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I bought a few discs today one of them being an R-Pro Boss at 150g because I've heard good things about them. I usually throw wraiths and they work good for me but the 150g boss floats so I thought it would be good for water holes. I had never moved beyond the wraith because I hated the destroyer and the boss just seemed like it would be too much disc for me. When I threw this thing today it just flipped right over and I had to start throwing it with hyzer to keep it from doing so and it flew nicely but it wasn't anything special. I figured the boss would be overstable enough to not turn over even at 150g. It seems like it may be good for some sidearm shots or lefty backhand shots but I just can't see it flying much farther than my wraiths if at all. I measured the rims and the boss' rim is only 1/16 of an inch wider than the wraith. That seems like almost nothing. Maybe I should try the champion boss?

What do you guys think of the R-Pro boss and do you have any advice for me?

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I think the r pro boss is flippy though i think the wraith can get more distance you might want to try a 171 boss they hold a line in a tight hard throw for a lil while. Kind of like a well beat in xcal.
Get a 170's champ boss. season it well. enjoy your flippy boss, i love mine.
What I'm really getting at here is weather or not I'm gonna get that "extra 50 feet" everyone says the boss has over the wraith if I get a 170 champ boss(by the way these are REALLY hard to find)?

I like this boss for the floating and the sidearm and lefty potential
Comes down to your abillity (how far you can throw). Since I don't have a big arm the 150g works great for me.Having said that. I noticed I get about an extra 15 to 20 feet from my Boss, but thats only when I get a good pull through. If you are looking for more stability try the Boss in Star plastic, but I can't say you will get more "D" I have noticed some added "D" as it breaks in more.
I'll probably get a champ boss and give it a chance but I doubt it'll be replacing my wraiths any time soon but who knows... I've had to eat my own words before.
The R-pro and champ/star versions of the disc are almost like completely different discs while the pro is flippy the champ is very stable and the star is very over stable now once those discs get broken in they will fly like a faster wraith think destroyer (even though you said you hate it ) but your def gonna need a strong arm for them
@Vagnerman and anybody else who wants to chime in

What are the pro/cons of a 150g vs. 175g disc? My vague understanding is that you will get a bit more glide out of a 150g disc and the 175g discs behave better in the wind. My discs are all in the 167-175g range. I can't throw terribly far (300') but I'm still really working on my form. Are there any reasons I might want to consider trying out some 150g discs (other than the floating factor)?
Mainly for tailwinds.. A 150g disc will (obviously) glide a little further with a nice tailwind. Throw it up high and let it sail.
I have four bosses.....the star uses a new star light plastic (ask Dave D) and is more stable IMO......my 171 is way more stable than the two 174s and 175......that said star plastic will break in a lot faster.....

as for 150 class discs......they are much more prone to overtorquing them and flipping hard
to help answer your question....need a little more info......how far is a typical wraith drive of yours???
I've never thrown a Wraith actually. When everything is clicking I can throw my Championship Orc (175g) 300 feet.
I started to use some 150 class discs. They are a good way to spot some throwing flaws. From what I understand, it will highlight when you turn the wrist over. The light disc will then flip. It also has tought me to be more fluid in my throws.

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