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If you have'nt thrown this disc yet you must. It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack. it's rated 13,5,-4,2.

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don't sell yourself short, judge, you're a tremendous slouch ;)

the star vulcan has given me distance that i haven't seen in at least five years
I'm comin down to Boone for a DG marathon sometime soon, hope to see ya out there.  You're the guy from Boone, right lol.
YES, discin   in iowa games on sunday
I was actually going to go, then chickened out because I didn't have a legal flat top Roc (kid ran off with my old one) and I was tight on cash, too.  Good luck, man.  Take that trophy home with ya!
Ok. Threw my new Nuke SS 165gm today in a field and out on the course. I haven't had my Vulcan 165gm for awhile now, and my throwing has significantly improved lately. So, this might not be the most perfect comparison, but I am completely blown away by the Nuke SS. I can throw it flat and it stays flat. It doesn't just Hyzer out on me. On the course today I parked a 320 ft basket, literally against the pole. That is a Huck for me as I am just getting to where I can get my drivers out to 300 ft somewhat regularly. I don't feel like a 13 Speed (what the Nuke SS AND Vulcan rate according to discgolfcenter.com) driver is the Smartest move, especially after my experience earlier on with the Vulcan. It feels to me that the Nuke SS is what I had HOPED the Vulcan would be, for me. I have A LOT of work to do throwing a driver this fast, but the Nuke SS sure makes it seem easier. I need to get another Vulcan to see how I throw IT now.
I threw it in a 40 mph tailwind (gusting at least) and it flipped up and went forever.
The vulcan is more understable than the archon.  An average throw for me is 380-400' (field tested, not message board d... that puts me at 450) and the archon so far is the longer flier for me with a nice high speed turn and a consistent flex out at the end.  The vulcan just flips for me and doesn't come back at the end.  I'm going to try to master the hyzer flip with the vulcan since I lost my champ archon and don't have the money to shell out for a new archon.

Was it the Am World's Archon?  I bought one as an investment and then traded it, then heard it flies like a beauty.  For me the Vulcan always turned over beautifully.  Just an amazing disc to watch, but you have a lot more d than me, your velocity/spin probably just sends it on a hard turn it can't come back from.  I think it's basically a disc designed to get extra d for the noodle-armed or a finesse disc to get around obstacles.  As someone who is new to DG and still learning the foundations of distance throwing, the Vulcan is amazing, for someone who throws as far as you, maybe it could find a spot in your bag if you play courses that necessitate a long anhyzer on a hole or two, as a specialty disc - but since it's extreme-domed plate and wide rim ruins it's value as a roller, it's probably just way too understable for you.  You're fortunate enough to be able to throw Destroyers, Bosses, Firebirds - I'd trade being able to turnover a Vulcan in a second for that ability lol.

Hyzer flip is the only way for me to keep it from diving right as well. I also find that I can throw it with a higher apex to block out some of the flip, it also gives the disc time to fade back with the added hieghth. And.....smooth, smooth, smooth, on the pull with increasing speed once you hit your right peck heading toward the hit at release. I know your gonna bust it for some big "D" Brandon.

It was actually the pre-release prototype beaver state fling champion archon... black with rainbow foil stamp and sparkles.  I'm seriously kicking myself over throwing it on a water hole.  I think they're worth around 30-40 bucks now, but for me it was a thrower... just not on water holes... doh! 


As far as distance goes I still don't think I really have the arm for destroyers and bosses... at least for max d.  Sure, if I throw them anhyzer they go a long way, but I'd rather throw something more forgiving on a slight hyzer.  The archon fit that description nicely.  I'm really going to try to nail the hyzer line with the vulcan, but we'll see how it goes. 


Oh, lastly, Josh, have you tried throwing a lat. 64 flow?  I found it fairly similarly easy to throw like the archon, maybe a tidge slower.  Unfortunately I lost that one too, maybe even on the same day! 

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I sure hope you're right!  I've gotten a few big throws out of it (slight anhyzers and tailwind shots), but I'm hoping to learn the right hyzer angle to bomb it in calm conditions.

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