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Greetings DGRUS World,


    Cassidy aka "Wicked Dyes" started something interesting.  He created "The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure".  With this concept he asks " A club to track the Great Disc Adventure.   If a disc labeled with The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure is found please take a photo and post it on here along with your name/ date/ and location found then leave it for another to find". 

Also he asks

How to prepare a disc for its adventure!

On the underside of the disc put:

The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure


Take photo of you using the disc

Go to:


upload photo and leave name, date, and location

Now sign disc and leave for someone else to find and use!


Once you have sent out a disc for the first time please create a discussion with the Disc Name, Color, Stamp (distinguishing marks) as the tittle.


This is a great concept.  A way to track a lost disc.  But I would like to start something similiar yet different.  I am taking Cassidy's idea and taking it a step further.  I am stuck here in Florida.  And realistically, will be for a long time.  I would love to travel and experience many different places and Disc Golf Courses.  But since I can not, there is nothing that says that I can't sent a disc of mine all over the place.  What am I talking about ?


"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"


There are fifty states in the United States.  For those who do not know here is a list...............





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




       I will need to find a friend in each state.  This DGRUS Friend has to befriend me, send me their address via private mail (I will not spam it, and I'll only send it to the person needing it) and promise to do the following.......

* Upon receiving the disc, take it to their local Course.

* Take a picture of themself holding the Disc in front of their Course Sign

* Play the course using the Disc when possible

* Upon returning home, go to this discussion, post the picture, and write a little story about it at their course

* Mail the Disc to the Next person on the list.


So far, I would like the following people (Currently on my Friend's list) to participate :

Ed Horst..................... Mr Ed                                                     Florida

Cassidy......................Wicked Dyes                                            Michigan

Mark Ellis....................Mark Ellis                                               Michigan

Shawn West.................Dookville                                                California

Donny Olow..................Donny Olow            Morley Field California. First place I ever played

David Reisner............... Kirk                                                       Hawaii

Steve West..................Steve West                                             Minnesota

Tim...........................Tim York                                                New Mexico

Monte........................ Moe Dee                                                New Jersey

Brett..................... Brett@sickdisc.com                                      Wisconsin


If they all accept, all I'll need is 42 more friends.  If they do not accept, I'll need someone to step up and take over representing that state.


Would you be willing to be part of the "Brotherhood" ?

I can not make this happen unless I have enough friends to cover every state.


Join the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"



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Indiana is covered Lee.  Thanks for covering Illinois.

O.k. here is a current list of the "Brotherhood" and their states that they represent.

Washington                 Jeff Nichols

California                    Dookville

Michigan                      Wicked Dyes

Florida                         mr ed

Mississippi                   Eric Day

Tennessee                    goob

Virgina                         Fred Vegas

Indiana                        Jeffery Nugent

Hawaii                        david k. reisner

Pennsylvania               Pete Maher

Utah                            JP Pulley

Illinois                         LEE CASTRO

The Disc will be mail starting this week to Mr. Ed in Florida.

If you have not sent me your address, please send me a private message.

Gentlemen / Brotherhood,


    My dad is on his way.  He was mailed today.  When sending him to his next adventure, do not go over board with insurance, confirmation etc.  I still have need for representation of many States. 

Mr Ed,

    He is on his way to you.  Upon completion of your adventure, I'll send you the address of his next stop.

Do you just want photos when we get it? I could throw a score card in there if you want as well?

The Basics to be posted here...........

A pic of you and the Disc at your Course.

A story of you and Disc at your course.

Anything else would be up to you all.  It will be your story.


Upon completion, I'll privately e-mail you the next address for you to mail off to.

I'll do my best to try to get a close state so postage will not be alot.  But

since not all states have stepped up, you might have to send further then others.


When the travels are all complete, I'll take the stories and combine them into one story or book.

50 States, 50 Disc Golf Players, 50 Disc Golf Courses, 50 stories with different backgrounds,

"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc".

That is SO COOL DD. This disc will have quite a Story to it by the end of its trip. I am looking forward to reading everyone's stories about using the disc. :)
Does Ohio need a Rep? If so, id be willing to jump in on this and send it a flying on the best course in the planet, Idlewild. ( i guess its a kentucky course, but Ohio claims it. lol)
Ill be checking/waiting for the mail ;>} "oh,what a strange trip it will be.." Look forward to reading this book of disc travels.

I have sent out several requests for Ohio, and Kentucky.

I actually looked up members in Ohio.

Why ?  That is the State that my Dad and I were born.

Now you are not the only one crossing state lines to play. 

I have had a couple of people say that.

I guess that is normal for people who live by the border.

Which state would you represent ?  It would be like the Civil War.

I have had trouble with that myself.  I was born in Portsmouth Ohio.

So people down here call me a "Yankee".  But if people did their studying,

Portsmouth Ohio was just South of the Mason Dixon Line.

In fact their motto is.......

"Where Southern Hospitality begins".

So I am torn between being a northener or southener.


Long story short, it's your choice which state to represent.

When you get the disc, it will be your time with my dad and thus your story.

Just message me privately with your address if you want to partake, and join the "Brotherhood".



I just looked up Idlewild on DGCourseReview.

It looks like a really nice place to play.

The reviews that I read were all positive.

The rating for that place is great (close to five discs, 4.7 if I am not mistaken).

I live within a few minutes from Georgia so if you can't get a rep from that state please let me know.
Sounds good.  Thank you.

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