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I had a grip lock drive in a well known park in Tulsa OK. I was seeing the disc honing in on a mexican that was grilling some food. I started to yell *HEADS UP* and *FOUR!!!!!* but he did not move one inch. So the disc hit him smack dab on the shoulder blade...*ouch* He did seem a little confussed on why I hit him for no reason. So im my limited spanish I said sorry and he was kind enough to toss my tee-rex back on the right side of the creek. Im just glad he didnt decide to grill my disc. ( if anyone has a better story than that feel free to share)

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I vote for AlteraTour's story as best so far. Tries to use a parking lot to skip through; hits a kid in the lot; curses the kid for being in the way; being informed by another in his group that it was HIS kid!

Tough one to beat.
Hole 18 at North Water Tower Park in Sarasota starts off under the trees, but then emeges out into a grassy field. On the weekends this area attracts some of the neighborhood kids playing football, and you have to try to shoo them out of the way if'n ya wanna t'row. And some of these kids won't get out of your way, even when you let them know you're there waiting.

One day the kids egged me on to throw, and so I did after a final warning and proceeded to clip one of the kids NOT playing football. I personally think that all disc golf courses that expect other kinds of traffic need to prominently display to the incoming public what activity is going on and how they should be mindful. As much as it is their right to be at such a park, it is our right to PLAY in such a park, and not much past a fair warning.
yeah.. definitely a lesson learned. I'm a lot more mindful of people walking the course or sidewalks and cars.

CBass said:
When you've hit enough people and have been hit enough times it makes you be mindful of your surroundings. I hit a kid who was sitting behind a pine tree once, the tree didn't slow it down and he never saw it coming. I hit a woman in the arm on a really poor shot once also. I've taken a shot in the ankle and on top of my head, that one made me bleed for a little bit... Moral of the story is, don't assume you're good enough to miss someone passing through, you might surprise yourself.
Better or not I do have a story to share... We were playing the Memorial out in AZ at the Shelly Sharp course. This is a very high traffic course with walking paths defining many of the holes. There were even spotters on a few holes stopping pedestrians while golfers were driving. Well, we got the thumbs up to throw on one of these holes. The first guy on my card drives and his disc is on a B-line for a dog walker that must have ignored the spotter. Sure enough the shot hits the dog and bounces back onto the fairway. Thank goodness the dog was okay, he didn't even flinch.
ah HA !! that's where I heard the barbeque'r story from .. Thank Tino ! I 2nd Bill's choice for best story.. Alternatour...damn man...hilarious.

Tino "SilverBack" Medina said:
wow, someone is a little touchy. I am mexican, my name is Tino Medina, and I was not offended by the comment. Hell, at least the mexican was using a grill and not one of the baskets to cook on. I've seen it, my own people.
Matt B. said:
How about "this guy". If he was a "white guy" who you thought was "American" would you describe him as such? Or would you just say "this guy"?
Ok, here's another one for you, and NO, I didn't forget it, I ommitted it. It was my wife that was throwing and if any of you try to tell her I told the story, I'll deny it. With good reason, it involves blood and she hasn't played a round since. She won't let me touch her bag or the old school disc in it either which doesn't make sense to me. I mean if she's not going to throw them, I should be able to right?
Oh well, here goes. (man, I'm gonna be so dead if she finds out)

It had to be 1998 or 1999, something like that, and just her and I were playing together that day.
We were on hole two at Jimmy Porter in Carrollton, Tx. There is a small creek running parallel to the hole on the right side, most of which is less than knee deep, but one twenty foot section is like six feet deep. You can see the bottom and all the little perch that reside there, nothing bigger than a hand, and you certainly wouldn't want to eat it if it were bigger as the creek is all run-off, which means lawn chemicals and trash from the roadway.
Anyway, there's Joe Bob with his trusty lil 19.99 Zebco just fishing away. I step up to drive and he starts chatting away which doesn't bother me in the least because he can't hold a candle to the guys I normally play with. Their smack would make the likes of him cry like a little girl. So I drive, it was a pretty nice drive as I recall, laying up about twenty feet from the basket, ten feet from the creek but not O.B. so my ability to ignore Bill Dance is to be paid with a birdie.
Now, this is where it gets good. My wife steps up to the teebox, and being the southern girl she is, exudes her good manners and waits for him to stop telling us what a great fisherman he is or wants to be or something. This goes on for awhile, maybe five minutes, I guess because we didn't just start down the fairway, he figured we wanted to chat or something. Finally, Oprah quiets down long enough for my wife to drive the hole, or so we thought. Right as she's pulling through on her drive, he turns around and starts to blurt another line of crap out to which he will soon be rewarded. She grip-locks ever so slightly and her disc goes straight at this guy's head. Now, still to this day, I do NOT know why he didn't duck his head, I do NOT know why he didn't let go of the fishing rod with at least one hand to defend himself but he did NOT. He had a deathgrip on the pole and froze right there in place next to this little creek with these little fish in it and takes one for the gipper, smash, right in the kisser.
My wife just foze so I picked up her bag, handed it to her, grabbed mine and proceeded to walk over and assess the damage. I don't know why he wasn't spittin chickletts but he wasn't. What he was doing though, was spittin out alot of blood. It seems the disc hit just below his lower lip, dead even with his lower set of chompers and laid out a gash two inches wide and damn near as free-flowing as the Mississippi. I asked him to pull his lip out so I could see it, WHOA! I told him you gotta go get stiches dude. Now the next biggest surprise of that day, he had no insurance. I know, right, I couldn't believe it either. So, I did right by me, gave him my name and number, told him to go get it taken care of, call me and bring me a receipt and I'd pay half of what it cost to put his lip back together again.
He went up the hill to his apartment, while we finished our round. I say we, but truth be told. my wife only played about three more holes and hasn't touched those discs since. I still ask her to go to the course with me, but she hasn't yet. I finished my round and came back around to the parking lot and low and behold, he was waiting. I thought maybe it wasn't crowded or just not that bad. Nope, he elected not to have the proceedure, just adding to a small fact I already knew. This little version of Bill Dance was a dumbass.
That's her story and I have know idea how you guys heard any of it.
At Minnesota's MFA Mider Cup last year....I think it was Hole 12 at Bryant Lake Park (Eden Prairie). WINDY day, with a tee shot down a hill. I was around the basket on Hole 12 and the group up the hill couldn't see us down there looking for another guy's disc in some trees. A group was also teeing off on Hole 13 (about 100 feet away) when all of the sudden we see one of the guys standing on the tee go down in agony. One of the guys on the 12 tee launched his driver (not seeing us still around the Hole 12 basket) and the wind grabbed it and sent it a good 70-75 feet to the left...right into this poor guy's NECK. He was down for a good 2-3+ minutes, and when he got up, he had a red mark about an inch tall by about 4-5" long across his neck. Bad, scary stuff...but thankfully he was okay.
BTW, 30 yo white guy!
Still bleedin red!
I witnessed a chin hit from short range....to summarize I was out playing glow at Bandamer( Ann Arbor Calhoun designed 9-holer with three sets of tees) with my good buddies Foz and Garrett Graham.....dunno if it was all the beer or cognac but we were having a jolly ole time and perhaps lost our faculties since we all proceeded to throw our drives in random directions no where near the fairway on number 3.....I had already thrown my upshot when Foz crushed a sidearm approach right into Garrett's jaw. we had assumed incorrectly that he was clear.....broke our number one rule- always stay behind the thrower.....Garrett' jaw swelled up almost immediately with a large purple bruise that looked like it hurt like hell......
playing a round with my uncle i let one go early caused it to turn mean and hit a guy about 250ft out
he had a huge dog. he was super pissed called me a retard for throwig aroud a playground. im not goin to lie i am a little dude and was rather scared of retrieving my disc. after i apollogized he was alittle less angry and said dot worry bout it. it was still pretty funnny
When I started playing my coach (friend) nailed a roller blader in the back of the knee. Took her down to the asphalt instantly. Even though we were yelling fore, heads up... she had no idea. We couldn't stop laughing only because she was fully equiped head to toe with padding, gloves and a helmet. Oh yeah he was stroked for OB.

This was at Bluemont in Arlington, VA
Out at world's this past summer a chick in my group monkey pawed her drive into a busy road and nailed a passing car, the funny thing is her disc landed in the street and the next car that came along ran it over, permanently leaving tire marks on it. First the innocent person, then the innocent disc.

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