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Just wondering what people are using for rollers I use an avenger ss or glide.

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What characteristics would make a good roller? I don't have experience with rolling, but I reasoned that an ideal roller would have a large diameter and heavy weight to carry it over and thru obstacles. Kinda like a big wheels are usually used to help four wheel drive vehicles roll over rough terrain. I also thought it might be good if it were a little understable, so that it would flip over on its own while in flight rather than having to release it in an upright super anny angle. Am I out in left field? Is there something wrong with my 4x4 comparison? Wish I had my old Barracuda back. That thing was huge and heavy. I liked the way it flew but the diameter was so large I could barely get it in the bag.
I only throw forehand rollers because it's a lot easier to get the disc on the right angle when it hits the ground. The Raging Inferno has a lot of weight near the rim so it has a lot of angular momentum while rolling. Once it gets going it will track in a fairly straight line before it turns back. That's why I like it. There is one hole on our course where I can rip it down the middle with a forehand roller and it will take off and keep on going.

Now I have also thrown a forehand roller when I'm in the trees and I need the disc to go out and then follow a long gradual arc. In this instance I would probably go with a Star TeeBird. I have used it before for this very situation and it worked great.

I really only started using forehand rollers last year but now I have one extra tool in the bag.
180 DX Stingray! Preferably white so you can roll at night. I tried using a Champ sidewinder, but the Champ plastic doesn't stick to the ground on first contact as well as DX. Initial contact is extremely important as any slippage results in a sharp left turn and eventual 'halibut hook' shape roll.

I was playing a doubles tourney at UC Irvine 17 years ago and got the only birdie of the tourney on a certain hole with a HUGE roller. My partner CVK hit a fifteen foot putt for the bird. I should mention the roller ace on the same hole an hour later. I don't want mention the ace'rs name but his initials are Dave Dunipace. Can you guess what disc we both used?

I also roll a Pro Katana for even huger s turn rollers. The first Katana roll was completely accidental but five feet from hole #9 deeeep at Morley.
The old Stingray used to be the go to disc everyone used for roller's, Sidewinder's are good too.
I challenge anyone to a roller distance + accuracy contest. The glove has been thrown to the ground.
forehanded Z Xpress--as for a putter, a forhanded Magic--
D Zone. Forehand roller, just keeps on rolling. Don't knock it til you've tried it.
size can be relative also, ants can carry 100's of times their weight
Champion RoadRunner !!!
Just not a Coyote, it'll fall off the cliff ;O))
Better call Mako !!
I use a gateway illusion nice
 getting out of trouble roller


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