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If you have'nt thrown this disc yet you must. It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack. it's rated 13,5,-4,2.

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Oh yeah, I love the Flow, killer disc from a killer company.
I can't throw the Vulcan with any consistency.  I only tried the first run star plastic, perhaps subsequent versions are different.  It definitely goes far but where will it land?  On a flat throw, it can't handle a lot of snap either without going into a perpetual anny.   I am not a big arm.   For me, First Run Nukes or Lemon Lake World's Star Katanas fly the farthest and land somewhere predictable.   BTW, if anyone has any 170-171 Lemon Lake World's Katanas for sale, I am a definite buyer.
I'll check the weight on mine, I have an orange x-out lemon lake katana.  You're right, they're way better than the stock run star katanas.
The Vulcan is definately not for everyone, just super noodle arm puss*'s like me. Send me all you Vulcan's and i will dispose of them for you. Hehehe
You have to learn how to throw Speed Flick method with a Vulcan. To much power and it will turn over.
What the heck is "Speed Flick method" ??
I'm definitely interested.
I'm also curious.



     Inquiring minds want to know what is a "Speed Flick Method"?

I had no plans for getting a Vulcan as I already had a Lemon Lake Katana and had used that disc quite well. I had also purchased an Echo Star Katana but I wasn't using that so much so I traded it for bowling and beer (my friend lost it almost immediately). So I had a spot in the bag and decided to try out a Vulcan. I was simply quite impressed with the speed of the disc. Pretty easy to control and I like it for tail wind shots. So for now it has earned a place in the bag.
Threw the Vulcan again yesterday and was simply impressed. I easily got a lot of distance with very little effort. It also didn't turn over to the point where it would not come back. A couple of other guys in the group were trying one out as well. I think that it just might become my "go to" tail wind disc. Fast as $hit! I even managed to throw it into a bit of a head wind without issue. It is definitely staying in the bag.
1st Run Pro Vulcan is out now. Got one on eBay today. Anyone throw the R-Pro Vulcan yet? LESS stable than the Star Vulcan?????

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