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So I was just wondering what the community in general thinks about this.

Personally I think since an official cannot rule on a division in which he is playing.  And since TDs determine OB placement and other various rules for their tournament that it is bogus for TDs to play in their own tournament.  I understand they can have assistance TDs but serioiuly should TDs play in there own tournaments?  

If you say yes they should...  Then should they play if their tournament has a wait list and has players waiting to get in or should they allow a player to have their spot in the tournament.

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Did a TD, in your division, win a tourney you played in today?
I am pretty sure being a TD and so involved with clubs and leagues is a lot of work. I have a lot of respect for people who volunteer SOOO much of their personal time. I have played tournaments where the TD did not play and ones where they did. Most often when they did, it was one out of five or six that they did that given year. Given the sufficient level of support they had, the tournaments were well run. Other times the guy who was the back bone of the organization played and "TD'd" Someone else had the TD title.

It will be interesting to see what actual TD's have to say on this topic. It sounds like it's size dependent for efficiency.
I think they should be able to play! They do alot for the game and the tournaments in which we all play. If I did all that work and couldnt even play in the tourney then I would be bummed. They love the game as much as we do. I do think that a few people should determine what the OB will be, and those few should be LHBH, RHBH, and whoever else to help make sure the the OB is fair to all players. One person should never have all the authority over how a round will be played in my opionion. Our TD in our community plays in all the tourney's but we all share the responsibility that is involved in setting up the tournament. It works well here.
I think the issue is how big the event. If it is a really big event, then not really. A small C-tier, not a problem.
We have not eyt had an issue with TD's playing in the events. I think its fine as long as it doesnt interfere with how the event is run. If they have help setting things up and what not. AS far as rules, if you trust them with your entry fee, you might as well as trust them to play fair!
Good Call !!! Always play Fair !!!
There are some valid reasons why some people should not be allowed to TD and play at the same time. However, I don't think worrying about making fair and impartial rulings is one of them. I have seen far more TD's have problems with time management and record keeping than with being objective about rules calls.

That being said, if I can't play in my own events, they will not happen. Would you rather play in an event where I TD AND play - or would you prefer no event at all?

Perhaps I should withdraw from my own event because some schmuck on the wait list was too lazy to register early - NOT!!
I just learned at our last club meeting that if the event is an A-tier then the TD is not allowed to play by PDGA rules. Otherwise if the TD can pull off running everything smoothly and playing then more power to them.
No, I am a TD myself and I was more wondering how the rest of the community felt. I have seen TDs in the past play in their own tournaments and the tournament run poorly and the report not turned in for almost a year. However, recently I have seen more tournaments where TDs did play in their events. I have seen it happen in a couple A-tiers even and the TDs just DNF after 2 rounds. So if you are just going to DNF why not have a true entry fee paying person take that spot?
You wouldnt.. come on. All the time effort and everything TD's put into the tournament. I dont see a problem with it and I would do it if I was in their shoes .
[quote]I just learned at our last club meeting that if the event is an A-tier then the TD is not allowed to play by PDGA rules. Otherwise if the TD can pull off running everything smoothly and playing then more power to them. [/quote]

This information is INCORRECT.

A-Tier events (and NTs) require one non-playing official per course. The non-playing official can be anyone that is certified, it does not have to be the TD.

Here is link to the PDGA Tour Standards Document - info is on Table 1. http://www.pdga.com/files/documents/TourStandards.pdf
If a TD can pull it off, more power to them.

I tried it once and found I could not play well. My concentration was not on my game: it was on tournament issues. Even running a simple local league took away from my game. I couldn't warm up well. I was always the last one to head out to the course. I had to deal with late arriving players and a thousand other things which came up. My priority was that the event run smoothly, how I played was secondary, and it showed.

Td's for Tournaments and Leagues are the backbone of the Frizzzbee family. Their sacrifice allows the rest of us to compete. They deserve our respect and support and HELP. Without help and respect, they burn out faster. So if the TD wants to play, I say go for it.

There was even a World Championships once where the TD competed. He earned it and had a great staff on hand to run the show.

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