other (endzone to endzone is 360') So if you really want to know your true distance you should try that and you might be suprised. My best throws landed aroundd 350'

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My longest measured throw was 509 (right hand) before i ripped my shoulder up a few years ago. I have steadily been getting my distance back over the past few years. I've been ripping disc out a touch over 430 but thats about as far as i'll ever get a disc out again. Also been working on my left hand (I'm naturally a lefty as it is) which i rip out right around 350-360. We have 4 or 5 guys from Lexington, KY that can wing a disc out well over 450 (Zack Skees, Sean Turner, Ryan Friebert [500+], Jacob Spaulding and Rob Dillhof who i have personally seen throw a putter over 400). However most people who think they can throw 400 find out that they are horridly short of that mark and can only do it when there is a gail force tailwind with a flippy flippy disc and a wide open field. Most people i have ran into have trouble getting over 300 feet in distance.
I measure the ACTUAL distances of my discs.
I also measure courses when I can.
The signs are rarely right, but that is not my intention.
I just want to know for my own peace of mind and confidence.
If the hole is marked 380 and I measure 360. Then the hole is 360 for me...I use the same measuring device to measure the distance of my discs. Sooooo they will match up. I know which disc will go 360.
It is true that people embellish their distances.
This is not a distance competition, this is golf...a game of accuracy.

so true, when i throw in practice i might walk off the distance of my throws, not accurate distance but i can gauge how i am doing. e.g. hundred steps for this shot, hundred five steps for that shot, i'm doing better and what did i do to gain those extra steps on that throw .
Just to clarify. I throw field practice on my old highschool football field, so measurement is pretty simple.
baseball field is 300 ft to the fence so i throw over it a lot so i know its more than 300
I use a wheel I bought for $20. I also use a field that I measured.
I don't throw for max d since I think there's other things I should work on instead.
I toss stalkers ~320, thrown with about 10-15 degrees of hyzer@ about 15-20 high
when ever I try big d, I end up dropping my shoulder and oating it up:(
How much height, and what kind of line was the buzzz on?
Not being smart, just curious.
doh?! my bad. should have said around 10,000 ft.
outside Taos,NM.
2 gray hairs has a driving range marked off.
The picture attached shows where I practice my throws. It's perfect for driving practice. From the end of the cement to the trees is 390'. Most of my throws land around the 350' mark, but I've been getting more and more to hit the trees. I didn't measure, but my farthest was probably around 425'.
Generally I can get an easy 430-450 out of my Crush, 400-415 out of my Force. I was hoping the nuke would get me to 500 ish but I cannot get it to not turn over. Furthest measured distance in competition was 523ft.
At distance competitions, they generally throw mid 160's for weight, depending on wind, of course. I like my drivers 170-172.
When I'm playin my A game I'm very accurate from 275-325' but can exceed 400' when conditions are right although without much accuracy.

Was learning to bomb a Valkarie 400' a while back but it was breaking in too fast and tended to turn too much and was finally forever lost ... lol ...now learning to do the same with an esp avenger ss but its a little more finicky.

I learned to drive too many years ago in an old school fashion when a solid 300' was pretty respectable - straight, low, and narrow with a two finger grip never letting your eye off the target. Now I'm adopting to these wide rimmed discs and bigger pulls using a 4 finger grip and loosing sight of the target for max d. My goal was 400', Was so happy when I got it, now just have to make it consistent and accurate!

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