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If you have'nt thrown this disc yet you must. It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack. it's rated 13,5,-4,2.

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"It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack."

OK, for those who don't smoke crack, what does that mean?

it means it's a 13 speed turnover disc. it turns over like a monarch but it is alot faster. monarch is only rated 10. It's a very exciting disc for throwers who like alot of speed out of their discs and the katana and boss are both favs of mine and they are both 13 speed rated.

It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack. So it just melts into the ground and goes no where?

Threw one today easily 350' plus.

Flies like a broken in wraith. Sorta.

At dps sold out in one day.

Need to order more.

Yep!! I got the last one!!!  Sweet disc out of the Box.....just a dot!! squinted to see it. The real test will be it's longevity.

Link to Star Vulcan.

Flips up and glides nicely. Fast. Similar to seasoned Star Katana...

Link to Star Vulcan.

another star vulcan...

I have a 169g Monarch that I absolutely love, it is a very workable disc. Thrown flat and hard it will do some wierd crap, but I rarely throw it hard and flat.


Last week I bought the Vulcan, also in 169g thinking it would fly the same as the Monarch but with a little more distance. I was a little wrong, but I was a little right as well. Thrown hard and flat results in a shot that dives right at 100-125' and becomes a roller. I find i really have to hyzer it quite a bit to get the results that Innova is professing, and it is very Monarch like, but with really nice distance.


I think I will make another run at this disc in a heavier weight to see if that imporves its thowability.

Too flippy!!!!!! 



Seems logical to me captain.



I'm waiting to see the graphic on the DX version of this disc.  Will it be a Olympian God hammering at an anvil or a pointy eared alien from Star Trek? I doubt that there are any licensing issues with the Greek God's image. They could have used the Greek name Hephaestus for clairity but it’s not a very memorable name.

I personally would stay away from the Star Trek themed discs.  I have enough problems with my discs wanting “to go where no man has gone before.” 

I have to admit that the image of the crippled Roman/Greek God of Industry doesn’t inspire visions of flight.  I would have thought Mercury/Hermes would be a better choice for a god to depict a fast disc.  There are some other Greek Gods whose names would work well for golf discs.  I would avoid Hades, Hestia and Hera as names due to the nature of those Gods.  Hades and Hera are often depicted as negative forces and Hestia is the virgin goddess of the hearth, not real disc golf types.

However, if Innova comes up with a Dionysus disc, I will be first in line to buy one. 


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