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I am looking for a little advice on how to improve my game.  My drive is a bit lacking (distance) and I would also like to get some better discs.


I guess I am looking for any good online tutorials on how to drive.  I have found some in the past, but I am open to any suggestions.  Something with a video or pictures would probably be best.


My other problem is that I feel the discs I use hold me back.  I don’t have a very powerful/fast arm so I have mainly been using Innova DX or Pro plastics (usually teebirds, starfires, or valkyries).  I usually shy away from the Star or Champion plastic because I can never seem to throw them very far.  Sometimes I wonder if I just need to break them in more.


I am willing to try any type of disc, but I have no idea where I should start.  Any ideas on what discs I should try (I throw backhand, not very powerful, and I have had the most luck with innova DX plastic).  I also have disliked discs that are too slick in the past (probably why I use the DX so much).


I am also clueless on what weight I should go for.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Right on Jerry, glad to hear it.
Stick with it until you groove your swing before you start adding steps.
What I mean by "groove your swing" is when you're on the tee pad ready to launch, you do the same thing every time.
Do what ever it is you do that sets you up for the drive. Do it in the same order every time.
It's not like a ritual, It IS a ritual.
When you've got it down then add a step.
Repeat the process until over time you've got the whole run up, X-step and pull, down to a science.
Dan Beato has a video on youtube that shows this process, you should check it out.

As far as discs go I'd stick with the DX Valk.
What you might try doing is get 2 more DX Valks, 1 lighter and 1 heavier than the 1 you're throwing now.
This will help you to dial in your optimal throwing weight for your abilities as they are right now.
But what ever you do Jerry keep doing it.
Thanks for the update and please keep them coming.
this changed my driving game forever it made super overstable discs seem understable to me heres the major tip...... grip tighter not squeeze te crap out of your disc but a firm tight grip. the feeling you want is to have the disc tear out of your hand not slide out. add snap and you will drive farther. i used to think the nuke was too overstable for me i tightened my grip one day now the nuke turns over same with my destroyers give this tip a try i think you will like the results message with the results better yet!
Update 2

I decided to play today...

Really with I hadn't. I had maybe the worst game of my life. It seemed like I completely forgot what I was donig. My drives were just terrible and to top it off I lost my best disc and cracked my second best.

I'll have to take a few days off after this disaster before I get back on the horse.
Don't reward yourself for poor performance :) Play until you are happy with your performance and earn some days off. That's how I try to rationalize my training. I wasn't happy with my performance so I loaded up 15 extra discs in my bag, went to a field and threw shots with intentional lines and distance until I could not throw any more. I am guessing I threw 32 discs about 10-12 times. Took like 2.5 hours. When you're not happy pick the lowest point of your game and give it hell. Speaking of, I better go outside in the rain and putt for the next hour(I am such a glutton for punishment) :)
you have a point

I figured that a day away would do me better than another poor outing. The lost discs today was really brutal. I think I was at the stage where another bad shot would cause my head to blow up.
A day away is good every now and then. I threw some bad drives the other day so I went to practice still frustrated. At midpoint I was so frustrated I proceeded to melt down. At the end I convinced myself to TRY to just throw straight shots with 60% power and control. I beat the frustration out of myself and left happy. I then proceeded to take a day off :)
As far as run up goes, it isn't necessarily a run up. It is sometimes called the X-step and it is fundamental to a good drive. This is because it puts the body in the proper position for the throw and is how to load up for proper power. A lot of people think that you shouldn't "burden" beginners with talk about footwork but that I think that is just wrong because then people learn bad footwork habits. You have probably seen that extra little weird skip in a beginners throw. The disc then goes straight left. I learned how to throw with power when one of the best local players showed me the footwork one day. I didn't get accuracy right away, but I did get distance. For a RHBH your right foot steps out at a 45 degree angle and then the left foot goes behind your right foot so that you are now almost completely backwards and "loaded" on your right foot. Then you push off that right foot and pull through straight with the upper body. Power! It's like loading up a spring. Don't neglect the footwork people.
Use the power grip and x-step techniques. Keep weights on the lighter side of scale, 162-165. Problem solved. Rosin also helps for grip during damp, wet days.

I think I need to just use a slow x step

and the money for the discs is not that much of an issue. It hurts that I lost a broken in disc that was working for me.
I find that if you give your competitors special kool-aid, i tend to play ...., well, about the same, but somehow, i win.
no lighter discs

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