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I was talking to a vender at work who I discovered was a disc golfer, he was telling me about a friend who he was playing with, his disc went in the O.B. area and he went in after it. when he found it he found the disc being mauled by a large black snake, the snake decided to chew on the disc for a while. if you have had any strang incounters or funny things happen during your outtings lets us know thanks.

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I have had several of my discs mauled by cactus. If you throw a soft enough plastic in to a live cactus, the spines go straight through and get stuck in the disc. Not very fun to remove seeing as I don't usually carry a pair of needle nose pliers in my bag.
sounds like you need a full body guard to play with you thanks for the story
Heh. You must be from New Mexico.
One of the funniest things I ever saw was between rounds relaxing at Joe Davis State Park course in Lewiston, NY in '86 or '87. Someone flicked a cigerette butt on the ground and a sea gull walked up to it, looked at it, picked it up in it's mouth from the filter and walked away with it still lit!!!!!! He musta been Jonesing!
*Tear for the seagull. See what our tobacco industry has done to hook the animals too now??
lol, that's a funny little story! Where was this and what kind of snake did he think it was? I'm thinking this was in FL somewhere and it sounds like one of those introduced anacondas, lol. I have noticed that wildlife seems to be very curious about these flying discs, esp squirrels! On numerous occassions I've had squirrels come running over to a disc that has just landed. I can only imagine what they must be thinking!
this happened in Missouri, McBride school. He said it looked like a common black snake
are is more of a pain then funny but dose look funny. we have mississippi kites at are course and on hole 8 they have two nest right above the basket, with a bike path i'd say about 20 to 30 feet away, when you get with in 30ft of the basket they like to dive bomb you from behind its hard to watch for them and putt at the same time, they can get pretty close to your head, the funny thing is the people on the bike path look at us like where crazy ducking up and down up and down, the birds dont mess with you if your on the bike path.
Funny you should mention Kites Tim...I had a couple come play our course from Pennsylvania last month (they were in Amarillo for a wedding). Anyways, they had asked about wildlife to look out for and I tried to explain Mississippi Kites to them. I'm pretty sure they thought that I was full of Sh!t. LOL, those birds don't mess around.
That is funny you wouldnt think they would want to nest that close to the action.
funniest thing ive ever seen was at the sun valley open last year in San Diego were this guy on my card was throwing on a hole were its rite next another fairway... he tees off and shanks it pretty badly... and about 45ft away someone is throwing in the other fairway and the two discs collide in flight during a tourney... both groups didnt know what to call so we just said retee for both
Re-tees are for intentional interference only...play em where they lay. That said, you guys made a good common sense type call. It seems the fair thing to do.


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