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Just purchased, waiting on delivery.  Have read just a few reviews.  They range from "eh, so-so" to "WOW FREAKIN AWESOME!"  (Both paraphrases.)

For those who have thrown it, tell me what you think.  I am excitedly waiting for the doggone thing... that and the new SSS Wizard. 

For those that have used any version of the Wiz, how about some reviews on that, too.  Just wondering what is in store for me.

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As my Halo has broken in. I find it to be between a Destroyer and Wraith, stability wise. I must say, I didn't think much of it, but it's a consistent disc. For some reason. It just seems like most Lat. 64 discs are very forgiving. You don't have to hit them spot on to get them to go. So I think you will dig it.
As for the Wiz. It use to be my favorite putter, but I went to a less stable putter (APX) and my putting is much better. I can't seem to decide on the Wiz or Avair (JK pro) as my VERY windy day putter. Stable to understable putters work best for me, but every one is diff. The other thing that bugged me about The Wiz, was the plastic. You never knew if you would really get SSS plastic or SSS plastic that was more like S plastic. Way to inconsistent. Now after bashing the disc, I must say. Alot of people throw it, so there must be a reason. It just wasn't for me.
I love the Halo overstable and has a true flight. You wont have to worry if it is going to flip on you or not. It is true overstable driver.
I havent tossed the Halo but would like to pick one up.

As far as the SSS Wizard goes, I agree with Rescue. Mine is SSS but frickin SSStiff and rather Hard. LOL, no pun intended. I have tossed a few though that felt awesome, I won mine in a tourney and its not very soft.

They definately lack consistency, but if you get a nice one, I guess they are worth it. Im still a Magnet man though.
Oh, don't get me wrong. My Magnet will DEFINITELY not be coming out of my bag anytime soon. But I have heard so much about the SSS Wiz that I have to give it a try. Besides, whats wrong with having FOUR putters in the bag?

I figured I should put that Amazon gift card to good use. :)
At first I didn't like the Halo. Now that it has broken in...I have taken my force and nuke out of the bag. I goes just as far...the grip is hands down the best their is on the market right now. No one even comes close to the opto line plastic. Great disc...you should enjoy it. Just remember to let it break in all the way since it should be really stable when you first get it.
Well first I can tell you that you paid too much for them. Best Prices at -> http://www.essentialdiscs.com

Second they are great discs! River, Striker, Vision is a great combo and the addition of the Halo for MAx distance or the New driver they will be coming out with this month and anyone will be set for driving. The Core, Pure and Fuse are simply amazing mid ranges and the plastic of Opto and Gold lines are just plain sexy!

If you like the Rhyno or putters stable like it you will LOVE the Sinus SP (Soft) AP (Hard). If you need something more Magic like try the Spike!
halo's are one of the most incredible overstable discs you'll ever pick up, the lip on it is extremely interesting as well, it's firm but that the same time it feels like it'll slip a little too, at least if you have extremely sweaty hands like myself. this disc is a 9 out of 10 in my book regardless
Oh, one other thing. Might be an issue with Lat 64 discs, but so far. I have found their lighter weights to be MORE overstable than the heavier weight. Case in point. My 164 Halo (two of them) were like throwing a Monster or Firebird. The 172's I have are far less stable. Same goes for the 164 Striker I have (thanks Mr. Kabong!) Waaaay more overstable than my 172's and one 171. All in Opto except for the 171. You can really feel the difference in your hand as well. Seems like the bottom portion of the rim has a completely different angle on it. Has anybody else noticed this? Or did I get the only three discs do do this?
I've noticed it. ;)
Others have said it, but I'll say it too. Best plastic on the market. (opto, gold) The halo is a good long stable to overstable driver. I would say they're slightly slower than the destroyer/boss/katana/nuke/force class of discs, but still pretty long awesome for sweeping hyzers. Mine goes straight (and never flips, except into a wind) for most of the flight before and rather abrupt fade. Just falls out of the sky, which can be useful.

I FINALLY caved and got a few gateway putters. I've used a spectrum of challenger stabilities since I started. I said I'd never switch to anything else. Well, I'm not sure I'm switching yet, but I really like my SS Wizard for driving and my Voodoo for putting and straighter drives. I now see what people have been raving about.

I don't putt with my wizard, but right now I'm going on a limb to say it's the best driving putter out there. The voodoo is also just superb for driving and is one of the straightest out of the box driving putters I've thrown. The combination of the two is excellent. It has taken the place of my new challenger and beat challenger for driving. The really beat challenger for short turnovers is still in the bag though. Hard to pull a putter that has carried for game for 7 years.
I hear you on the putter dilemma...i've been wondering what to do that myself.

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