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Yes thankful.
How many parents have the opportunity to play disc golf with their son or child?
If you do, then you can relate.
It is positive to get your kid (now 19) to participate in anything that you have been doing for many years.
"Oh, Dad I don't want to do that!" is the usual response if not a video game.
Not my son.... now.

Yesterday was part of the culmination of years of playing disc golf, and participating in the may functions of the game.
Yes it felt good to 'win' doubles yesterday with your son as a partner, I'd be lying if I did not say so.
But the fact that you can play with your son or daughter is more rewarding.

This post is for any parent lucky enough to play disc golf with their child.

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I am fortunate to feel the call of throwing a disc again through all things, my 10 year old daughter that took part in a portion of Innovas E.D.G.E. program at her school. She went absolutely bonkers over throwing discs and got me off the couch to play a promised couple of holes with her last Thanksgiving.

That couple of holes turned into 18, which turned into 6 days straight, which has turned into 130+ rounds since then. I carded my first ever tournament 3 weeks ago (900 round) and will be playing in another tourney this weekend.

I have lost 32 pounds since I started playing again, met new friends, hooked up with old friends, and I'm outside having fun again.

And.....I wouldn't trade anything for the opportunity to have this connection with my daughter. I have 2 other kids, a daughter 12, and a son that is 16. We play as a group at least once a week; some of the best times I've ever had with them I must say. It's not about pride, and it's not about reward, it's about spending a few irreplacable moments of our lives together laughing at a park somewhere about some goose that honked right next to the lake just as I was about to tee off and have it cause me to shank right into a tree ten feet away. Thanks Kids....I'll be fine.
Kinda the other way around, I go play 2 or 3 tourneys month with my mother. Plus casual rounds when possable.
My 9 year old son likes to play some disc golf with me during summer months. He has his own Innova standard bag with a couple drivers, 2 mids and a putter. I hope he sticks with it because its definitely something we can share, and in my own proud father thinking....this could make him a pro someday! :) Just sayin
The family annual Thanksgiving was all about gathering for fun,friendship,food.although time alotment for playing a round at the dg course was not going to take place,we all found time to throw outside.Waiting for late comers was one reason not to take the game to the course,so we improvised.Object/target was played by all ages of the family;2 to 76 yrs of age.Unfortunately as the families grew up and moved farther away,those memories are not lost.When the few that are around or arrive today we still throw.Enjoy your children,they grow up so fast.Their involvement with the "old man & mom" will not be forgotten.Look forward to a trip out to Cinncy to visit our daughter/son in law and play a few rounds,even if all they do is walk/caddy.They might just want to throw with the old man again for grins and giggles.
I love Disc Golf. When I got out of the Military some eleven years ago, I used Barnett park as a family day. We would play disc Golf and then have a BBQ picnic. All three of my children played, and at times, they would bring friends. Now they are older and we do not play as a family as much. But we still play every once in a while as a family. Also, I routinely play with my wife once a week. Then there is my brother, his girlfriend, their daughter, and even my mother has joined us playing 18 holes.
Besides the socialition of family, it is great exercise for us all especially my older mother.
My son needed to go off to college in another state before he started getting into DG. I guess he needed to get out of the shadow of his old man. Last time we talked, he mentioned some pointers that he got from some other guys he met at the course, which of course I could have given him, but you dads know how it is trying to give you kids tips, they treat it as unsolicited advice, where it is relatively OK for a virtual stranger to do it!

That being said, he is coming home tonight for spring break, and I am looking forward to taking a day off of work next week so we can get at least three rounds in together somewhere, and I am also looking forward to seeing how his game has improved, and maybe even take him to PIAS to stock up his bag a little...
My two year old daughter has taken an interest in my disc bag. She spends hours pulling them out onto the floor, then putting them back in the bag. We use them as a tool for teaching colors. She does know which one is my Buzzz.

I will admit, readily, that as I read through these posts, I became misty eyed. There is something about the connection between a father and child that cannot be matched. I have done my share of computer fix-it for family and friends, and worked on a couple of cars, but I have found no greater pleasure than doing those things with my dad. After my daughter was born, I would sing her to sleep nightly, and now we have a wonderful time on "Daddy Day" singing to the Karaoke on MySpace. Since she has such an interest in the discs right now because they are "pretty," I hope that translates into wanting to play later on. (She does throw a mini pretty doggone good!)

I am thankful for my daughter (and my wife, who gave her to me) everyday.

My son hasn't shown much interest in disc golf although we have played a few times. That is 100% OK with me as I feel no need to force him to like something. If he wants to play then I will support him. If not I am OK with that as well. I can enjoy the sport either way.
Never pushed my son to participate.
Let him choose to.
This seems to work best.

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