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I am looking for a little advice on how to improve my game.  My drive is a bit lacking (distance) and I would also like to get some better discs.


I guess I am looking for any good online tutorials on how to drive.  I have found some in the past, but I am open to any suggestions.  Something with a video or pictures would probably be best.


My other problem is that I feel the discs I use hold me back.  I don’t have a very powerful/fast arm so I have mainly been using Innova DX or Pro plastics (usually teebirds, starfires, or valkyries).  I usually shy away from the Star or Champion plastic because I can never seem to throw them very far.  Sometimes I wonder if I just need to break them in more.


I am willing to try any type of disc, but I have no idea where I should start.  Any ideas on what discs I should try (I throw backhand, not very powerful, and I have had the most luck with innova DX plastic).  I also have disliked discs that are too slick in the past (probably why I use the DX so much).


I am also clueless on what weight I should go for.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Looks pretty good to me.Best way to beat in a disc is to throw the hell out of it. Hitting a few dozen trees helps too.
get a video of yourself throwing, with a camera or with a blackberry or ipod and post it on here. then you can get some real, personal advice! i did this over a year ago and it helped a lot!
I think it is a good start. I would go with Elite X or ESP to start learning on. FLX is what it says, a FLEX plastic and can penailze bad form/release. Z is a little tougher to throw starting out. I say ESP Cyclone 170, Surge SS ESP 170, Elite X Buzzz 173, Xpress elite x 170, and Champion Teebrid 170.

I agree with essential discs except in the lighter discs. When you start throwing better you will be too strong for the lighter discs. Buy at least 170 and that way you do not have to buy more discs later.

They always say that smooth is far. I am working with a good friend of mine to tweak his throw and release his discs flatter. He too wants to get more D now, but you have to realize that form comes first and speed comes after the muscle memory kicks in.
Yeah what Blazo said. Take video of yourself and watch it and compare it to what pros or any other good throwers do.
It's amazing to see what you're really doing as compared to what you think you're doing.
Also, I would add that it sounds like you might be letting go of the disc.
Don't let go, the disc needs to rip out of your hand.
You should feel it drag across your finger tips.
The closest analogy I could give you is to hold your disc with your drive grip out to the side of you like at the end of your swing.
Then have a friend yank the disc out of your hand in the direction that the disc would travel in a drive.
So that you would not be inclined to let the disc go, close your eyes before he does it.
You need to feel the feeling in your finger tips as it leaves your hand.
When you drive the disc and get that feeling for the first time, is what I call the ah-ha moment.
When you finally feel it, the disc probably wont go the direction you intended it to go, BUT it will go farther and flatter then ever before.
Then it's just a matter of adjusting your stance at release.
That's how it worked for me, maybe it will work for you.
Good luck.
just reading that helps. I am sure that I have been just "letting go of the disc".

I'm a bit unsure on the 170 weight. I would consider myself a weaker thrower and I don't foresee any future strenght increase. Should I stick with 165s or is the heavier weight an advantage?

And thanks again for all the help. This should really help.
ah crap

I forgot to ask about the DC plastics.

Is the ESP similar to Innova Star?

Elite X = Innova Pro ?
I'm not a discraft person but I believe the ESP is similar to Star plastic.
I have no idea about Elite X.

If when you drive, right hand back hand, your disc goes to the left, or hyzers, immediately you need to go to a more understable disc.
If your disc goes out kinda straight then just seems to die and drop out of the air then you're lacking spin which means no snap which means you are letting go of the disc.
For the most part I would stick with understable disc's until your drives flatten out and then go to the right before fading left at the end of the flight.
As far as weight goes I would drop down to 165 but I'm guessing here because I've never seen you drive before.
But like you say you're not a power driver so drop down in weight and see what happens.
Good luck and keep us informed on your progress.
I throw righty and backhand. Most of my discs will turn right but sometimes they will go way left. I feel like the left flying discs are due to holding on to the disc too long.

Keeping the disc level also seems to plague my throw. I think I used to do a lot better job of keeping level but lately I have noticed the discs going up too high or on some other cockamamie angle.
Here again is my reasoning for at least getting a 170 disc. When you start throwing better you will be wishing you had something a little heavier. A difference of 5 grams lighter is not going to make you throw any better, any faster, any straighter, or any harder. Your form is what needs to be tweaked here. Heavier discs handle wind better and do not flex so much if you have a bad pull. You probably need to focus on bringing your disc accross your body FLAT. Reach back far, and bring your disc accross your body smooth and flat. Don't worry about distance for now. Distance will come when your muscle memory kicks in and those muscles get stronger. When you plant with your right foot, you need to thrust it some and then have the momentum of your leg and arm transfer to the disc. A good drive is one motion in good sequence and with good timing.

My advice for you is to get understable discs at at least 170 grams.

Elite X is similar to Pro but feels better.
ESP is a softer Star plastic
Elite Z is a squishier champion plastic but pretty much the same
Pro D from discraft is just weird and needs to be discontinued but is like a harder Pro plastic.
Jerry Bob makes an excellent point here.
Work on your form and distance will come naturally.
You've got to bring the disc straight across your chest.
I've heard to use your nipples as a horizontal reference guide for the path your disc should take.
You just need to get out there and do it before you get information overload.
If during your practising you find that one disc seems to fly right for you almost all the time then stick with that disc.
I played in a tournament recently with a guy that had a bag full of discs but threw the same disc for everything but putting.
He knew that disc so well he could make it do everything he needed it to do.
Except beat me. lol

I have been practicing as much as I can (when it's not raining) and I have made some progress. I have been focused on snap and keeping the disc straight. I still have some issues with keeping the disc level but I have seen some imporvement in my drive. I have been throwing straight and a bit further without the run up. When I try to add the run up, things get crazy. I guess it's going to take some time to work it back in. When I run up, I feel like I don't get a smooth pull or follow through.

I have also been trying different discs and plastics. I am finding that I still throw the DX valk the furthest. Maybe that just my disc.

Thanks to everyone for all the help so far.
Please try to post a video of yourself throwing, preferably more than one disc. Take your time and don't worry about throwing hard. Post it up and ask for suggestions, I'm sure you will get tons of positive feedback. After all, everyone here is your friend.

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