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On August 5 Randy Signor, editor of PDGA's Discgolfer magazine, asked me to write an article about the splitting of the age-protected divisions from the Open division. It was to be for a new column called The 19th Hole, in which guest writers can editorialize. I did so, he accepted it on the 11th, and subsequently asked me to send a photo and a short bio to accompany the piece.

Then on the 19th he informed me that the PDGA had taken the matter out of his hands, and forbidden him from running the editorial. The PDGA gave me no reasons for this action, nor suggested any way in which I might revise the article to meet with their approval. I was surprised, because it is certainly not rabid, nor even particularly radical. For example, it doesn't really recommend a split, rather a reorganization within the PDGA umbrella.

Two points are important here. First, Randy's acceptance of my article does not mean that he agreed with it. We can only assume that, even if he disagreed, he felt that respectful difference of opinion may benefit an organization and perhaps make a magazine more interesting and relevant. Secondly, there is nothing illegal about the PDGA's censorship. The PDGA is now the publisher of its own magazine, and publishers have complete control of what does or does not get published.


Still, I worked hard on this editorial and would like the membership to have access to it.  As I see it, I have these options:

1) Post it to the PDGA Discussion Board.  This would certainly be the most convenient, but I feel edgy about posting a piece that the PDGA has already banned to a forum that the PDGA censors.

2) Post it to an independent private forum with wide readership, like this one. 

3) Post it to a few club forums (three or four only, so I could keep track of comments), geographically separated, easily accessible to readers, and not subject to control by the PDGA.  One would be the Mile High Disc Golf Club, as I am familiar with it and already have posting privileges there.


I'd like to decide on an option within the next few days.  I would appreciate your suggestions.  If I go with a private forum, is Discgolfersrus the most appropriate, or are there others I should consider?  And if I go with club forums, which ones would be best?  Please respond here or directly to me (shive@uwyo.edu).   

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Interesting issue and I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I, for one, would very much like to read your article. My suggestion would definitely be to post it here, as it is one sight that brings together a lot of golfers. I'm also wondering why you couldn't post it here, AND to additional club forums as you see fit. I guess it just depends on your goal for the piece. If it is to hear what a small number of people you know think about it, then I think the small club forums are sufficient. But if you really want to share your article with more people, and raise the age-controlled issue, it seems like DGRUS all the way. (I too see what you mean about the sensitivity of option #1, and I would probably only do that after talking with the PDGA in some form or another.)

Anyway, thanks for sharing this issue with us and I look forward to (hopefully) reading your article!

Steve Barnard
I would like to read it.Poo on censorship!
i'd very much like to read it too, can u post it up here?
If you decide to post on the "club forums" route, let me suggest IowaDG.com which is an extremely active forum with a lot of knowledgeable readers and posters.

I want to read the article. Not sure what the best way for you to put it out there would be. Please, let me know when and where it is posted.

I have always believed Disc Golf to be a symbol of freedom, indiscriminative, and otherwise new enough to grow according to views of it's patrons. Similar to the old ideals and images of America. Unfortunately, there seems to be a growing attitude amongst some local disc golf clubs, PDGA organizations, and (more obvious) US Gov't to have representatives to have more control of said organizations than it's patrons.

Maybe these are signs of a new era in the modern world (sad). If the PDGA would like to instill trust from it's players/supporters it would be wise to print articles such as the one under discussion in this forum.

I think the PDGA should be very open to criticism, as it's very primitive organization that has made many mistakes in the past. In other words the PDGA needs your input. The current tournament division setup needs improving in my opinion.

I look forward to reading your article.
They did the same thing to me, I would perfer to send you a private message but have to be friends first, I will say this thou. This site is far more friendly to everyone's right to free speech as long as it is in good taste, even if they don't agree with your point of view...major props to the calhoun Family
This is one of the primary reasons that I have decided not to purchase a PDGA membership. I cannot play Sunday tournaments, thus, the magazine would be the only real reason to join. The continual censorship convinced me that it would be a waste of money.
I have heard some pretty rediculous rumors about the PDGA. Maybe they are not rumors after all? Do what you think is right, Im sure you dont want to ruffle any feathers over it but if your convictions are strong in this matter then I would say let er rip. Whatever happens, happens. Good luck and I look forward to reading your article, somehow.
i'd go as far to say this site is friendly to free speech even if it is tasteless. Ttell your mother "thanks" for last night... major props to the Calhoun family.
Post it here.
Post it here !!!! I'd like to read your opinion !!!!

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