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Hello all. I've been at this sport about a year and the more I play the more I enjoy it. I did come to grips with the fact that I like it so much that I could suck at it big time and still enjoy it. Now my technique question is this. How much does the wrist snap factor in to the throw? The reason for this is due to my many years of bowling which I still participate in, (Not a weekender either, +200 plus avg and a couple of perfect games and so forth) my right wrist is kinda jacked up. I have no flexibility past 20 degrees or so and and what i have noticed is that on either my backhand or sidearm throws, I just cant snap like I think I need to for good distance. Now if the snap isnt everything then I just need to keep working on my other technique. If the snap is crucially important to big distance on either sidearm or back hand then I will improve as best I can on midrange, approach and putting and just have fun.

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Do what you can and keep haveing fun but i do believe snap does play a big factor in distance. If I were you I would definitly work on your mid game and putting. A pro once told me "Drive for show putt for dough".
I'm not sure snap and wrist flexibility are the same thing. I remember Cam Todd (former world champ) describing a locked wrist on his big power throws.

As a long time bowler you have a strong dominant hand, wrist and forearm (even if they are a bit jacked up). That is where snap comes from. Snap, arm speed (fast twitch muscles), flexibility and technique are the recipe for distance and power. Don't give up on attaining power yet.

Golf, like bowling, is a game of control but power added to control becomes semi-magical. The recipe for CONTROL is flat, smooth, balanced and practiced. Add explosiveness to that mix and you have power as well. Control is most important to develop. But there is nothing wrong with practicing power as well. Just know that control is your true friend.

Try the locked wrist technique. See if it works for you. Don't try to snap your wrist at all. Hold your wrist firm throughout the throw. Grip the disc hard. Crank up the arm speed. Let the disc get ripped from your hand. At first your control with this technique will be poor but in a field, working on power, who cares?
My wrist stays fairly stiff like Mark implied. I generate the good majority of my power through my lower body. When I end my x-step my hips are exploding through therefore taking my arms with them. My arms are fairly loose and are just following my body. There isn't any muscle in arms tensed except the wrist. So it's more of a tempo than anything. I can throw a little over 400 ft.
Just keep working at it. I was a real slow learner and took nearly 10 years to get anywhere near smooth throwing. However I never had a lot of help, just kinda figured a lot out on my own.
Thanks for the suggestions! I figured I could add to my hand/arm afflictions. My index finger on my throwing hand is also a bit messed up (doesnt bend well) and I cant tuck it under the disc and do the normal "power grip". I usually have to have it on the outside rim of the disc. Nice for control but not for power I still grip as tight as I can but I push my thumb down on top of my middle finger in hopes of gripping the disc tight enough. I hope I can work with this. It does however seem to work well for my sidearm shots though since it stays straight out. *sigh* Thanks again for the input!
Locked wrist tech? tell me more! I can't imagine there is no wrist bend. You wrist will have to bend at some point with a standard backhand. So are you just trying to minimize it to just the natural bend that will happen to some degree. Or is the technique totally diff?

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