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like a little chip and a handheld device that points you in the right direction like one of those things that lets you find your kids.

less lost discs would be good, but maybe not so much for the manufacturers.

if something like this was available for say..$20-50 and entailed a handheld device along with a chip small enough to tape onto a disc, would you buy it?

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Just thought about it, RFID are just scanned. So you'd have to already find your disc to scan it. check this out though: http://www.s5w.com/technology/
i know it would be possible i know that the world wide postal system use paper thin technology to track letters to make sure everone is delevering there latters on time. all you need is one of these and tape it to the bottom and im sure they would be water proof because letters get wet in the rain
Mike is right about the RFID tag, and myself and another one of my club members are actually working on the idea the plan is to make the tags really cheap, and get the tracker down to the size of watch or a small pager. Keep ya fingers crossed
We don't need tracking devices for discs. We need them on baskets. A small transmitter and battery installed in the pipe connected to a circuit going into the sleeve. If someone steels the basket the circuit is broken triggering the transmitter. The cops would be knocking at the thieves door the next day. We have at least one basket stolen every year. For an extra $30 or so per basket they would pay for themselves in the first two years.
This is true for the non-powered tags, there are others that have a small battery the tag sends a radio frequency signal when the handheld scanner is within range. They use them to locate stock in large warehouses.

kindofabuzz said:
Just thought about it, RFID are just scanned. So you'd have to already find your disc to scan it. check this out though: http://www.s5w.com/technology/
Anyone come across more info on this? I did some web searching and found some things that could work but didn't find exactly what I wanted.

www.Loc8tor.com had a couple devices (one at $79.99) that might work but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

I would like to have the tracking abilities on my prized/rare discs. I hate leaving them at home un-used for fear of losing them in the bush at the local course.
unfortunately the best way to make this happen and affordable and a reality would be for the manufacturers to offer it built-in to discs, and that is obviously against their better interests.

I'm glad this was bumped though. maybe a third party type thing could work but I can't help but think that anything I need to "add" to a disc isn't going to work as well as something thats built in.
maybe someone at Innova or Discraft or one of the other companies could look into it and do some math and do some trials to see if it would work if priced right and how it might effect sales? probably not. bleh :(

let's face it. loosing discs is needed. ???
I have seen a few dogs , track down lost plastic !!!
We have a cat. Is it possible to train the cat to act like a dog to track down the discs?

Maybe a small metallic sticker (similar to RFID)or something a metal detector could pick up?
i'm gonna restart my dogs training when the snow falls ,what i started last year was smearing a little bit of bacon grease on the center mold mark on the bottom of the disc ,so a synthetic bacon spray that isnt slippery and really smells would work .or maybe a dye that stains the snow would work ?
The new F-150 has an option that comes with a built in RFID system. They are marketing it for all the toolheads. It works in the bed of the truck and you tag all your tools. That way when you leave the site, the system alerts you if any "tags/tools" are missing. Maybe we could work it into our cars. Of course then we would have people doing doughnuts all over the courses.
I would buy it in an instant. As I've gotten better at disc golf I've lost less discs, but I'd still like to have one as I've lost over $200+ of discs.

I don't see why it would be illegal, or they should change that rule. I can't imagine that it would change the disc that much in tourney play. It is not like it is giving you an advantage over other players; besides you usually have spotters at big tourneys anyway.

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