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So, here is a situation to ponder...

You're new to an area and playing in a competitive, but friendly local league event. You throw the low round of the day...but the final group takes another hour to come in and you have a family obligation and choose to leave and have a friend collect for you.

An hour later you find out that you can't collect due to the 'must be present to collect' unwritten rule--but the rule was never mentioned to the group before or during play.

Remember this was a local friendly, not a tournament. Is the player right in being angry that the coordinator:

a) never mentioned the 'must be present to collect' unwritten rule
b) withheld the payout


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I got an idea do your own event and when its all over go to the farthest point away and say thanks everybody for playing your winner is ....., Ohh your not here, ok money goes to ...... ohh your not here either, and do this until you get to your name. It's not your fault they didn't know the where to collect the money, and they where not there to collect. Just Sayin lol
I am sorry for how things went down. There were really alot of miscoms. To be honest though... You were in a three way tie. All three of us at one down. You and the other gent left, which leaves me there. The td was going to give me the payout for 1st 2nd and 3rd. I said F yeah and I will find Ryan and The other gent (Will? super bad with names...)
Nevertheless this got shouts from others. Then the money was kicked down to pay me for 1st then 4th and 5th got paid instead of 2nd and 3rd, b/c I was given 1st due to default. I am not saying right or wrong... I am just saying, that is what went down. I wish that we could have had a play off, cause frankly I need the experience. I understand you had to go for family and I understand why you are pissed. Aside from the great rounds we shot in those conditions and the general joys of playing together as a group, I am sorry for how alot of the day transpired and I probably am the most to blame out of everyone. I should not have passed out all those damned brownies... I am sorry Ryan, I know there is no making it up. Next time, you run it and we will be guests seeing as how we are in your house. Sorry man
@ Eric--this was supposed to partly be my event--but I would have never pulled that kind of crap...you win the cash, you win the cash--that's called 'honesty'

@ Sean--I missed out on your brownies? Damn, that would have made everything a little better...

Will shot a +1 (55)--so it should have been just you and me in the playoff, which would have been awesome!

Nobody but the TD is to blame Sean, you didn't make the decision...I now know what I'm getting myself into in the future...
Having to be there to cash is just plain ridiculous IMHO. You guys were tied and you weren't present so he should have taken first and you should have got second. Who would make such a stupid rule ? Some people can't stick around for an extra 45 min to an hour to wait for a group to finish. Plain and simple , $ in $ out , yours went in and you deserve what should come out.
How bout this. We play off next time we see each other! $30 bones on the line (when) you win!
It looks like Sean has some class that's missing in many of the people in this sport. Don't turn pro Sean, it'll ruin you ;o))
Xians...Sean is as classy as they come...Baca on the 4th!
I've seen this happen once before in a small friendly tournament. The circumstances were a little bit different, because the TD made the right decision to hold the money for they player who left. However, the player who was there to collect threw a giant fit about not taking the entire pot.

I really wish there were more guys like you and Sean playing in New Mexico. We have a hard enough time getting people involved as it is without players acting like toddlers on the course. This is exactly why we don't have leagues on the east side of the state.
Bull !!!! I have picked up Awards , Trophys , Disc's and CASH for players who had to leave early from events !!

Never heard of Must be present to win unless Raffle was involved !
Unless there are Ties ?

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