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Greetings DGRUS World,


    Cassidy aka "Wicked Dyes" started something interesting.  He created "The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure".  With this concept he asks " A club to track the Great Disc Adventure.   If a disc labeled with The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure is found please take a photo and post it on here along with your name/ date/ and location found then leave it for another to find". 

Also he asks

How to prepare a disc for its adventure!

On the underside of the disc put:

The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure


Take photo of you using the disc

Go to:


upload photo and leave name, date, and location

Now sign disc and leave for someone else to find and use!


Once you have sent out a disc for the first time please create a discussion with the Disc Name, Color, Stamp (distinguishing marks) as the tittle.


This is a great concept.  A way to track a lost disc.  But I would like to start something similiar yet different.  I am taking Cassidy's idea and taking it a step further.  I am stuck here in Florida.  And realistically, will be for a long time.  I would love to travel and experience many different places and Disc Golf Courses.  But since I can not, there is nothing that says that I can't sent a disc of mine all over the place.  What am I talking about ?


"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"


There are fifty states in the United States.  For those who do not know here is a list...............





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




       I will need to find a friend in each state.  This DGRUS Friend has to befriend me, send me their address via private mail (I will not spam it, and I'll only send it to the person needing it) and promise to do the following.......

* Upon receiving the disc, take it to their local Course.

* Take a picture of themself holding the Disc in front of their Course Sign

* Play the course using the Disc when possible

* Upon returning home, go to this discussion, post the picture, and write a little story about it at their course

* Mail the Disc to the Next person on the list.


So far, I would like the following people (Currently on my Friend's list) to participate :

Ed Horst..................... Mr Ed                                                     Florida

Cassidy......................Wicked Dyes                                            Michigan

Mark Ellis....................Mark Ellis                                               Michigan

Shawn West.................Dookville                                                California

Donny Olow..................Donny Olow            Morley Field California. First place I ever played

David Reisner............... Kirk                                                       Hawaii

Steve West..................Steve West                                             Minnesota

Tim...........................Tim York                                                New Mexico

Monte........................ Moe Dee                                                New Jersey

Brett..................... Brett@sickdisc.com                                      Wisconsin


If they all accept, all I'll need is 42 more friends.  If they do not accept, I'll need someone to step up and take over representing that state.


Would you be willing to be part of the "Brotherhood" ?

I can not make this happen unless I have enough friends to cover every state.


Join the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"



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July 3, 2102 9am

Day three was at Woodmansee Park with my son Jeff, and my grandsons Mason (10 yrs) and Tucker (6 yrs).

This course is closest to home so I play it more than any. It's a 9 hole course with 2 tee pads per hole for 18. It's wooded and brushy with a creek running through it and open fields on the last three holes. It's fairly technical and a lot of fun.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to use Dad here because I didn't want to be the guy that lost him in the brush. Three off my discs have been swallowed up out here never to be seen again. But it all worked out great and a good time was had by all.


I used Dad on holes 2, 5, and 7. Because of time issues we only played 9 holes.

On hole 2 I used Dad for a long right hand corner through some trees off the tee pad. The basket was in the long position.

My approach shot was also a right hand corner and Dad landed close enough for an easy par putt.

 Unfortunately my computer ate or destroyed the rest of the pictures of this course, so I'll finish it with the description of what happened.

On hole 5 my drive went way left and short of the basket after bouncing off a tree. I needed another anheiser shot from Dad and he delivered flawlessly leaving me an easy 15 foot putt. Being over confident with the putt I fluffed it low and bounced it off the basket. Bogey!

Hole 7 seven is a drive across an open field into a stand of trees. My drive was short and left so I decided to try a heiser shot with Dad into a hole in the trees and brush, and left to the basket. I hit the hole, and after a lot of bouncing from tree to tree I was left with a 20 foot putt that I made for par.

I don't know what my score was for sure, but more imprtantly it was a lot of fun for all and we got in some quality family time.

It was a great honor to be a part of this venture and to play with Dad. I hope everyone involed has as much fun as I did. It was fantastic! Thank you.

Dad has been handed off to my son Jeff and is in Washington State for the next leg.

To the Nichols Family,

It did my heart good seeing Father, Son and Grandsons
playing together. My father did his best to try "Family
Bonding Time". But since we was not active in sports, he
encouraged "Fishing". Since being in Florida, there are
plenty of places to fish. Fresh, Salt and even mixed. And
after getting out of the Navy and moving back home, I too
tried to teach my children to fish.
So seeing the pictures of the three generations of
Nichols playing Disc Golf reminded me of my memories with
my Dad and children. Sad note, I haven't fished but three
to five times since he passed away back in 2010. Maybe I
should knock off the cobwebs on my fishing tackle and visit
some of Dad's old Fishing Holes.


It's a small world. I have many, many fond memories of fishing with my dad and the rest of the family. It was nearly an every weekend event. I haven't fished in a long time either, and am longing to get back to it.

My father passed in 1997 and we put his ashes in one of his many favorite fishing spots.

Family times are good times!

I remember Fishing with Grandpa down on the Willamette River in the wooden rowboat you used to have. Right in the area where you spread his ashes, I think. :)

So, I have had a FEW Rounds with the "Dad" disc now. 2 down in Oregon with my Dad, the 2nd being with my Dad and my Kids. I got to see me Dad make some Awesome Throws with the "Dad" disc down in Oregon at our Favorite courses. This has been an AWESOME experience getting to be a part of this, let alone having it add some good Quality Family time for the Nichols Clan. :)

We are back up in Washington and had PERFECT discin' weather today, so my Boys and I headed out to NIck Loutsis Park in Carnation, Washington. It is a short, but Technical, 9 hole course with 2 Tee pads per hole for a full 18.

We started the round in good Fashion and the Boys threw "Dad" 1st! Tucker, my 6 year old, took a good Forehand pull on Hole 1.

He got a good toss on it and got it out 2/3rds of the way down the fairway. :) He took a 4 on the hole using "Dad" for every shot. He even putted with "Dad" and made another good photo opp....

I threw "Dad" on Hole 2. This is a Low Ceiling Anhyzer shot that I have trouble with. 

It is only a 247ft Shot, but I usually throw a higher Anny line, so I screw it up often. I grabbed "Dad" and put him on a lower line and he pulled a B-E-A-U-tiful Flex shot for me and got me up close for a shot at a Deuce...I missed the Deuce Putt as Usual. :)

Hole 3 is the Longest hole on the Course at 409ft. Tucker used "Dad" for his drive. Tucker likes to put down a Forehand Roller on this hole to get some extra Distance, and that's Just what he did with "Dad"...

Mason then Used "Dad" for his 2nd throw on this Long Hole and got a GREAT Back hand pull using "Dad" to get within 100ft of the Basket. I was impressed with that Throw!

Mason ended up Flicking "Dad" for his upshot and then Dropping "Dad" into the Basket for a 4. That is his lowest score on this hole ever. He was Way Stoked! 

Dad stayed in the Bag until hole 7 Because of the HUGE bunches of thick thorn bushes lining the fairways on 5&6. We didn't want to lose him....

I got the next throw with "Dad" on hole 7. This a a Great little Hyzer hole for me. One day I will Ace this hole. I like to put up a good, high stall Hyzer and let it fall right into the basket in tree line. You can see it dead center in this photo...

I put "Dad" on a High Hyzer and let him rip. I hit the line I wanted SO PURE I thought I had just Aced this hole, finally. Really, I am not Joking!!!! Even the Boys were jumping up and down thinking I was going to hit it. So, as "Dad" got Almost to the tree line, I got a big wind gust that air bounced "Dad" straight down.... SHORT!!!!! Lol. Left me with a bid for Deuce, anyway.....

We finished out the 1st 9 and Mason used "Dad" again on 9. He ended up pulling another 4 using "Dad" for the entire hole. Once again, his best score on that hole, ever.... :)

Mason's Tee shot on 9 with "Dad"....

We did play another 9 Holes with "Dad". Unfortunately, the lens on my point and shoot camera freeked out and would not open, or function anymore. We all used "Dad" with great success for another 9 Holes. I flexed "Dad" on a Forehand line on hole 4 and Parked it for my only Deuce of the day. The Boys made some great throws, and scores, with "Dad". :)

We actually met another guy named Matt that ended up joining us on our 2nd 9 and he thought the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc" was an AWESOME thing to partake in. He didn't throw "Dad", but really enjoyed the story and getting to hear about it. 

The other part of it was that Matt is a 3rd grade teacher and has been trying to figure out how to get Disc Golf into his school's P.E. program, in one way or another. I got to tell him about the EDGE Program and he seemed Super Stoked and was going to check it out. All in all, it was a Great Day with "Dad" out on the course. :)

I have got to see "Dad" used for multiple rounds. "Dad" got my Father, my Kids, and I out for a few days sharing some great times for a GREAT purpose. I feel very Lucky to have been allowed to be a Part of this whole experience. :):):):)

Three generations of family enjoying something together.
My Father would have been proud.

Have enjoyed everyone's stories and Pictures.
I thank everyone for partaking in this event,
and I hope that it continues. The more people put in
as far as pictures and stories, the better the book will be.

Keep it up people or should I say "Brothers"

Nice post!! Wish I was there!

Thanks Victor. :) It was a GREAT Experience! Just let me know where to send "Dad" next and I will get him on his way! :)

Ok all! I have been instructed to ship to UTAH next to JP Pulley. I will have "Dad" in the mail today, or 1st thing tomorrow. I am shipping via USPS Priority Mail, so JP should receive "Dad" by the end of the Week! :)

"Dad" left for Utah today for the next leg of his Journey. Have Fun JP. :)

Hey all just finished with dad and awaiting mailing instructions.  Here is my account of my visit with Dad.

Here’s a brief background on me and how I got started in disc golf:  I was born in Utah in 1974 and lived here for most of my life.   In 1996, I decided it was time for a change and moved to Portland,Oregon.  It wasn’t until probably the year 2000 before I had even heard of disc golf.  My first experience with disc golf was when some friends took me to a school yard with Frisbees and made up holes. It was a great time and I had to try it on a real course.  My first course I had the pleasure of playing with real discs was Milo McIver State park in Estacada, OR and I was instantly hooked.  I played until I moved home at the end of 2001. At that point, I started to have some serious back problems and quite playing until about 2 years ago. Once I started again I realized how much I loved the sport and was again bitten by the disc golf bug.

After reading as much as I could and watching all the disc golf instruction videos online, I came across this site which I found to be full of friendly people and a plethora of good information.  On Aug 9th 2011, I saw Daddy Dragons post about Dad and thought what an amazing idea; I immediately wanted to be a part of this journey.  I patiently waited until July 12th (just shy a year after signing up) to represent Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. I am representing 3 states so I was lucky enough to have Dad a little longer than some of the others.  Because of this, I was able to use him on the holes that best suited him and still get to throw him enough.

During the week leading up to Dad’s arrival, we were experiencing face-melting heat in the triple digits.  I was at work debating on playing a round or not and had decided 103 degrees was just way too hot and that I would just chill at home. When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to see dad waiting for me fresh from his trip to the Pacific Northwest, where I started playing this game we love so much.  I knew dad was coming but wasn’t expecting him for a day or two.  Being a good host, I immediately grabbed Dad and my bag, and then headed out to my local course, named “Walter Frederick Morrison Creekside.” The course was established in 1982 and is one of the first 50 courses made. It is named after the inventor of the Frisbee, Walter Frederick Morrison, who happens to be from Utah.

My first throw with Dad was on hole 2.  It’s about a 280’ RHBH anhyzer throw into a nook of trees which landed about 20 feet shy.  Unfortunately, I missed the putt but still ended up with a par.  The next hole Dad flew on was hole 4 which is about a 350 RHBH anhyzer.  Unfortunately, dad clipped some trees and ended up about 60’ out and I again ended up with a par.  

Friday July 13th

The temperature had gone from blazing hot to cool and rainy.  I wasn’t about to let a little rain stop me from playing the best course in the state of Utah.  So I finished work and immediately drove to Solitude Ski resort, jumped on the lift and began our journey.  Solitudes’ base is at 7,988 feet with a summit elevation of 10,035 feet. 

This is the lift you take to the top of the mountain.

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