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We are looking for a list of possible improvements, enhancements, repairs, to make to hudson mills metropark on either of the two courses.
So if you want to make a suggestion please tell us the course, hole and idea.
As our club has some pull with the park we will present the ideas we think are good, feasable or doable to the park.
I have been hearing lots of complaining about paying the Pay 2 Play fees and not seeing anything done on the courses.
The last improvements that come to mind were the new tees we paid for, the nurserys we have started and all the new tees signes on all the holes A3disc Paid for.

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here is an example and one that is valid or true and needs to be done.
Monster Course Hole 13 AM Tee has a back corner broken needs to be repaired or replaced
An improvement I'd like to see with Hudson Mills and several other Michigan courses is having the designer analyze scoring spreads on holes then adjusting them as needed to be suitable for a specifc player skill level. One reason that hasn't happened is that Terry Calhoun is the only Michigan designer since 1994 who has joined the now 120 members of the Disc Golf Course Designers group where designers learn how to do it. Doing the work to analyze the scores and making adjustments as needed (tees or pins) to make each hole have a good scoring spread for a specific skill level is one of the last steps in good course design and is overlooked by many designers who haven't learned the procedure.
Well chuck that is not what i was looking for as i certainly can't ask Hudson Mills to do that.
They would say what???? I am to so Terry our you will have to explain that to me as well.
But if you can explain what you are talking about maybe Terry can do that with the new course we will have finished by the end of April. Terry and Ben allowed me to tag along during the desing process for the New Lakeshore courses and i still no practically nothing about how they do it. Terry has been trying to get disc golfers out there to play test the course before tees and baskets are planted.
Thank you for the feedback and like i said if you can explain how your idea would work we may attempt to do that at hudson or rolling or lakeshore or all of the above.
My hope was to spur discussion about designing a set of tees for a skill level rather than just designing holes. I realize Hudson is pretty entrenched and it would be hard to change perceptions there. But hopefully, those in Michigan interested in good design would take a more cirtical eye to designs there, learn the score analysis process to tweak the holes on their own designs, and maybe help others to make theirs even better. I know Terry considers this process as he's working on his projects and Ben is savvy to this also.
Well we are hoping or planning on making changes to HM courses. But first we need to find what the players think needs to be fixed or modified. We have a similar discussion on our board of director’s site. I forwarded your post as it could help us with thinking or planning for our suggestions to HM.

I was hoping you could explain the process to me so we could attempt it at HM or wherever. I am sure terry knows it but I want to be able to understand how it works. Is there a link to a file or a file you could send me? I would like to study and understand this. Maybe this project could be driven by repairs and enhancements to make the course play better, instead of just asking for money to be spent.
Hudson Mills has said if A3 has suggestions for improvements or changes to the DGC's to let them know and they will try to make them. So if we understand what you are talking about we could use that as part of our planning.
I'd rather be able to understand what you are talking about and use that as a tool to show HM we thought about this when we make these requests.
These suggestions to HM initially we were thinking the players would like to see some money spent on the courses from there money they pay now to play. Some of the ideas we have are to repair broken concrete, or replace raskets (yes rusty baskets, hole 17 original). But we were also thinking what about more 2nd pin placements like on the monster.
We are also and have been for 2 or 3 years what to do about the baskets seemingly sinking into the ground. Some are just way to low to the ground. Most of this isn’t caused by sinking so much as all the woods chips over the 15 years around baskets degrading into packed dirt, making the baskets seem lower then they really are. Digging up the baskets and replanting them could be a big undertaking but it might be a good idea. The original is the older course but it is not as bad as the monster course and some of its holes.
i thought the extra $ they made was just to pay for enforcement. one thing i've noticed is i've seen trees sit in a parking lot no mulch, root balls exposed. maybe no watering before they are planted. and then it's hard to tell if any care is given to plants after planting.
sorry about being negative.that's just the first thing that came to mind

stevo said:
i thought the extra $ they made was just to pay for enforcement. one thing i've noticed is i've seen trees sit in a parking lot no mulch, root balls exposed. maybe no watering before they are planted. and then it's hard to tell if any care is given to plants after planting.
all the P2P money goes into the general fund.
The enforcement comes out of the general park budget.
I do not know anything about trees
Any Trees we supply we plant ourselves.
We are looking for ideas to improve or enhance or fix things on the course. think of it like a way to request some of that money back into the area that pays for it. We are looking for ways to improve playability, fix broken things and stuff like that.

I also recently learned that some disc golfers think A3 made P2P happen at HM?

I can guarantee you not a single person on the board of directors at that time supported this idea as far as i can remember, and everybody who voted did so in the negative. We tried to stop it failed, we tried getting the fees reduced and that also failed. We on the board got an email for input and didn't respond to it quickly enough so the park i guess thought we were ok with it and when we did respond it was to late. The board of A3disc makes no decision quickly most tournaments take 2 or 3 months to settle the details.
We were told that some of the disc golfers at the HCMA public meetings the year before suggested it the HCMA and that is why it came to be. Once again every A3board member at those meetings did not suggest it or vote for it. other people suggested and liked the idea.
More water coolers and porta-johns, any hole monster has no water that I can think of.. also wood chips around the tee pads would help with mud, JMO.
Hey Bill. Is there a time frame on this feedback? I may go out today or tomorrow, and will make a few notes if you still need it. You probably have a bunch that can just rattle off the list from memory. I can't.
Wood chips 15 to 20 feet around all the baskets and wood chips down on the muddy areas all around the course.

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