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I was talking to a vender at work who I discovered was a disc golfer, he was telling me about a friend who he was playing with, his disc went in the O.B. area and he went in after it. when he found it he found the disc being mauled by a large black snake, the snake decided to chew on the disc for a while. if you have had any strang incounters or funny things happen during your outtings lets us know thanks.

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803.7.B. If a disc at rest on the playing surface
or supported by the target is moved, the
disc shall be replaced as close as possible
to its original location, as determined by
a majority of the group or an offi cial. If
a marker disc is moved, the marker disc
shall be replaced as close as possible to
its original location, as determined by a
majority of the group or an official.
Yes, that's about what I thought. Section 803.7.a. actually addresses animals, but that only applies when a thrown disc hits an animal, in which case you play it where it comes to rest. This section also addresses a disc that is caught and subsequently moved. In that case you mark from the initial point of contact. I've wondered how you would rule it if a dog (or in this case a coyote) caught your disc, lol. So now I know!
Was in the local course and threw a very god awful shot into this part of the woods where typicly there would be zero traffic. Not lost, however just over in the oppisite direction from the whole. I venture over there and instantly spot my disc walk over as I pick it up there is dude leaned back against a tree to my right getting a blown by this chick! I'm like sorry to interupt, and walk away thinking its about 90 degrees out and humid hope that chick brought mouthwash!
that is a good one some of the areas I play are in rough areas of town I would expect that but have not run across it to date, by the way did she stop?
She was to busy to notice, the dude gave me the thumbs up though. I am still hopein it was a woman with short blond hair this park is rather infamous for dude on dude stuff.
That just gave me an image I realy didnt need
ahahaha, LMAO........wtf.
Long ago, I rolled a comet alongside one of my barns, and a raccoon came out of a hole in the wall and stole the disc. Haven't seen it since.

Recently, saw a disc collide mid-air with an unfortunate bird that 'exploded' on impact and didn't live long enough to tell the tale..
I once took out a hummingbird with a Phenix . . . . .during a tourney! Took the right wing right off of the poor little thing. I had to stomp the rest of him.

Looks like we both had an unfortunate birdie!
Poor little guy, that was a good shot though they are pretty small. That does put new meaning to birdie
How did a coon get off with a disc, he really wanted that disc bad


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