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What are your thoughts on Arroyo Sports and DGA's new V-shaped inner chain design?
DGA is set to release their model early 2014.

I personally think it is a step in the wrong direction for the progression on the sport. The last thing we need is a more expensive peripheral for installing a new course. Or the pressure it might add on the budgets of clubs or cities to replace their existing equipment in order to host a championship event.

Scores will get lower, too. Do you know some one who rifles putts full speed? Course records will get lower and round rating curves will expand. The general outsiders view is already skewed that the game is easy. I appreciate the fineness that is required to shoot low scores already, I don't need a stickier basket to validate my disc golf ability.

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Here is the Arroyo Sports Page :  http://www.arroyodiscsports.com/index.php

Here is DGA's Page :  http://www.discgolf.com/

It's not the easier putting, would have to see this in person, but the price?!

$465 is expensive.

Chainstar is the best basket for the price.

I think this will remove the randomness of spit outs.. everyone has them.. the putts that you miss due to no fault of your own. this will be a good thing. but as DPS said, it's WAY too expensive

i played on them,,didnt like,,no bag look to the chains,,they dont pull the disc into the chains.

The Basket manufacturers , need to Create a CATCHING Device , not a deflecting device.

Some are Good to OK , but I have yet to Putt on a Basket that Catches ALL of my Good Putts !!!!!  A Basket should not reject a Good putt , no matter how hard or how soft you putt.

I have made some really terrible putts that should never had stayed in and Hit some Perfect putts , only to have them turn sideways and go through the back or even hit the Pole square and bounce straight back out !!!

I did meet a guy some years ago , who fixed this problem. The Chain assembly was staggered with the Chains Offset 5 to 15 Degrees off dead center. When the Disc hit the chains , it would corkscrew in towards the pole and drop straight down into the deep basket , never even trying to back it's way out of the Chains or the Basket. It would never slide through the backside either or Dish out of the bottom of the basket.

Now I hear of some folks who want to make Putting Harder ?  WTF ?  Are these people Jealous of others who can actually Putt ?  I still to this day , run into some players who can Drive like a maniac , but can not make a Putt to save their Lives !!!!!

"Now I hear of some folks who want to make Putting Harder ?  WTF ?  Are these people Jealous of others who can actually Putt ?"

I'm one of those people who think putting should be harder, I don't have the long arm like You spoke of and I do consider myself a better the average putter. My issue with these nice new baskets is that they allow bad putts to stick and by bad I mean putts with to much speed or not center. I love playing courses with old baskets with small cages, my putting alone puts me in the cash on those courses. 

However... when I have an Ace spit out because of it being an old basket, I blame the baskets being old and junky....

I think that baskets could maybe be slightly better but I don't think that it is a major issue. The number of times I see one "spit out" is more insignificant than not. The baskets at our course need more maintenance than anything. Just fixing them all up so that they are "up to snuff". Could they catch slightly better? Of course.

Find the most annoying "missed putt" is not the spit through (rarely happens when you are putting correctly) but the 'older shallow basket is the issue.

At our home course there are a mixture of Innova Discatchers old and new. The older ones are slowly getting replaced.

It's the shallow basket which leads to the disc skipping out. 

Any basket 'broken in' with chains worn and regulation work fine.

Noticed that some of the newer Disccatchers have lighter chains... 

On the most part the chain configuration can only do so much to keep a missed putt in.

I like the idea of the web type chain patterns but I also think that the upper chain assembly should be about 1/3 narrower than it currently is.  That would make it harder to putt but less random cut throughs and bounce outs. 

this would ruin my snap putts.....

Whats wrong with more putts landing in the basket? Whats wrong with lower scores and higher ratings?

Any product to reduce spit-outs is progress.

I still contend that three chain Titans reduce spitouts more than any other basket model on the market...

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