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Well, I don't know how to explain this one other than to say that I made a stupid mistake yesterday during league doubles. We had nine people show up so we had a group of five and a group of four. I was in the group of five (a good group of people) and the Cali player paid double so that he could throw twice for every shot. We were playing considerably slower than the group of four, in fact they finished way ahead of us (by maybe six holes). Anyway, on our next to last hole the Cali threw two discs and he had to yell fore on one of them because of another group that started walking through while the disc was in the air (those fairways cross). I shanked my drive left so I knew that we would be taking my partner's drive.

I picked up my disc as we walked up (it was short left). When we got up to the hole, I remember seeing the Cali player up by his disc but he started to look for his second disc which was the one that had come close to the other players. We asked the other players where it was and they said that it was up there. We kept looking, couldn't find it and finished the hole, thinking maybe that somebody had picked it up (which does happen sometimes). The Cali missed his two putts and we made ours so that put us one stroke ahead.

On the last hole, the Cali hits his birdie putt to tie the other group which was already in at 8 down. We hit our putt to go 9 down and take top spot. The two teams at 8 down go to play off for second (money back). I go to my car and as I am sitting in the car I start counting my discs, which is a habit to make sure that I don't forget one somewhere by mistake. Something is wrong and I see 11 discs instead of 10. Somehow I inadvertently picked up  his disc. I now feel really bad and realize that I have to tell him that I have his disc. They finish their playoff and I am running down there to tell him what happened. I feel really bad about it. He says that it's OK and that he is glad to get the disc back but that doesn't really make me feel any better.

Here is the thing. I looked through the rules last night and there really isn't a specific rule to cover this situation. First off, my partner had already left so there would not have been any way to have a playoff with him even if the Cali would have wanted to do that. There is no stated penalty for what happened since this was not a "willful attempt" to cheat but instead just a stupid mistake at the end of a long round. I am not even sure if it would have made any difference to which disc he would have chosen to putt from since his other disc was right up there not far from the basket. Still it bothered me a lot since I am an experienced player and not prone to make such a stupid mistake. I guess that I was just tired and made a mental lapse. The disc does look very similar to one that I have including some scribbles on the bottom of the disc. But I had already picked up my disc so there was no reason to make that mistake.

All that I could do was apologize to my friend and offer to buy him some beers next time I see him. I will probably pay him in to doubles as well next time. The other team was not affected at all since they were at 8 down and the only other outcome would have been that my friend might possibly have gotten to 9 down (if indeed the other disc was closer in any way and he had made a putt). And as Cali he would have taken home $40 instead of $10 if he would have won (which would not have been an automatic outcome).

Right now, I think that maybe I need to stop playing league quite so much and step back and take a break. I turn 52 this year and have been playing disc golf for the past 17 years. This just seems like one of those things where I'm getting older and the forgetfulness is creeping in. I don't like getting older and not being on top of things like I used to be. And this is just such a stupid mistake that I have absolutely no reason to say why it happened. In my head a giant f*ckup with no reason for it. It doesn't feel good. I take full responsibility for what happened but that doesn't make things any better.

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who cares? He said OK. We all screw up royally sometimes. Especially with a little hooch in our system. Eh Jim? Been hittin the bottle a little hard lately? Only take a break to freshen the body, always work the mind.

Maybe you should just tell him what happened and cut to the chase. The longer you wait the worse it will be. If the guy is trully your friend he'll understand.

No, I did tell him what happened and he was OK with it, said that it didn't really matter. I still feel bad about it since I definitely am aware of how things work on a disc golf course and would never do anything like that intentionally. When I got home last night the first thing that I did was look up the rules. However, as I stated there is no rule penalizing such action.

And this one would definitely qualify as a royal screw up. Next time I see my friend there will definitely be an offer of paying in his $5 entry fee and I should also have one or two beers for him as well. He is a really good guy actually. He has been out of his house for the past five days because of the wildfire going on down here. His house is OK as well. Probably this screwup isn't at the top of his list of important things at the moment.

It was just such an odd thing to happen and I hope that I never do something like that again.

Take it easy on yourself, sounds like you did everything correct, mistakes and mental lapses happen and the important thing is to own up to them and try to learn. No need to cut back on your disc activity because of that, hey I'm 60 and I don't make excuses .... :)

do what you think is square and move on.. it seems like the guy understands that an honest mistake happened, so there's no reason to make any more out of it than that...

oh and keep playing!

Crap happens ... you're a male and we males muck  up    accept as part of the dna .... all the rest on the planet know this and obsess about it but we shouldn't

Thanks everyone. I am usually pretty hard on myself, especially if I make a mistake that affects others. I called up my playing partner and he reminded me that the other guy did actually birdie that hole so in fact there was no damage done except for the time we spent looking for a disc that was in my bag.

Looks like I'll be playing doubles this Sunday. And I still plan on buying my friend a couple of beers.

Edit: I guess that I will close the discussion since everything seems to have worked itself out. Thanks for the good comments.


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