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like a little chip and a handheld device that points you in the right direction like one of those things that lets you find your kids.

less lost discs would be good, but maybe not so much for the manufacturers.

if something like this was available for say..$20-50 and entailed a handheld device along with a chip small enough to tape onto a disc, would you buy it?

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Like a fat tracking device isn't good enough. I won't stand for it. I'm going to waddle over to the beerbellies club and register my complaint.

I could use a little energy for the trip. Anyone got a cheeseburger I could borrow?
I could fling you a pizza?
I would buy it in a heartbeat! Here are some of my ideas:
Maybe the disc makers could inbed a microchip & we would find it using a cell phone.
Use a special ink in the plastic that can be seen with special glasses.
Something inbedded in the plastic that would conduct heat so we could find it with a infared device.
Something inbedded in the plastic that would conduct sound so you could track it by radio signal.
Something inbedded in the plastic that would emit a strong odor so we (or a dog) could track it by scent.
There's got to be a way!
All you would need is and RFID tag on the disc, and a handheld locator unit like you are talking about. The same way a lot of businesses track inventory. Here is a link to show you the different types of stick-on and implantable(inlay) sensors.


The stick on sensors would be illeagal in tournaments, but would be handy in snow or on the leafy fall days. But...I think you would have more than $20-50 bucks invested.
hmmm. maybe someday in the future then.....
It would have to be waterproof for me to consider it.
Orange Slice said:
It would have to be waterproof for me to consider it.

maybe it could also have a built in remotely controlled little balloon that filled with air on command to float it to the top?

and then maybe a miniature james bond could jump out and it would turn the disc into a jet-boat so he could drive it to shore and hand it to you. and then he could snap his fingers and make your favorite bond girl appear out of thin air to caddy for you and umm.. yeah....
I'm sure the technology is already developed using Nanotechnology...it just has to become affordable and available to the every day shmoe. A small fraction of a gram self adhesive microchip with GPS capabilities linked to a cell phone....piece of cake!!!!

easy Mark.....I know I said cake.....that's just an expression now.
Maybe blended into the material ?
How about the Mk I eyeball? Works pretty good for me, cept with rollers (my rollers go all over the place).
Me and a friend were just discussing this today. They do make tracking chips small enough that you could just inject into the plastic. Kinda like those tracking devices you inject into pets. probably would be expensive though.
I'd buy it if they were water proof. the RFID tags are fairly cheap at $1.34 but.. how much is the tracking device that finds them? haha.

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