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I'm 5'3 and have been playing for years and have always had trouble with distance. My max is usually around 210, though at times I get a little more distance like 220. I've seen beginners who are taller than me and throw considerable further than I can and it just erks me to death! One thing I've noticed is that taller people have longer arms so they get more reach back.

Anyways, is there any truth in taller people getting more distance or are there people my height or 5'4 that can throw just as far

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Brad Hammock at maybe 5'4" continues to be one of the longer throwers on tour, now in his late forties.
Brad is like spring loaded powerful...and still may not be able to ride some rides at Disney.

"It's all relative to your ability"
Good example as I forgot about him! haha \

Though he does throw with his back towards where he wants to throw
That's just how he starts his run-up.
I think in general a taller person may have an advantage or an easier time getting distance but that is by no means the rule.
As its been said, its all relative to ability when it comes right down to it. Its all about form and good weight transfer with good arm speed and snap.
All that together might make it "easier" for a tall person with long arms, but not the reason why your not getting it.
Paul McBeth and Steve Rico aren't particularly tall people and both can get over 500'

Size can be a component but technique is a far more important one.
One of the longer throwers in my disc golf group. Is approx 5'4" maybe 5'6" with shoes. He has no X-step. The thing I notice about him. Is his speed/quickness. So in short (no punn intended) Height has nothing to do with "D"
I've been told that size doesn't matter(thanks Blazo), and I had a friendly disagreement with someone who said bigger people throw farther. I would say there is some truth to it, but isn't it more who can connect all the motions together and unwind the spring the best that gets the D? There are a lot of people who are short and bomb, tall and don't.... I am a tall person and I throw relatively far in comparison to my overall skill set, which can be serious trouble at times. I do not attribute my height to it though.
Try long arms. In general a person with longer arms should be able to get more distance.
All things being equal a taller person should be able to get more distance simply because their arms are longer and therefore they will have contact with the disc for a longer amount of time. But all things are not equal. There are things like technique, muscle mass and body rotation that all figure into the equation.

At 5'3 you need to figure out how to improve your technique. The X-step can greatly improve your distance. And maybe you could try using one of those strength trainers as well. Just a few thoughts. I use a longer run-up to generate speed. People always give me a hard time about it but I don't mind at all. It works for me.
I am 6'3", RHBH (switched from forehand)... I am no where near the caliber of most players I see, but this summer I have seen an improvement in my distance. I believe that most if it is coming from consistency through practice. I have tuned up my form quite a bit (including my grip), and have taken in and used some of the wisdom contained in the Discraft Clinic videos on distance driving and form. I will give my body type (long arms and long legs) some credit. Once in a while, I feel the torque building in me before I release, then it just flows out the fingertips and that disc flies FORE-ever...... but only once in a while.

JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT, I have been told that forehand throws get more distance. For me, though, switching to RHBH did several things. First, it saved my throwing arm a lot of pain. The whipping of my arm put a lot of strain on my elbow causing a recurrence of tendinitis from my childhood. Second, I gained a lot of control. For the years that I threw RHFH, I lacked consistency in my throws. Third, I have more balance on my RHBH throws than I ever did with the forehand shots. I do not rush nearly as much, once in a while causing me to over-think the shot, but the outcome always feels better than when I threw FH. Finally, since I don't have to concentrate on the arm pain, have gained more control, and feel more comfortable on my approach, I have gained A LOT of distance. Honestly, as a FH thrower, I was only averaging 220-250'. Now, I can say that I have reached 290-310' consistently. My game has also come around to the point that I went from averaging 10 to 15 over par to 3 to 7 over par per round. I still have miles to go, but I am getting closer and closer to being a scratch golfer.

You can only learn so much from the Discraft Clinic videos, BUT if, like Mark Ellis says, you watch and learn, you begin to mimic the players on the videos and your game and everything else will improve with it. It truly is more about practice and training your body to do what you want than how tall you are.
hell to the no, its all about technique. most of the guys i play with now are all shorter than me, not even breaking 6 ft, and they all out drive me. in fact, the shortest guy among us throws 550ft.

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