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Just wondering what people are using for rollers I use an avenger ss or glide.

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Raging Inferno (Quest). Sometimes a Star TeeBird. Depends if I want it to go straight or curl.
I was wondering how most people throw their rollers, Im a LHBH thrower but I prefer to throw a roller with my overhand right (tomahawk style). I can do the LHBH as well but not as accurate or far. Seems to want to turn to quickly for me.

I also use my Avenger SS and my XL. My Star T-Bird works well along with my beat up Champion Sidewinder.

What is the "better" way to throw a good roller?
I just throw like normal but arch my throw like anhyzer but a little more so the disc stands up.
I use a Express for my rollers
150 star sidewinder
forehand, I use a flick; backhand, I am currently working with a sidewinder as I am not too comfortable with the throw yet and I hear it is a good one.
CE Valkyrie if you can find one!!! Best ever! I have used Beasts and Teebirds a lot for rolling, and just went with a Champ Katana. The rim is too big I think to get a lot of snap so I may try my new Discmania S Power Driver. I like my rollers more stable so they don't turn over too fast. I throw them RHBH releasing at or higher than my shoulder but not high in the air. I can get so much more spin on this release than my regular backhand. I get them out about 200 feet and landing at about 80 degrees. Pretty upright. Again a stable disc will be a lot slower in turning over. These are for max distance on short grass. I will roll an XCal forehand for recovery shots that require a hard left hand turn.
Whats the best putter to roll with? I have been using my Pro Challenger. We have a putter challenge coming up soon and wanna know if thats a good one to be using.
Try using the Skeeter in Star Plastic its smaller circumfrence rolls faster with less effort. I feel this rolls much more stable with less surface to be pushed by wind.
I may pick one up just to roll around. We have a list of putters that we can use. Even though I know guys that putt with a skeeter its not listed as one
What characteristics would make a good roller? I don't have experience with rolling, but I reasoned that an ideal roller would have a large diameter and heavy weight to carry it over and thru obstacles. Kinda like a big wheels are usually used to help four wheel drive vehicles roll over rough terrain. I also thought it might be good if it were a little understable, so that it would flip over on its own while in flight rather than having to release it in an upright super anny angle. Am I out in left field? Is there something wrong with my 4x4 comparison? Wish I had my old Barracuda back. That thing was huge and heavy. I liked the way it flew but the diameter was so large I could barely get it in the bag.
I only throw forehand rollers because it's a lot easier to get the disc on the right angle when it hits the ground. The Raging Inferno has a lot of weight near the rim so it has a lot of angular momentum while rolling. Once it gets going it will track in a fairly straight line before it turns back. That's why I like it. There is one hole on our course where I can rip it down the middle with a forehand roller and it will take off and keep on going.

Now I have also thrown a forehand roller when I'm in the trees and I need the disc to go out and then follow a long gradual arc. In this instance I would probably go with a Star TeeBird. I have used it before for this very situation and it worked great.

I really only started using forehand rollers last year but now I have one extra tool in the bag.

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