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Has anyone ever had a problem with someone stealing your discs?
I was playing a while ago and three of my friends threw their discs, we were in a group of 9 or 10, and when we got over there they were gone. They had been by the sidewalk so we decided someone had stolen them, they were all star discs and one was an out of print disc, so we were really bummed.

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We seem to have that happen quite a bit. During tournament a couple years back, a player threw and went up for his upshot only to find out that his disc was no where to be found - and a lady was leaving the scene with a baby carriage. My husband was playing the Carrollton Open and left his disc just in the water as he only had one more hole left to finish and when he came back, his disc was gone - no one ever admitted to finding it either. On our home course, there are walkers and other park-goers who we constantly have to tell to leave the discs alone (if we see them). Then there is a group of guys who make it a point of coming out and searching the creeks and pond for discs. That wouldn't be so bad but the guys are from somewhere else and they never attempt to find the rightful owners of the discs - many of us would gladly pay to get those discs back.
If you haven't been playing long, a group of 9 or 10 is really too big if you have other golfers on the course. Next time you should break it up into 2 groups, or be aware of people behind you so they can play through.
I just had some kid yesterday grab my disc and just start walking off with it. Luckaly some guys saw him walking away and pointed him out. He said he thought it was his disc, but he said he was looking for a stingray and I was throwing a star TL. He either didn't look at it, or thought that he just found a disc in the middle of the fairway... I was definatly pi$$ed off, and then when I threw my next one he started walking twards that one... Jerk!

Keep Hucking
-Chris UDPGA# 0001
I have had it happen. It sucks but in my case it was a "backup disc". My first drive went into the water. I was more upset about losing my first disc than the one that got stolen. I saw the guy do it, but it wasn't a good disc to begin with, so I let him know that i saw him and let him keep it.
That sucks. Sorry to hear about that. I know there are major punks out there (everywhere) who will steal a disc at any chance they get, but, I am so sick of people complaining about losing discs, or not having other people call them to return their discs when they lose them, and all of the rest of this sort of stuff...

Here's how I see it:

1) Throw your disc.
2) Spot your disc the best you can on open or blind holes.
3) Get your butt to your disc as soon as possible and play on.

If somebody steals your disc between point 2 and 3 on any hole less than 500 feet/w/out major cover, you should be able to see who it was.

The reason I'm being a jerk on this one is that we just had somebody on a course more or less accuse our group of stealing his disc that he left on god knows where and on what hole and then comp this attitude as if we stole it. If you watch your disc and get your butt to your disc as soon as possible this shouldn't be a problem unless you're dealing with some complete disc trolls, which I know are out there.

The other thing that pisses me off about lost discs is that every time I call the person to get their disc back to them they play it off and tell me to keep it, or comp an attitude that I called them. Why write your name and number on your disc when you don't want people calling you??
My big thing is. I'd gladly give someone a disc I don't use if they just let me know they need a disc. Why go through all the trouble of being dishonest and sneaky about it? I agree with you about some people who write their name etc on their discs & then you call and they get mad you called, but there ARE those of us out there who would gladly take a call and pay the person a few bucks to return it - or even give them anopther disc. I found a great private course by calling the number on a found disc and the guy was so happy to get it back invited us out to his private course - it can work both ways. Im gonna keep writing all my info on my discs on the off-chance that some of them MIGHT be returned to me.
at least we don't have to spend $100 for a nice iron like ball golfers do :)
ya newbies do that bs to me all the time worst during a doubles tourney when it matters
watch your discs always and be aware of who was around, also new people are out there every day and they all think that they hit the jackpot finding a disc in the middle of a fairway. I know it sounds rediculous but Ive seen it happen plenty of times. And if they are steeling, kharma and the disc golf monster will get them for sure.
About a month ago, my brothers-in-law, my cousin and I were playing at my home course in Wisconsin Rapids. The younger of the two B-I-L's shanked his drive left off of hole 2 down near the tee on hole 13 where there were a group of 5 finishing up their round. Anyway, he goes to get his disc, and it's gone. Now, I can't say for sure that these guys took it because I didn't see them do so. My guess is that the tye dye on the disc just blended very well with the leaves that covered the ground. For all I know, it's still out there. Of course, with him having just lost his disc, he was upset. As we all know, you tend to think less logically when you're upset. Long story short, he's now convinced his disc was stolen. Me? I'm not so sure, although it wouldn't surprise me.
This is why I never play disc golf unarmed.


The Video is gone what happened in it?

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