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Hey I was looking for some information about attaching lights to discs for night rounds.  More specifically, how to keep trees from knocking them off all the time.  I bought some of those little thin LEDS, and they fit up against my disc great.  I even went and got some little Velcro attachments to help hold them in place.  Since it will be cold I decided to use a disc with a little more grip and chose my clear cryztal flx Challenger.  On top of the velcro I also used a fair amount of Gorilla tape.  I took it for a test run (they look really cool flying through the air all lit up) and it was fine the first hit, but when I tried a close range shot against a trunk they flew off.  Could it be flx plastic just has too much give for something to stick too like that?  Or perhaps the exposure to cold makes the tape not grip as well?  I was also toying around with hot gluing the lights to the disc, as I really only bought it for the purpose of attaching lights too it.  I wouldn't care if I could just re-tape them every time it hits a tree, but with it being cold and all that probably wouldn't work out to well.  Just started playing this spring and never played in winter so would love to take advantage of some of the lack of daylight.  Thanks in advance!

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we play with one champion disc - use clear duct tape to attach said led light or mini glow stick to underside of disc ..... best to make sure disc is warm and dry for best adhesion ..... other thing is to avoid playing on a wooded course ... discs fly much better just thru air ... much easier to find if light is still attached .. good luck

I tape it in a "H" pattern to keep the light from sliding out. I'm assuming your taping on the underside of the disc, but if not thats the best place.


Option two but is kind of trial and error to figure out, clear package tape, glow stick, and paper towel needed. Place two tape strips side by side about 4 inch's long on disc, then place about a 2 inch by 2 inch folded up paper towel on the top of the tape (non sticky side), cut a glow stick and spill some glow (the liquid) on the paper towel, then tape over the paper towel (kinda like a paper towel and tape sandwich). You only need the paper to be folded a few times, so one glow stick and couple sheets of paper towel will do alot of disc. this works on any kind of disc even if its not a clear disc, but you may want to do both side if its not a clear disc.

Thanks for the responses guys,  I've never heard of the glow towel trick, that could be pretty useful! I took some pictures so you can see what I did.  I moved the lights in closer from the outside rim so I could tape all the way around them.  I took it out for a test run and it took about 4 tree hits to knock just one light off.  And these were close range shots too, the actual tree hits discs take mid flight don't seem to be as brutal to the adhesive.  It was a bit warmer outside though maybe the tape just stuck better overall.  I think it's about as good as it's going to get short of me gluing the things on there.  I got a clear Nuke coming in I'm going to do the same thing with.  I suppose I'll just stick to my glo flx Buzzz for the wooded parts cuz around here they  don't really make courses without trees lol! 

With dry, warm discs (not stored in your car), clear duct tape is better than packaging tape. 1.5 inch mini glow sticks do great, green is the easiest to see and usually the brightest. The beacon lights are okay, but aren't as bright. They make a couple of other versions where you can screw special made battery powered lights onto your discs as well, you're supposed to anticipate the 10g weight for whichever disc you choose to use them on. Gateway makes a putter that has a special inner rim that holds glow bracelets/necklaces in place. Glow discs are best lit up with a mini blacklight flashlight. Here's some links to a few of the things I've mentioned.
If using a small glow stick or light I'll tape dead center of disc. If using a neck ring glow stick ill tape the rim but that tends to lose the tape more often.

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