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Does anyone here throw a Surge SS? I have started using one and I absolutely love it. However, I keep hearing that it is a beginner disc. To me, it gets great distance and stability. I can't see why anyone, pro or beginner wouldn't have a use for one.

Any thoughts on this disc?

by the way...if you'd like to see it...i did a review on my blog


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i throw one and love it, but it is slowly losing its stability and soon will be worthless to me. i have one more back up to go thru before i give it up. or maybe i'll get a z surge ss (using FLX right now). i dont know who told you its a beginer disc, but i think they are way off. as far as i have seen no disc is for beginners only, they all have a place and are used by at least one or two top pros. besides that i doubt many beginers could throw this disc how it intended to fly.
i plan on picking up a elite z surge ss sooner or later so it's good to hear good things about it.
I have three flx surge ss's in my bag they are nice!
Yes!!! I just bought 30 150 gram SS surges for the purpose of supplying beginners or weak arms (like mine) a good driver to learn how to control.

Like Terry from The Throw Shop says, every beginner needs an appropriate disc.

What is not apporpriate is for beginners to wade throught the plethera of discs out there without a mentor, and 95 % of them not appropriate for them. I like to compare it to archery... you dont start a beginner on a 250 pound grizzly bear bow.

Nearly EVERY beginner I have EVER seen was throwing inappropriate plastic.

Here is what I recommned for beginners:

1) The last disc you want is a DRIVER. Drivers are not for anyone with less than a few months of experience, other than those few individuals with exteme natural tallent. I can see this instantly.. within one or 2 throws. (they make me sick when they start out chucking further than me, like my litttle 15 year old cousin who threw a forehand 100 yards on his 20th forhand throw last week.. grrrrr).

And so, I feel the best bet is to start with one and ONLY one multi-purpose disc for the entire course of play, and my recomendation is the FLX challenger, or,...

Breeze (if you can find one)

The new player should become INTIMATE with this disc, take it to bed with them and treat it like its thier best friend. They can learn to putt with them as well.

2) When they start flipping this disc on distance shots, its time to step up and learn how to throw distance, and start throwing more stable midranges and "Pseudo" drivers. The form for throwing a driver is a lot different from other shots, but I wont get into that here..

The 150 g storm is my SOLID recommendation here, others include
150 g Impact
Sting Ray

3) When the player learns how to anhyser and snap upon release, its time to step up to a "weak" real driver, and my first recommendation is the 150-g SS Surge and the 150-g SS avenger.

Others include
Full weight storm
Light XL

By then they should know what they are doing, should have seen all of the Mark Ellis clinics, and know a bunch of courses.

Only THEN should they think about the Beast, the Orc and the Monster, the 3 most common discs I see beginners using.

To answer your question, it depends on the level of skill you find yourself having after going through all of that. I'm not a racists or such, but NATURAL TALLENT limits everyone in disc golf. It is not fair, but I believe it is true. And so, players with weaker arms will find the SS Surge to be the last driver they need. My cousin will be needing a Flick or an Ex-Tra by next year (damn him!)

The thing is this.. throwing the wrong plastic trains you to have BAD FORM and they may struggle for 5 years with the wrong discs unitl one day somebody tells them to watch Mark Ellis, and actually do what he says.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a living example of bad form and no tallet. But I still love to watch 'em fly!

Yes i like the Surge SS. It is a great disc and works real well for S curves. I have an FLX and Z. It was my longest disc out of my bag untill I started throwing the r-pro boss

As far as a 150g surge SS i have never seen those but have seen the regular surges in 150g. Give me a link to those surge SS 150's because i would like to get a few!!
I throw a z surge ss ans love it. It is my main driver now. Easy to work and can get some good distance out of it.
I have not thrown an SS but the Surge is my main driver disc... I do want to try a Surge SS to see if it's any better with an Anhyzer drive (right now I use a Avenger SS or Monarch).

As far as the beginner disc thing, I say so what... use what works and if you get a 3 and someone with a Boss, Force or XCal gets a 4 then who wins?! I've heard my Surge and Crush (heavy wind driver) called beginner discs.

Nice Blog BTW!
Crush a beginner disc? Arf, I wouldn't hand that thing to anyone just starting up. I absolutely love mine, but I hated it when I first started. From my understanding the SS series of discs are all better beginner drivers then thier non SS counterparts.

I agree, beginner disc or not, if you get better scores with it, that doesn't mean you are a beginner, it just means that disc works better for your throw.

Most people laugh at the fact I love the Groove so much. But you know what? It works better for me than any other disc so I don't care. Between the Valkyries, Boss and the Groove, I don't need any other drivers. but if there is a chance I'll overthrow the Boss by too much, I pull out old dependable, the CRUSH. If the Surge SS works best for you, then that's the disc.

I've seen some fairly high rated players around here pull Leopards, Stingrays and such out of their bags on the T-box without hesitation. Those are both considered among the best beginner drivers.
Got one myself. Flips and locks very nicely! Always a go to for long straighter's!
Definately a far cry from the somewhat flippy Avenger SS. I found mine to be more super stable than super straight. That being said, it was a great disc. I ended up trading mine because I've been trying to get away from overstable drivers that I have to force over. Far more stable than my "normal" Surge.
For me....mine is less stable then my older run somewhat 'beatin' ESP version....The SS is brand new too and 2 grams heavier.

Screw the yippity yap about it or any disc being a "Beginner Disc" ....If it works for ya...use it....regardless of your ability.

Seems like all they did with the SS Surge and SS Avenger is widen them just a bit and flatten the rim (like a beat in Surge). If you look at the discs and look at the PDGA technical information on the discs.

So maybe instead of looking at it as your throwing a SS Surge, think more of your throwing a beat in Surge. I would look at it more like taking a short cut to beating in a Surge.

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