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Here are some examples from last weekend.Our player package included a publication with wrong info.(some played from the wrong pads) The flyer claimed lunch would be provided both days,Day one I found a few cold cut wedges that had been unattended for hours with mayo(in 98 degree heat)that the flies were feasting on and nothing on day two. It was hot and they let the water coolers run out early without ever refilling them.The first course needed a trash cleanup bad! A guy in my group steped on a rusty nail sticking out of a board. The second course was unmowed.(SOOO weak)The T.D. bitched us out sunday morning because of the bad attitude of a/some pros(B.H.)you all know who.Then didnt seem to care about explaining the O.B.s or the tees we should use.Shawn H. goes to our tourneys to help,not to babysit staff that can't add.Worst of all last year I was so impressed by the courses and the staff,way to drop the ball!                                                                       Steve B. 5495

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So, anyone care to answer my question and tell me where this mystical tournament was?

And, as a former TD, I can say a few things to support and condemn them all at once. As a tournament director, one of your goals needs to be to make money (at least make back what you spent) but the overall "good vibe" people take away from the event is just as important.
If you run a well organized and fun tournament, you can bet the out-of-towners will not only tell their friends, but bring them back the next year. There is a little secret to TDing though that not a lot of them know, which is, you can host a kick ass tournament and make money hand over fist, it just takes a little work. OK, it takes a lot of work.
Planning a sanctioned event cannot be done in the weeks prior to the event, you have to start planning next year's event the week after this year's event. That way you can make fresh notes on what "worked" and what did not. You can also make donation requests for player's packs or prizes. Most sponsors (not disc sponsors) will give you free stuff, you just have to ask in enough advance.
Again, from a TD's perspective, it does no good to half ass the event planning because the event will suck and you'll have to listen to the whiney little cry babies that inevitably infest every disc golf tournament. If you're going to donate your time and effort, you may as well do a great job so you can enjoy tournament day/experience.
To the people that do not volunteer/help: If I was playing in a tournament and I heard a non-volunteering golfer complaining about the event, I may just punch you in the face myself. If the turnout of the event is sooo important to you then you shold ask the TD what you can do to help a few weeks before the event.
Anyone that doesn't volunteer has absolutely NO RIGHT to complain ABOUT ANYTHING at that event! PERIOD!
I think he is talking about the Sarasota Sky Pilots event in Florida.
No, No ...wrong event. Here's a hint... What is the capital of FL?
Dirtona beotch?
I agree with your bolded statement, especially if they've never even volunteered at an event. If they had done that then they'd realize what a production a large or semi-large event can be to setup.
I agree with your bolded statement in part. If you pay money to participate in an event you have a right to expect to receive what you paid for. Generally speeking people entering tournament receive more than they paid for because the vounteers are providing valuable services for free.


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