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The surge is my longest driver (no surprise there). I throw pink, orange, and green flx. When I really rip on one though, especially in any headwind, it flips way too hard into the ground. I've been switching to pulses when I want to avoid this, and they work, but don't get that crazy glide the surge does. So I want to try another type of plastic surge...if the z or esp are considerably more stable. Otherwise I want a (discraft) alternative, similar to a pulse but preferably with more glide. Should I stop whining and be happy with my pulse bombs? Maybe I should get used to a Force? My drives are way bigger than they used to be and i'm just not sure the flx surge is the disc to rip on anymore.

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I also love the surges. I used to throw the FLX, and now I have almost exclusively gravitated to the ESP and Z. I have gotten the Z surge to fly the farthest out of all the plastic types. However, as a rule of thumb, if there's strong headwind, I have a hard time getting the surge out there without flipping. My only advice to you is to keep ripping the surge in moderate wind, but find something that works for breezy conditions. I have had the best success with two discs: ESP avenger and ESP force.
flx are the most stable, then z, then esp. if your flipping surges, move up to crushes or forces.
I throw a surge for long straight shots ,but use a destroyer with any wind
I agree with Lotto, shocker, but the Crush, Force, Predator, would probably be a lot better in a headwind. I use a FLX Surge rarely in tailwinds and for some anhyzer drives, mine really holds a nice long anhyzer when I snap it well. Once I feel a headwind I will step up to something that I know will handle it. If you are throwing stronger than you used to then you should definately, keep the Surge in the bag for long bombs on calm days, but begin grasping some more stable drivers and practice in some headwinds when at all possible.
They replacing your Surge with a Crush or Avenger and Pluse with a Force.
The surge is great but like you said in a head wind it flips so throw a crush. The Flash, surge and crush are pretty much the same mold slightly different. that's what i was told by mark anyway. once i started throwing a crush in head winds i can get decent distance
If all you use is discraft then a Flash and Force are the drivers you should use primarily. I have used a surge and liked it, but a Flash and Force can be used for any drive you really need.

Then again I use Discraft and Innova, mainly Innova because the disc selection is better and more dependable.


My FLX is really less stable than my ESP.
but for head wind, I use Z Predator, it has quite the same flight line in those conditions

I have an ESP Avenger that is just a bit more stable than any of the ZSurges I throw. Crushes seem to turn out flippy too, you just cant put a lot of powerbehind it or it will turn over. I am confident all the Avengers I had in the past in being the next step up from a Surge, and a driver I could trust in all plastics.
Yeah i know exactly what you mean! That extra glide really matters! I'd use a ESP Crush for this.
Forces don't handle headwind like a Pulse will. For headwind I usually use a Predator, it doesn't fly as far as a Surge or a Flash. But Surges, Flashs and even Forces will flip in a strong enough headwind, especially straight on headwind. I can throw a Predator in ANY winds and still know it's not going to flip.

Nothing eats up wind like a Predator. I lost my Flx version and just bought a Z max weight. I've always heard Flx Surges are the most over stable, which mine is pretty overstable, just as overstable as my Crush Z. Pulse and Predators , Crush's are nice into heavy winds.

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