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So I was just wondering what the community in general thinks about this.

Personally I think since an official cannot rule on a division in which he is playing.  And since TDs determine OB placement and other various rules for their tournament that it is bogus for TDs to play in their own tournament.  I understand they can have assistance TDs but serioiuly should TDs play in there own tournaments?  

If you say yes they should...  Then should they play if their tournament has a wait list and has players waiting to get in or should they allow a player to have their spot in the tournament.

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I concur to what Mark is saying...........

We should support them and help out, thus making it easier for them to compete with us and not having the burden of being......"god" for the day and having to wipe out everyones poopy diaper.

If we share the work load, everyone is happy. This is true for anything from Tourneys, League, Clubs, Course Maintenance or whatever.

Myself and one other player took it upon ourselves to cut Lumberjack Meadows DGC with push mowers. The grass and weeds were 2 to 3' long and we had to cut it twice. We cut fairways, landing pads or areas, and large greens. This course is over 7000 feet long, it took us all week. We did it in preperation for our summer league and no one helped us.........boo hoo, right. No, I was happy to do it.......it looks gorgeous.
Guess how many people showed up to throw league...........10. It would have been 0 if that wasnt cut.

I throw LHBH and one guy had the nerve to say I probably cut the fairways to my favor........in which I certainly did not but my response was.......YES, I DID.......because Im the one out here cutting all 18 holes and if you were here to help you could cut them however you want.

I know, its a bit of a rant.

Point is, it takes a lot of work to keep things up to snuff on all levels, in my opinion we should all help out. Especially if we love this game like we all claim to.

It requires alot more than a huge bag full of discs............thats nice to tho. Have fun and lend a hand.
we had a Tournament Official (not the TD) play in a tourney recently, tried to stroke a guy for a foot fault without warning first, and waited to say something till he was on his next shot. thankfully, the TD overturned it. not the same i know, but officials playing in a round or two bothers me more than a TD. A TD has a rep to uphold, future tourneys to run. they usually play more than fair.
I would tend to agree with Mr Ellis. There is so much to deal with that, as a TD, I never play when running a tourney (sanctioned or otherwise). Run it or play it, but never do both. Just too much to deal with. IMO
I've only run 1 tourny. Only 30 some people preregistered, but the day of came around & it filled! I can't imagine trying to play & keep the event organized for almost 100 people. I know some TD's do it, but I don't think it's a good idea. Since I didn't play, I was able to prep everything for payout & noone had to wait around for hours...
That's what I'm talking about...A perfect example of why I never play whenever I've had to run an event...Given the TomFoolery that TDs inevitably need to deal with, it just seems easier to sit it out and focus on running the event...

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