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More bathrooms on the course. Because I have played rounds with my girlfriend and it's uncomfortable for her to go to the bathroom without an enclosed space. I know she would play more golf if there were more bathrooms on the course itself. If we want more women in the sport there should be provided more port-a-johns or enclosed spaces that have a toilet for women to use on the course. How can we get that to happen?

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Funding will be needed to purchase/rent the items and for upkeep. (I'm sure you'd want them emptied periodically lol) So the first thing I would suggest is find a source for those funds. Once that's accomplished go to the park board and let them know that you can help.
welll...it's not going to be easy...but if you go to your parks dept. and tell them their aren't enough facilities. They''ll likely respond with we have no money...so what you do is get several of your friends together...even others who don't use the course but use the park and go to your park district's council member...and tell them what is needed. Then get on the local city/county agenda at one of their up and coming meetings and speak to the whole council. Unfortunately most city/county budgets have been set for the new year....but you never know. Good Luck
As far as Portalets go ....Back when I needed to rent them for Construction projects...we would pay about $7 to $10 a day depending on how often we needed them cleaned plus a one time delivery/pickup fee up front... Of course that was here in FL...so call your local services and get some rates before you approach your park/city officials.
Perhaps you could (gently) suggest to your girlfriend that she not drink beer til after the round.
Actually she mostly drinks water during play (you know to stay hydrated), she's not much of a beer person. I am the beer drinker.
Enough "potty talk."

Like to see more private courses.
The more play a private course gets, the better the course is maintained, bigger better pro shops grow.
Better tournaments, when you pay for something you usually expect a 'product.' If it is improving you'll come back.

The more public courses get used, they become used and beaten.
Grass grows high and the constant "We don't have any money!"
And most clubs are "Disc-functional."
A few people do everything.

Why not put the money directly into the course and its keepers.
Those few who do the 'work' should be taken care of.
Mark, you are such a curmudgeon!
I agree for the porta-cans, but we do get the answer of "we don't have the money". Also, it would just be another thing to get vandalized. I can see it now, some dumbasses would try and knock them over, throw bottles and cans in them, write all over them etc.
We started a club for the course, had regular meetings, tourneys and league play. It generated enough to install a port-a-potty, which was well needed, not just for the women, but, as Sean had said it could get vandalized. Well ours got burned to the ground and the park refuses to install another one. Bummer!
Well, yeah.

Ok, this next idea may be low percentage, too:

Tell the GF about the legend of the beautiful and dainty Indian Princess Pocohantas, who when she wasn't wrestling bears would squat lady-like, in (unenclosed but) private and discreet bushes to take care of business. She was communing with nature as she soiled it and developed such dexterity that she could drown an individual fire ant out of a long procession without even splattering the next closest insect.

Leave out the details about the spiders which would surreptitiously climb up her leg while she was in the exposed position, even though according to legend, Pocohantas would just catch them and eat them as punishment for their effrontery. Oh, and don't mention the snakes either.

Nick, you know I'm here for you so if this strategy doesn't fix the problem just let me know because I have lots more ideas.
True story: Sheila and I were at Da Canyon in Brooksville, FL on the Friday before the big annual tournament there, playing in doubles, maybe 6-7 years ago. There was a young woman on the card ahead of my group who just had to go, couldn't wait. So her group and ours helped her to find a spot in the bushes where no one could see her from any direction.

Moments later a huge Coast Guard helicopter popped up over the course, hovering directly over where she was in the bushes. She screamed.

The helicopter then moved around the course - people were putting all sorts of hot, lit things into their pockets really fast - and then dropped a red XL belonging to me onto the ground near the card that Sheila was playing with.

Then it flew away.
Was it a "cop"ter?

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