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Out of respect for other players who may have a good round once in awhile, if a player has a PDGA #, please stop calling them baggers.  I signed up am 3 for a tournament in November.  My rating right now is 900, but with my last few rounds being in the 800s, and one in the 700s my rating will be below 900 for sure.  within a few minutes of my signing up for the tournament someone wrote a message to me calling me a "true bagger."  I am offended by this term because I have never won a tournament at Am 3, and came dead last, or near last for all Am 2 events. I just want to play in a division with people at my own ability.

I understand if someone does not have a rating, but the name calling needs to stop. 

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I am split on this... first, if I were to ever be called a "bagger," I know I am playing well, which I normally do not do so hot with. second, if I knew I was playing at level beneath my ability, I would not be offended by being called a "bagger" because I would know I am playing just to win... BUT, I can say that I really try to play a level above where I am realistically because learning from the ones a step ahead can only help. I am 34 and not getting any younger... gotta improve fast...
How many times have I heard the bagger calls when they announce the winners at the end of a tourney? Lots. It really is a compliment because people are joking around, recognizing your talent and if you win all of the time gently giving you a nudge up the ladder. Only you will know when it's time to move up. This game is truly a game of patience and you learn as you go. How old are you anyway and how long have you been playing? I just turned 50 and I've been playing for a good 15 years now. I have had to recognize that being patient and making smart decisions will help you in the long run.

In league when we play singles we have two pools, A pool and B pool. B pool is pretty much for the beginners. I always play A pool but I have never taken any money in it. However, I have been playing so long that playing B pool would be like trying to shoot for a mediocre round and I refuse to do that. I play A pool and just go out to see how well I can do and how close I can come to the best players. Who knows, maybe one of these days I may just have a great round and take home some cash. But that is not why I play the game. I play the game to go out and have some fun, make some great shots and compete.
I've been called a sand bagger a couple times. I consider a compliment to my game. I've never been in a sanctioned tourny, and have never received a rated round.
I try to take it as a compliment
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Regardless of how its being used, either as an insult or joke, it is an overused and unimaginative term--if your going to say something, say something intelligent--'bagger' hardly fits the bill...

I agree, let it go...
this is interesting. Our league has embraced this tern. So much so that we now have t-shirts that proclaim that we are a bunch of baggers. I say embrace it! It's just a over used disc golf term like "Nice" or "Good Up." HAHA By the way We still have bagger shirts available for 10 bucks if you want one.



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