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I am looking for a little advice on how to improve my game.  My drive is a bit lacking (distance) and I would also like to get some better discs.


I guess I am looking for any good online tutorials on how to drive.  I have found some in the past, but I am open to any suggestions.  Something with a video or pictures would probably be best.


My other problem is that I feel the discs I use hold me back.  I don’t have a very powerful/fast arm so I have mainly been using Innova DX or Pro plastics (usually teebirds, starfires, or valkyries).  I usually shy away from the Star or Champion plastic because I can never seem to throw them very far.  Sometimes I wonder if I just need to break them in more.


I am willing to try any type of disc, but I have no idea where I should start.  Any ideas on what discs I should try (I throw backhand, not very powerful, and I have had the most luck with innova DX plastic).  I also have disliked discs that are too slick in the past (probably why I use the DX so much).


I am also clueless on what weight I should go for.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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i would say try and throw so lighter weight disc. maybe some understable disc. The dvd, Disc Golf Fundamentals would help you out too.
Go to the Discraft website and watch some of their videos. They are tutorials. There is a good one called "more distance now" I believe that is good. Watch a lot of them though.

As far as disc go, a lot of begineers see, to prefer a lot of discraft stuff when they try them out, Elite x plastix is grippy and very durable. ESP plastic is very good. I woould also recommend getting some understable discs because if you do not have the arm speed to make them turn to the right, then they just go straight. Inve you can begin to make them turn right, you know you are doing something good and are on the right track. Try an Avenger SS, Surge SS, Xpress and a few others for drivers. Buzzz is a very good disc and forgiving, meteor or stratus are good understable mids.

A lot of it is more then likely little things you are doing that are holding you back. I would suggest discs at the 170 weight. Not too light but not really heavy. I would also suggest playing with better players or playing in local tournies or doubles events to be around better players and just watch what they do, and try replicating it, Good luck!
By the way, I have a very mixed bag and am not a Discraft freak and nor am I sponsored.
Stop running up on your drives until you improve your form and accuracy. I learned this on accident. After spraining an ankle I couldn't run up (x-step) so I was forced to stand still and drive (I still followed through by pivoting on my forward foot and bringing my body around though).

I found out I was driving just as far. During that time I focused on my reach back and pull through - trying to bring the disc straight across (and close to) my chest - then I worked on snap. By the time my ankle healed I incorporated what I had practiced into my run-up and noticed a significant difference.

Yeah, and throw lighter discs. I started with 174's and realized I wasn't going anywhere. Now I throw 164s.

Here's a link to a YouTube video of a guy that explains "snap."


Good luck and don't ever give up.
Im seeing this on my ipod so it could be different for people on computers but is anyone else seeing this big empty space? I cant see any words or a question mark or any thing just replies.
I guess you could say my ipod is stuck in a rut.
Thank you all for the info.

I have actually been watching some of the disc craft stuff and it looks very good. I also like the idea of trying a lighter understable disc. The advice about playing with better players is something I have to do more of. One of the problems with that is that I only have time to play once (maybe twice) a week and I do enjoy playing with my friends. The problem is that they are not much better than myself.

I currently own a Buzzz esp but I have never had any luck throwing it. Is there a good way to break a disc in other than just playing with it for a while?


You make a good point about the run up. One of my major problems is that I try to force my throw too much (too much power). Eliminating the run up sounds like a good way to work on my basic mechanics.

One more ?

What type of distance should I be able to reach (for an average player).

Thanks again for all the hlep guys
Sounds like I really need to start playing more

I think you're right about the multiple discs. I usually find a disc I really like but I will end up tossing it into the wather or something after a few months of use. Then I feel like I have to start all over.

I have been using a Valkyrie for a while now, so I kinda want to try a new disc.
discgolfreview.com has some instructional stuff. Also, do you have a local pro that can give you lessons? If not, just go out to the weekly doubles in your area. You may be new, but don't be worried that you may not be good enough (that's how I felt). If you do this the learning curve is quicker.
As far as discs. Try light weights and understable discs. Such as, Innova: Sidewinder, Teebird TL, Leopard...Latitude 64 (big fan!) Vision, Core, Striker....Discraft: Buzzz, Cyclone, Glide, Flash (maybe?).
As for the plastic, the good stuff does take some time to break in. I tend to bring new disc with me when I play and throw them as a 2nd disc (time permitting). After a few months, they become seasoned enough for my liking.
Watch this!!!! Dan Beato is the man!!!! HElps out a lot for me!!!

This is precisely why my wife and I created our company. Yes we sell discs, but we are looking more to helping people improve their game and their understanding of the game via use of video footage. With the use of video footage we are able to break down different aspects of your throw such as step, arm speed, snap, angle of release, follow through, etc. Then help you improve your form and get discs suited to your power into your hands.

From what it sounds like you would benefit from a light weight 165ish disc that is not too fast. You may want to look into a star roadrunner or esp Avenger SS or if those flip too much try an R-pro boss in the 165ish weight class.

You probably want to stay away from candy plastic ie) champion, Z.
Star/ESP plastic usually has a good grip and some people believe it glides better making it go further.

Remember the key to distance it constantly accelerating through your pull until the release where you should be hit your max speed while releasing the disc smoothly.
I think I am going to try and pick up the following discs:


Surge SS (Z or ESP FLX)

Buzz (D and FLX)

Express (X)

Tee Bird

Still a bit unsure on the plastic I should go for. I am thinking about the Elite x and or pro for the disccraft stuff.
How does this list look?

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