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Greetings DGRUS World,


    Cassidy aka "Wicked Dyes" started something interesting.  He created "The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure".  With this concept he asks " A club to track the Great Disc Adventure.   If a disc labeled with The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure is found please take a photo and post it on here along with your name/ date/ and location found then leave it for another to find". 

Also he asks

How to prepare a disc for its adventure!

On the underside of the disc put:

The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure


Take photo of you using the disc

Go to:


upload photo and leave name, date, and location

Now sign disc and leave for someone else to find and use!


Once you have sent out a disc for the first time please create a discussion with the Disc Name, Color, Stamp (distinguishing marks) as the tittle.


This is a great concept.  A way to track a lost disc.  But I would like to start something similiar yet different.  I am taking Cassidy's idea and taking it a step further.  I am stuck here in Florida.  And realistically, will be for a long time.  I would love to travel and experience many different places and Disc Golf Courses.  But since I can not, there is nothing that says that I can't sent a disc of mine all over the place.  What am I talking about ?


"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"


There are fifty states in the United States.  For those who do not know here is a list...............





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




       I will need to find a friend in each state.  This DGRUS Friend has to befriend me, send me their address via private mail (I will not spam it, and I'll only send it to the person needing it) and promise to do the following.......

* Upon receiving the disc, take it to their local Course.

* Take a picture of themself holding the Disc in front of their Course Sign

* Play the course using the Disc when possible

* Upon returning home, go to this discussion, post the picture, and write a little story about it at their course

* Mail the Disc to the Next person on the list.


So far, I would like the following people (Currently on my Friend's list) to participate :

Ed Horst..................... Mr Ed                                                     Florida

Cassidy......................Wicked Dyes                                            Michigan

Mark Ellis....................Mark Ellis                                               Michigan

Shawn West.................Dookville                                                California

Donny Olow..................Donny Olow            Morley Field California. First place I ever played

David Reisner............... Kirk                                                       Hawaii

Steve West..................Steve West                                             Minnesota

Tim...........................Tim York                                                New Mexico

Monte........................ Moe Dee                                                New Jersey

Brett..................... Brett@sickdisc.com                                      Wisconsin


If they all accept, all I'll need is 42 more friends.  If they do not accept, I'll need someone to step up and take over representing that state.


Would you be willing to be part of the "Brotherhood" ?

I can not make this happen unless I have enough friends to cover every state.


Join the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"



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Standing by in North Dakota.

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc ( Dad ) is on it's way today to Hawaii !!!!!

"Dad" will be drinking Tropical Drinks and Eating Poi in no time!! 

Dad is on his way to oregan . he's leaving today , with his lei , on board a big jet plane ! it feels like saying good-bye to an old friend that was visiting , kinda missing him already .

Hey All! My Dad, Chuck, called me tonight and he received the disc in Oregon from David in Hawaii. He is having computer problems at the moment, so I am posting on his behalf. His plan is to play a round or two this week with "Dad". I will be going down to Oregon next week on Monday for my Dad's b-day on the 3rd and we will get a round in together with "Dad" at that point. I will bring "Dad" back to Washington with me and play some rounds with him from there. Then, I will mail him to the next recipient of "Dad" if this is all Good with everyone! STOKED to be a part of this!!!! :) Let me know if this is okay with you, Daddy Dragon...... :)

Jeff Nichols,

I am glad that you and the rest have joined the Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc. It brings joy to my heart knowing that complete strangers who have the love of Disc Golf have banded together for one man's Memorial tribute to his father.
What you plan to do is fine with me. David had taken pictures of places and things that were important in Hawaii, and not just Disc Golf. When anyone receives "Dad", it is up to them how they spend their time with him.
I just ask for pictures and stories of your time.

Awesome! My Dad and I will keep everyone updated over the week, or so, on the goings on and whereabouts of the "Dad" disc! REALLY looking forward to this!!! :)

This is a great idea! Id love to help you out, when Im home Ill be in Colorado and Wyoming, but in the mean time if you want to add an international tour for your disc Id be happy to give it a round in Germany!

I finally got to take Dad to one of my favorite 9 hole courses in the Salem, Oregon area Corban College.


Unfortunately there is a construction project happening on the first tee pad which has it closed. I was able to get this picture and make my shot, but was limited to 9 holes.

I used Dad on holes 2, 7, and 8. with good results.

Hole 2 is 175 feet and we got par.

Hole 7 is 183 feet and we hit a tree that put us in a bad spot and I was sure this was going to be a bogie hole. So I put some anheiser on the disc to get around a couple of trees, and I think Dad was helping because he left me a 2 foot putt for par where it normally would have been at least 15 feet.


The anheiser shot on 7 worked so well I had to try it through the trees on hole 8. Dad landed just under the basket off the tee for a birdie. That's the first time I've ever done that on this hole!

I had a great morning with Dad scoring even for nine holes. Pretty good score for me.

Im going to be taking Dad to more courses in the next 2 days. I'll post it as it happens.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this. Not only is it an honor, it's a good time.


My Dad and I played an Early Morning round for his Birthday this morning at Cascades Gateway DGC in Salem, OR. Was a Great Round and my Dad put up a Good score with the "Dad" disc! He got Pics and and will post an update. :) The "Dad" disc will be going back to Washington with me this week and hitting some courses up there. Should be ready to go to the next recipient early next week. I will post and update this week. :)

July 3, 2012

Sorry about not posting daily, the holiday was pretty hectic.

Day 2 with Dad was with my son Jeff at Cascades Gateway Park.

This is one of our favorite 18 holes courses in Salem. It’s mostly open fields with the baskets strategically placed in and around clumps of trees, brush, and ditches, and along the edges of a small lake.


I used Dad for approach shots on holes 3, 11, 17, and 18.

On 3 I used him for a nice anheiser shot around some trees that left me with a 10 foot putt for par.


Hole 11 was another right hand turn where Dad did a great job of holding the line leaving me with another easy par putt. I’m going to hate sending him on to the next person.


Hole 17 is has a mando post that you have throw an anheiser (right) around to avoid the penalty stroke. I think I made the best drive I’ve ever thrown from this tee pad with Dad. I also used him for the layup and was left with another easy par putt.


On hole 18 I used Dad for my approach shot and made a fairly long putt for par.

I had one of my better scores here today at 2 over. I think Dad is helping build confidence in my throws that involve right hand corners. I’m thinking there is going to be a Glide in my bag soon.

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