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I had a grip lock drive in a well known park in Tulsa OK. I was seeing the disc honing in on a mexican that was grilling some food. I started to yell *HEADS UP* and *FOUR!!!!!* but he did not move one inch. So the disc hit him smack dab on the shoulder blade...*ouch* He did seem a little confussed on why I hit him for no reason. So im my limited spanish I said sorry and he was kind enough to toss my tee-rex back on the right side of the creek. Im just glad he didnt decide to grill my disc. ( if anyone has a better story than that feel free to share)

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Here's a good one related to traffic....Ever seen a quarter mile+ roller? Or the longest drive in the opposite direction?...this actually happened twice in about a 2 week timespan by two different players on the same hole. Both shots were thrown RHBH....grip locked into oncoming 50 mph 3 lane rush hour traffic. They each hit the pavement in cut roller fashion....instantly got reversed...right back past us, down the highway and out of sight!!! ... being hit and excelerated by wheel after wheel...gone forever!!!
If only you'd yelled "Fore" instead!
Ive hit a couple people, also hit a couple times, I thihnk the best one was when I was at Coachman "clearwater" FL and this very Large black women decided to go to our disc golf course and set up her grill w/ her two daughters next to the practice basket, well anyway from my point of view they were pin high about 100 ft to the left around some picneck taqbles, mamma was cookin on the grill flippen the chickn facing towards the basket, then my friend challenges me to flick and I dont usually do so , tho I have a strong throw, (about 450) back hand, so my form w/ the flick was off and goes waaay left and fast, it was a Star MAX and is honed in on the three ladies, it skips very hard off the sidewalk about three feet behind her and SLAPS mamma in the ass So Hard, you could hear the smaK as she screamed OW'', ... ive got to say , its pretty embarrasing to get your disc back all the way over there next to them w/ three sets of eyes burning holes through you w/ anger , mamma was not happy w/ me and didnt even accept my appology, I had to get out fast cuz I was about to die laughing
My wife was playing at the "Femillz" a local tourney I was her caddy. We were standing on the right edge of the fairway on hole 18 of the Monster course @ hudson mills just before the bridge. one in the group was throwing her second and must have had a hella case of grip lock because she ended up drilling my wife in the shoulder at full strength not on purpose but was deffinatly a good case of grip lock. I laughted like hell after I checked her to make sure all was good.
Two stories:
At a local tournament, sitting on a stool alongside the tee box waiting my turn. The thrower grip locks the disc and nails me square in the chest. Remember kids; don’t sit too close to the tee box!

Second story: (names changed to protect the innocent) Two friends of my son were play one hole apart. Friend 1 throws a shot which is headed toward Friend 2. Friend 1 yells at Friend 2 who looks up and waves at Friend 1 and looks away. Friend 1 yells again and Friend 2 looks up just in time to get nailed in the face by the disc. Nice big bruise beside his eye. Not sure who felt worse, Friend 1 for hitting him, or Friend 2 for the ribbing he got.
We were playing Waynesville DGC & hole #16 drives slightly downhill across a runners track & football field. I'm at the tee box with my group waiting to throw while a guy is slowly walking on the track in front of us left to right. Anyway, he sees us up on the tee waiting for him & the dude slows down his pace, like he's daring me to throw while he's walking in front of us (a real pecker-wood). I don't want to hit anyone so I wait. Finally he has gone by us & I throw my driver. Well, I had a bit of grip lock & I yank it right & it goes right over the guys head. We yelled "fore", & he saw the disc coming but he gave me a glare like I tried to do it on purpose. It was an accident & I felt bad initially but after his look I wanted to kick his a**

Mike said:
It is always when you think you won't hit someone that you amaze yourself and send it straight at them. And you know you couldn't hit them if you had aimed for them.
I have been hit in the calf when a competitor across the other fairway grip-locked a fairway drive 90* the wrong direction. I saw it coming and tried to jump but I'm white, so it still hit me and left a big welt and bruise. I still had to laugh because I fell down when I landed. It had to look hiliarious.
I guess the old addage "stand behind the thrower" wouldn't have worked in this case haha

Swan said:
The roles are reversed in this story. I was at a tourament in ann arbor, the first time I ever played in advanced am's. It was also the first tourament in advanced for two other people on my card, quite a coincidence! Everyone on the card was feeling anxious, and there we stood waiting for the 2 minute warning to end. I was last on the card, and I dont remember the names of the other two that threw before me. The horn blows and its game on. So there I am, behind the tee, watching the first throw in advanced am's ready to see a new level of competition. To my horror the fella on the tee grip locks so wildly that he reverse drives... right into my head. My ear to be exact! Talk about pain, it took a while to walk that one off.
great stories,

so this takes place at my local park in alb, nm. Roosevelt park, is full of disc golfers and ful of people who are often having picnics. My group and i had fortunately started our round a little earlier before all the people had arrived. So we had come up to hole 17 and we saw a family sitting on a picnic bench down below. We had yelled "FORE" many times and they had looked towards our direction and just neverminded us. So on the days before i had been throwing the h0le realy well so i decided i know my shot so i'll throw my shot left of the family. I threw and all of a sudden my disc started turning right in towards the bench and straiit for the family. My disc had struck something just in front of them and i had wondered what i had hit. It turned out that i had hit a baby carriage straight on when the disc had full speed and was not turning out of the anhyzer yet. Thankfully the baby boy was in his mom's arms protected and safe. My heart was pounding bc i thought the worse. The father asked us to throw around his family and i was not one to argue with that. Whoo.......Fore and the person's attention is always great to have before you throw into a risky situation.
My buddy waited for a few minutes and they knew he was throwing, so he said screw it and aced off the guys back. They didnt think he has the arm he has. I have seen this kid (18yo) throw close to 600ft.

Nascar, your wife shouldn't be embarrassed at all. My wife wanted to kick an Asian woman's a** cause she wouldn't get out of the fairway with her little girl, they wanted to point at the geese! It all but ruined our round, my wife couldn't stop complaining about the bleeping lady.

Great stories by the way!

Eric beich Said:
I hope your buddy has since learned how rude it is to drive a hole when people are still on it.

and even if they were lingering at the basket you should yell something like "clear on #?" and "fore" before throwing

Jordan Mardis said:
I have a few good ones... Another buddy with a cannon for an arm is about to drive and the people at the basket are not paying attention. He says "watch me hit them." He proceeds to hit one of the guys and the disc bounces off the guy and into the chains!!! .
A couple of us were playing league one night on hole 18 at Kincaid Park. A long the right off the tee pad is a bike path and there was this lady walking her two little puppies up the hill. You can't see anybody on this path from your stance on the path but you could hear people. My buddy Don was up for his drive and grip locked or shanked his back hand and it went way over the shrubs and bushes. All of us standing there knew there was this lady there with her dogs and everything went silent....then bam, the dog yipes and we all laugh our assess off. Went to go find the disc and it was never found...

They probably picked the disc up and threw it in the woods.
While Playing with Barrett White (Discraft Pro) She offers if you hit a pedestrian by accident she will give you $10 and $20 if you make them bleed. The rest of the round people in the group were making jokes about it... The funny thing about it was that she almost had to payout.
Do pedestrians benefit from a presumption of innocence or were they nuns?

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