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If you have'nt thrown this disc yet you must. It flies like a monarch that just took a hit of crack. it's rated 13,5,-4,2.

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I just couldn't get the Vulcan to flip for me at all. I know I didn't have the arm spped to be chucking a 13 speed disc when I was trying the Vulcan, but had Hoped it was Understable enough to at least flatten out a little. I could bomb Big Hyzers (big for me anyway) but that was about it.


Anyone have any idea how the Vulcan compares to the Nuke SS? Or, I should say, do they compare in your eyes? I know what the charts say, but....... :)

Don't believe all the hype of the Vulcan, Katana or Nuke SS. I have all 3.

If you are already a power thrower it is a good distance flex driver. If you are a 400'+ thrower already it will be a nice turnover driver.

But if you are a good rec player like me it will be difficult to get a good flex distance throw. I keep a Vulcan & Katana in my bag but I use them for head wind drives. With a little wind coming at me I can get them to flex nicely to about 350'. A steady head wind & I can hyzer flip them about 325'


Without wind I am just starting to flex the Vulcan, no dice with the Katana yet. For some reason I just can't get the Nuke SS to do anything but hyzer out.


So unless your already hitting bombs don't expect miracle drives. The hype is they are super fast flex drivers for beginners but in reality they are not.



I have been throwing the Vulcan since it came out and i would say by reading a bunch of these other posts that the inconsistency i have found from the mold is also true for others but maybe they don't know from trying only one of them. I have 4 of them total and 2 of them were flippy brand new and 2 of them are overstable and won't flip at all. The ones that flip good are the fatherest drivers I have ever thrown but the other 2 are not impressive at all. Wish they were more consistent on the molds, I would buy a whole stack if I knew I was getting flippy ones. Anyone else find this to be the case?
I know some Gals throwing good distance with this Disc and the Archon !
I see the Archon is rated an 11 Speed instead of 13. Do y'all think it would be a better "Beginner" friendly disc than the Vulcan?
Jeff I think the Vulcan is way more beginner friendly. The Archon is way more stable even though it is a slower disc.

archon is a "beginner-friendly" wraith, but that doesn't mean it's entirely beginner friendly. my friend who maxes out at 350 couldn't get it to budge much on the high speed turn, which was unexpected, because even a wraith turns some. might be because it was the champ archon, but it's not what i expected to see.


vulcan is supposedly very understable and should be easier to throw, even though it is a speed 13.

I would go with a WaHoo, it's a rated 12 speed disc but because of it's high dome design (not flat like a Vulcan) I can flex throw it pretty well. Bonus it floats so you can attack a water hazard with it.

I have been throwing the Vulcan since the day it came out. I absolutely love this disc; granted it isn't for everyone. It is very fast, so you have to have enough armspeed to get it up on plane, but it really isn't that hard. It is nose sensative, so you have to have a nice smooth pull with the disc. I hear people complain about it being too flippy, or maybe it would be a good roller. It does like a little hyzer flip, but you have to be smooth, and no, it's a crappy roller.


This disc will indentify your mistakes and make you a smoother player if you let it. If you go blowing in there ripping the crap out of this disc you will be disatisfied.


I have more fogiving discs in my bag, but none are near as long as the Vulcan.

How would you compare it to a NUKE SS Dook? If you have thrown a Nuke SS, I would REALLY LOVE to hear opinions on this. I had a 165gm Vulcan, but lost it. I could throw it on a Hyzer a good distance, for me anyway, but that was it. Since I have started throwing Discraft discs, I have noticed that their discs that are COMPARABLE speed ratings to Innova discs (Monarch vs. Avenger SS, etc.) that I have thrown, throw WAY EASIER for me. So, I am wondering how the Nuke SS and the Vulcan compare......
If you throw turnovers, it holds the high speed flight longer than a Nuke SS, which has the converted ratings of a Katana (about, I would say it has less glide), and when it fades it tends to hold onto it's speed a little bit, rather than puttering out a lot like a lot of high speed discs.  But if you accidentally turn it too hard, it is gonna go way, way right, where as a Katana or Nuke SS will either make a sick turnover or turn into a roller, depending on height.  That's just my experience.  I kinda suck.
I can't compare the Vulcan to the Nuke SS because I have never thrown one. Now the Monarch vs Avenger SS comparison I can attest to because I have owned them both. While I enjoyed the Avenger SS, the Monarch was a great disc for me. The AvengerSS started to dive right on me at some point, and the Monarch did as well eventually, but the Monarch stayed uasuable much longer. The Monarch was also better at the flex shot than the AngerSS was for me. Durability was about the same, but the Z plastic was a little grippier than the Champs counterpart. Both excellent molds though in my opinion, just slightly different flight lines and flexability of use.

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