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After a round of golf, sipping on a few pops today, Mike Raley came up with a fascinating idea: Speed Golf involving one disc, and an entire tournament field (the whole course and all the players).

How long would it take to complete a round of golf using a single disc with no limitation on the number of players involved?

The perfect situation to answer this question would be the start of a tournament with a full field (4-somes on every hole) where the players have all walked out to their holes but before the round has started. For pure entertainment purposes (none of the shots count for anyone's score, just a cooperative effort to make it happen), have a player on Tee #1 throw a drive as the stopwatch starts. Waiting in the fairway is another member of the 4-some who immediately picks up the drive and throws toward the basket. Waiting at the basket is another player who putts it in. The final member of the 4-some either throws it or runs it to Tee #2 where the 4-some assigned to that starting hole goes through the same rapid process and passes it on to Tee #3, etc, until eventually the disc is putted into the final basket and the stopwatch records the total time.

So the concept is one disc being used for every shot and completing every hole, assisted by all (or at least many of) the players in the tournament.

So strokes do not matter, only total time. A loud starting signal ( a cherry bomb or whatever) would tell all the players when the clock started. A second cherry bomb would signal when the putt went in on the 18th hole ( and coincidentally act as the 2 minute warning for the start of the tournament round).

A video crew recording the various shots would be great but not critical. On a relatively short course, and one where there are no long walks from baskets to tees, the disc might complete the whole round in ?? ten minutes??? maybe less??

Would this work? It shouldn't take much time if explained and set up properly. It shouldn't harm anyone's game for the actual tournament (most players are just taking one shot). Would tournament players go along with this? I'm pretty lazy and I would help out. How about you?

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Maybe get someone on a mule with a camera to follow the disc...could probably do it with 3 persons per hole...54...sounds like fun...it would be liking watching the 'crowd' wave come at you...waiting on the disc to get to your hole...
"Deep Thoughts" ...by Jack Handy. lol!

Sounds like fun actually.....How fast the field can complete a round with one disc....Ultimate Golf!!! ...with no defenders. Could be a marketing tool...media event.
Sounds like a lot of fun! Interesting idea!

You could have a "relay-team" arrangement that is somewhat similar:
you need 4 people: person1 drives and immediately starts running to the next hole, person2 receives the drive and makes an upshot/putt then starts advancing to the next hole, person3 putts out and then throws to the next tee where person4 is ready to drive the next hole, person1 is (hopefully in position by this time) ready to receive the drive...and so on.

And you could just go by time as extra throws will basically equal more time...
or you could give a time deduction for less throws...say each additional throw equals 10 seconds, teamA shoots 56 in 27 minutes while teamB shoots 49 in 28 minutes, teamB used 7 less throws and gets their time reduced by 70 seconds which gives them the win.

Could be done more easily with larger teams and (much) harder with smaller teams.

Pretty physically demanding. You could even start two teams at the same time on the same hole (with liberal tees) for more intense competition!
Use a Super Class disc and players have to relay catch it all the way thru and can't run with it. A drop is a time penalty of some amount.
I would. Sounds fun. Would like to see it on video if you do it.
hey now,two teams of three golfers,4th person is on the opposite team as a "judge" with stop watch.One team throws at basket one while team 2 starts at basket 18.Both teams will eventually pass/meet up at same hole(maybe)and continue towards last basket to record time.The "judge"records starting time at first basket,this is an agreed upon same start time for both baskets.All start at tee,driver completes drive and continues to next basket waiting while other two finish hole with the "judge " along for the non cheating aspect.Last person to putt is now the driver and so forth.Just another honest day out on the course to see who finishes first or best time.Just another idea on Mark's speed golf game.Peace
yeah. this does sound like fun. good exercise too. i think like after the 6th or 7th hole it would start to get confusing on what position/order you were on as far as the thrower goes. it would be cool though do a lot of planning and figure it all out. i'm in.
I'm in... where do I sign up.
people still drink "pop " these days , lol
Speed Disc Golf is Fun !
disc golf
That does sound like fun. I think it would get my mind off the nervous feeling I get before a tournament. It does sound far-fetched, but still feasible.

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