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I was going through my stash today, since I had to replace my CE Teebird. A very sad day to say the least :( So as I'm going through them. A few no longer have the writing on them, since I bought them used. So I'm trying to figure out which are TL's or Teebirds. Now the ones with visable writing on them. I can determine the difference, but even when I put them side to side. I can see no obvious difference in the discs between a TL and Teebird. Now they are all various runs of the CE plastic. So I'm pretty sure the molds are the same, in regards to the two discs.
So if any one knows how to spot the difference between a TL and Teebird. I would be grateful.

Thanks and Peace!

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Maybe you have all teebirds then? There is a pretty notable difference between the two on the underside of the rim. TLs are pretty much flat on the bottom side of the rim. The teebirds have the bead as Tyler said.
Hmm... Well I checked out a CE TL and a CE Teebird (both new). Heck I even put on some glasses (ouch!) I could not spot a bead on the Teebird. Is it possible that the mold has changed since then?
I have a Champion Tee Bird T L Innova Xout with the flat underside rim and my D X Tee Bird as the bead on the underside edge of the rim, and if its a beat up Disc, That bead could be worn down after some time.
Yeah, that's my guess... I haven't owned a CE teebird or TL. The modern version of a TL is really different than a modern teebird.

I do now recall that my friend tried to trade me a CE Teebird that had the small swoosh in the center and said "Teebird"...I took it in hand and said, this is a TL! It had the flat rim of a TL with no bead.

Maybe yours is the same? I guess I don't know any more than that. It's so hard to keep track of how various innova molds changed over time. I've given up. I let my friend keep track of that stuff for me and help me to get the disc I know and want. :-)
The Teebird has what sometimes we call a notch in the wing. At the very outer edge fo the wing it flattens out very noticeably. A bead is usually referring to the same sort of structure but at the bottom of the disc.

The same exact differences occur between an Eagle-L and Eagle-X
take a stable disc that you own like a firebird. Feel the bottom of the lip of the disc. It should feel like it is inverted. That is how a teebird T should feel, somewhat inverted. A TL should feel flat and smoth. If all elese fails throw them all and pick the one you like best. Thats your new teebird. Sorry to hear about the old one, love the CE teebird.
They're both great discs, I can't say I'd know what to do in your situation, but as others have said....I'd just throw them and figure out what they do or compare it to what you remember about the other that you lost.
A Regular TeeBird is more Stable than a TL . Really depends on what situation you are in need of. I like them both. If you want a Cross between them , try a Champion Viking !!!
Yes it was a very sad day. I even left the group I was playing with, so I could continue to look for it. I even went back today and spent the better part of an hour looking for that disc. Damn, after spending ten years breaking it in (OK maybe a year lol!) too.
Just an FYI for helping me figure out the diff. I have a newer Pro Teebird and it does have a bead on the bottom of the leading edge. So I would bet the mold has changed since the CE plastic days.
Thanks again for your help.
take all of them to a field and figure which flights you like.......that said I carry both the TL and the teebird in max weight star plastic......feel similar to my hands......teebird just has a harder fade......either are excellent editions to any bag!!!!

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