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This is a place to discuss anything related to Tee Signs.
-Sponsorship, Homemade vs. manufactured, Metal vs. Wood, Cost, Construction, Photos of possibilities

This is a sample of Ryan Coles proposed Tee Sign graphics for The Grover.  I think it's smokin hot!  There is a larger version of this same graphic later in this thread.

The graphics could be displayed by various Tee Sign setups.  This is one of the possibilities.

DGA deluxe model, about $105(+shipping), Standard model(Single pane) about $60(+ship).  We potentially have a graphic artist for hole
maps.  Hole maps will be computer generated full color graphics not stickers in photo
We are looking for companies, individuals to purchase tee signs in
exchange for your name/logo permanently displayed on signs.  We are
open to several different models of tee signs.

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Link to USDGC Caddy Book. Lower left hand corner under downloads. PDF version works better.

2009 USDGC Caddy Book

Here's a starting point. It's not really of hole 6 at The Grove, it's just a fictitious layout.
I really liked the idea of midway markers, especially if someone is thinking of going over a hazard or laying up before it their decision might be helped by knowing how far they have to throw in order to pass over the hazard. I also liked the idea of topographical arrows alerting someone to changes in terrain (depressions and peaks), so I incorporated both into the layout.

There's a spot also for the sponsoring company's logo (I put Hazardiscs.com's in there for illustrative purposes).

What do you think?
You got some serious skills bro. You actually have dirt in the run up behind the tapered teepad. The distance arrows and the slope arrows just take it to the next level, which is what we all dream of doing. The HazardDiscs basket just makes it unique. It's like a huge putt just blew through the chains. I think all the baskets should be marked by the HazardDiscs basket(Tom?). Basically what I think is

A few more comments/questions before I have to get back to pretending to work(Tom please jump in:)
-Hole maps of this quality are going to go a long way towards selling sponsorship of tee signs.

-At this point I don't think it's unrealistic to shoot for sponsorship of DGA Deluxe models at about $105 each. Even if we only ordered 9 initially and had to wait on the rest, It's a one shot deal. I would be very tempted to drop $105 of my own money for my name permanently on a sponsor sign next to Ryan's sweet graphics. The Hazard Discs Name and or logo could be on the actual maps and we could use the sponsor panel for the sponsor who purchased the sign.

-Ryan what do you want specifically in terms of name recognition in return for your awesome work?

-I am assuming that for someone at your skill level it would be possible to generate the hole maps initially without knowing exactly what size tee sign cavity they would be going in. When we finalize the decision on the tee signs, could you then blow up or shrink the maps to fit?

-I think the distance arrows are usually located at a recognizable place on the fairway like a tree, a landmark, etc.

-Ryan please let me know what I can do to help you move forward. I know you said you were really buisy for the next couple weeks.
Can we get you a copy of Toms course map?
Can we get you a copy Tabs Google earth map?
Do you need some Hole distances or distances for Fairway arrows?
Info on slopes for your maps?
I can go down to the course and survey anything you need?
My e-mail adam19er@yahoo.com

Thanks for helping us take this thing to the next level.
Great discussion guys, Adam, Tab, Ryan, all of you guys have phenomenal motivation and great ideas. this is going in the right direction. Once the design is ready we can start showing it to businesses for sponsorship, There are so many places in town who would love to have exposure to us disc golfers; Chevron(on the way market), REI, mckenzie outfitters, eugene jeans, Hazzard discs, and all sorts of bars around town(add on if yall can think of some other places).

As a business owner I would love to see a model of the ad and a list of sponsor levels... 100 bucks gets on sign etc.

great work keep it up!!!!!!
Thanks for the support Kevin. I'd like to hear your input on which tee signs to go with. Do we go with the cheaper basic model at $60. Do we hold out for the Deluxe model at $105? Are these realistic amounts to ask a sponsor to pay for an add? I think we need to put Ryans mockup hole map(On this thread) on a temporary sign down at the course. It could say something like "Your Companies Add Here-Hole Sponsorship for ? Dollars. What do you think?
This would be awesome to have at the grove. You could use the names of the holes (on the thread for "Hole Names") where you have "The Grove", personally I like the names I came up with on the threadbut whatever. You do have skills, but before we do anything permanent we need to check the distances with GPS, or range finder, because my map was just an estimate using Google Earth. I could even walk it off for accuracy if you would like. I'm out there a lot lately. All in all I think the layout looks great and I know I would love to see them on the course. If we add a sign at the beginning of the course to show the name of course and a rules sign before the first hole, this would be a professional looking course. I'm with Adam, let us know what we have to do to make this happen. Call me if you need to, I'm in class MWF from 8 am to 11:50, but any other time is cool! 541-543-5860. Great job Ryan!!!
Hey Tab,

Adam and I have got the ball rolling behind the scenes. Very soon now we're going to be finding distances with range finders (distances accurate to within a yard) and documenting all the holes so that super accurate hole maps can be made (so if anyone sees guys with notepads they're not census workers, they're us).

I think that quality is the most important. Which sign will hold up better for the longest(most likely the deluxe model), and which will present the information best. $105 is not a lot of money for a permanent ad spot to a business.

So if we can solicit sponsorship we should go for the Deluxe model, and if we chose to fund-raise ourselves lets go for the cheeper model for simplicity, and to be inexpensive. Lets start by aiming high and asking around for sponsors to make the course as beautiful as possible!
The range finder came in over the weekend. When I get a chance this week I'll go down and measure out a few holes and translate the figures into signage. I was thinking of 1, 2, and 4 since they're pretty easy to measure. (is there a "B Position" for hole 2 or 4 yet?)

Your motivation is awesome!
Thanks for the discs Hazard Discs donated to the Dexter Inversion!
I'll e-mail you about the pin positions.
The position for 4B is over by 11 Tee, and it's on the map. You are awesome, let me know what I can do to help.
A company I work with offered to lend me a sight level for shooting the elevation changes at the Grove. I could get elevation drops and rises to the nearest foot on the holes with elevation changes. It will be available to borrow indefinately if we want to hold off for the "second run" of the maps. Your call Ryan.


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