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So, I'm really not feeling like I'm in the best shape as of late. Been a few years since college and all I want to do is throw discs now. All the time. So...naturally I feel like running and disc golf would be a superb combination for getting at least somewhat in shape.

I was wondering if anyone out there does this and if it's a problem for people with courses being crowded.

How many discs should i take, I was thinking 3. Long driver, mid to fairway driver and putter. 2? 4?

Any other tips to make this beneficial?

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you should ask Mike Randolph. hes a total heath guy. he like to play speed golf a lot. hes is on here.
Well, since you asked, I would suggest as follows:

Show up at your local disc golf course at the crack of dawn. If necessary refrain from sleeping the night before to make this step more realistic. Now the backups from casual players are not an issue.

Strap on your ankle weights. If this does not seem daunting then strap on a second set of ankle weights and fill up a backpack with full water bottles and hoist that up as well.

Select two discs (probably a medium stability driver and/or medium stability midrange). You are only going to throw one but the other is added weight. Start throwing and running.

Every stroke counts as one. Every minute counts as one. At the end add together the strokes and the minutes. Repeat several times.

After a week of this, if your back, knees, ankles and shoulders are still intact you will be one bad dude.

Good luck.
I have been playing a round of speed golf every week before our handicap league on Sundays and have been carrying 3 discs; Champion TL, X Buzzz, and a Warlock (thats right, 3 different companies). Our course is right around 5500 feet with the longest hole being 500 feet. I've found this combination to work pretty well for my home course.

My goal right now is to be under 20 minutes and under par. I've gotten the under 20 minutes part but never with the under par part. Maybe I need to use ankle weights and carry a backpack full of water bottles....

I'm amazed at how often my speed round score with 3 discs is better than my handicap round with a full complement of discs. Good luck with the spolfing (just made that up.)
Love speed golf.

I played it all winter here in Indiana and rarely see another golfer while on the course.

The format I use is to start my stopwatch before teeing off on the first hole and stopping it as my disc hits the chains on eighteen. I then add 30 seconds for every stroke over par or subtract 30 seconds for every stroke under par. I found a minute to be too much a penalty when I started, so I cut it to 30 seconds to keep me from taking too long on any throw. Best time on my home course was 20:42 (including the 1:30 penalty).

Beside adding to fitness and endurance, speed golf helps to develop a better short game. I am 59 years old and do not have much of an arm, but the game goes quickly and I find that I can get in 54 holes before work. I only take one disc with me (sometimes a buzzz or a shark) when I play.

Recently, I bought a 130 gram Innova Condor which is a perfect disc for speed golf (when there is no wind). You can drive with the disc and, because of its hovering, actually catch up to it and sometimes catch it before it lands. Haven't done so yet, but it was used to break the world's record for the Throw and Catch (I think about 94 meters (over 300 feet).
I don't think that golf is speed game. Its increase concentration not speed.

golf clubs
golf sets
I don't think that golf is speed game. Its increase concentration not speed.

golf clubs
golf sets
I understand what Neil is saying about concentration, not speed. That reasoning made sense to me before I tried speed disc golf. After trying it though, I found, as Brian also found, that my scores for speed golf with one disc often beat my scores with a full bag of discs while playing at a normal pace. Sometimes concentration puts too much thinking into play and instead throwing by reaction, for some reason, you just end up playing better. I can't explain why, but it has worked for me. It may have to do with muscle memory.
This all sounds interesting, but I don't think it's legal to be a disc golfer and be in shape. I mean you better check the PDGA rulebook on this one. I know a lot of disc golfers and I don't believe that I know even one who is in shape. I think you have to choose one or the other, not both.
Well put ChainSeeker. I did check the PDGA rulebook and my gut is slightly under the legal limit. Bring on the beer!

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