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So I was out at the course today enjoying this awesome weather. As I'm walking to the practice basket. I notice this guy giving me the eye ball. I'm thinking WTF? Do I have snot running down my nose? Then he shouts out "Hey It's the Innova guy from the youtube video's! Your name is Mark right?" Nope not Mark. Mark who? Oh, you mean the Discraft video's. "Ya, that's it. The Discraft video's" Nope, sorry wrong guy.

So 20 to 30 min. pass. Another group. come over to the practice basket. "HEY it's Mark Ellis! Wow dude your putting video kicks a$$! " Oh thanks I love to teach and I'm glad you like the video. You know, for $40 buck. I'd be happy to give a little clinic for you and your buddy lol! OK, just kidding about the money and the clinic. But it was funny. You should have seen the look on these guys faces...Priceless.

I just had to share that with you Mark.



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Let us see a real pic and let the community decide the resemblance.
Hear hear!
Lizard Lawyers are on the endangered species list, so if you see one, don't step on it!

All kidding aside.....

Mr Ellis We love all of your sagely tutelage! Keep up the good work.....

PS if you happen to look like Mark Ellis just play it off and offer the best advice you can and enjoy the moment...
Good one!!! Should have took the money....lmao j/k
That's funny. Something similar happened to me at work today. Walking down the corridor a guy behind me says, "Mike!" and I just ignore him because I'm not Mike, and then he says, "Bettis!" or something that sounded like Bettis and I continue to ignore him but hear the heavy footsteps of him trying to catch up so I turn around and ask. "Mike Bettis looks like me some?" He says the the resemblance is uncanny. "Sucks to be him," I reply.

I was mistaken for Mark Ellis in Bowling Green. I'm also frequently mistaken Maceman. White guys with stupid facial hair all look alike I guess.
Hey Mark...Come play the worlds with me!!!
how often are you in the BG area? (I am assuming you mean ohio).
Err...no..the ams are in Ohio....Mark is a pro discer...we've duked it out on the course a few times in a few states....he is still a disc golf stud!!

Squeeze the Lemon...
I am glad this has not happened to me! ; )
I looked at the picture on your main page, Rescue, and blew it up a few sizes. You do share a common resemblance. I've seen quite a few Ellis-hosted videos, and you two could be brothers, to say the least. Pretty cool. :)
Are you shure they were not just drunk and beligerent teens being sarcastic.


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