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i am involved with a company and we attempting to have our fist annual tourney this june. we need sponsers for the tourney, i have no idea of who to target or how to go about getting them on board. im looking for any ideas or know how that you could share with me. so far we have the idea of going after local resturaunts, and offering advertising on tee signs and the scorecards, as well as banners around the course. any feed back is appreciated as well as anyone wishing to help us out in any way. the favor would more than likely be returned.
also if you have ever done this how do you pitch the idea to potential sponsers?

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One way to royally mess up is to not (a) keep a comprehensive list of what you promise sponsors you will do for them, and (b) not know who will do that fulfillment work and how it will be paid for.

One nice way I've seen, to thank the individuals who make positive sponsorship offers to you, is to surprise them after an event with a t-shirt or something like that (assuming you make them for it) from the event.

Also, look around for the kinds of businesses which consider having some kind of loss leader to get someone in the store a routine part of business: freebie or discount coupons get people into a store, sometimes massage therapists will come and set a table up and offer some free sample massages around an event.
I can't agree more with these comments. Mark definately knows what he is doing. When we go to get sponsors, we often get stuff like food, players love that. Dinner for two, and a lunch for two donated by Big Boy. We usually use those as one for a CTP on the first round, and one for a CTP on the second round. They have seen how this helps their business. Disc golfers like to support local businesses that help their sport. Disc golfers travel in packs, we go to eat together so two guys eat for free and the other 5-10 guys buy their lunch and patronize their establishment. I would say it is way easier to get resturaunts to donate stuff like that, Wendys, McDonalds..etc. We have also given things like free entry to our next tournament event. Getting straight cash donations is a lot harder to do, but I would say a small cost to cover a tee sign with their name and number may work. Keep in mind that sign is only there for a day, and it doesn't guarentee people visiting their business like a gift card or something. Breweries and pubs are usually willing to do somthing, they will understand thirsty/hungry people coming in after a tournament. Our bowling alley/bar owner said he is willing to donate some gift certificates to the next tourney we hold because we usually go in there with 20 or so people when we hold events. Keep that in mind when you hold events, try to get people to go together somewhere and let them know who you are and obviously be courteous, tip well. More than likely if you ask them to help you out for your next tourney they will love to do that for you if you are bringing in bodies (live ones that is).

Mark Stephens said:
Very first thing: it is SPONSORSHIP & SPONSORS. ; )

1st thing you need to think about are you looking for only cash or are you looking for in-kind merchandise? For example hotdogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, chips from a grocery store so that the player have a free lunch or a few cases of water to have on the course or some items that could be raffled or jumbo-tossed. These things can make your tournament go around just as good as cash.

You should be prepared to explain what you are doing, what the sport is, how it can benefit the sponsor, & what the cash is going to be used for (pro purse ect). The most important thing that anyone is going to want to know is how is this going to affect their business is a positive light
Hey Mark, just so you know...it's "etc" not "ect".
Oh yeah, we also have a guy that owns a Market/BBQ store in town that does catering. He sponsors our league too with free lunch CTPs once a week. At a few tournaments he has donated some cash, and he also brings his smoker down to the course and cooks while we are playing the first round and then sells lunch at the break at a discounted price for players. It is a nice alternative to having to drive somewhere, and it smells so good you are crazy to go to McDeath or Taco Hell for lunch.
Brother what I have found from experience is go everywhere> Hit the local Starbucks- they have given us Gallons of hot coffee, cups and the fixins> Wal-mart There is your food. Maybe even if its stuff players can munch on in line to sign in. Honestly even places like "pauls garage" or "marys hair salon" Anything and everything will have some use no matter what is donated. Good luck.
look into getting tournament stamped discs, innova has the cfr program and discraft has something similar, i think.
Man I sure am glad that is taken care of! ROFL tooooioo funny

Nick said:
Hey Mark, just so you know...it's "etc" not "ect".
Hey DiscKing,
The best way to pitch at least one sponsor is to find a good bar & grill near the course. Ask them for sponsorship, talk them up to the players during the tourney, and have the afterparty at the bar & grill where the disc golfers are sure to spend some $$. If successful, the bar owner will make more than he gave you for sponsorship, plus exposure. If it's a 36 hole tourney, you could have a different resteraunt bring in food for the players at the break, more exposure. If you can, find a newer business that needs exposure. Aside from the resteraunts, seek out the chiropractic (mispelled) clinics, lawyer's offices, or any other business that is likely going to have some extra $$ to give for advertising.
GOOD LUCK, hopefully I'll see you at your event w/ some Aceholes.
I don't know what your case is but local disc golf communities normally have extra money for events. The bar is a great idea. Only take one bar though. I hope many of your players are over 21. Hotels are also a great place. You can sometimes get money from them but most of the time they can donate a convention room and lowered hotel fees for disc golfers. Where do people buy discs in your area? I only buy my discs from people and places that in turn support the game. If it is a large event and you need people the local Boy Scouts are always wanting to do some kind of community service. Honestly it takes a good year I think to put together a great tournament. The number one way to run a great tournament "Remember your favorite tournament? Now go find the person that run it and ask them how they pulled it off."
anyone got anything else?
Just that if you put anything formally in writing anyplace, make certain you check the spelling of "sponsorship".

I am discking said:
anyone got anything else?
Let me add that Sheila and I are both world class editors. Any time anyone is preparing an official document for a park, city, or whatever about a new course, etc., or sponsorship, we'd be glad to look it over quickly and make sure things are spelled correctly, etc.

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