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Greetings DGRUS World,


    Cassidy aka "Wicked Dyes" started something interesting.  He created "The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure".  With this concept he asks " A club to track the Great Disc Adventure.   If a disc labeled with The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure is found please take a photo and post it on here along with your name/ date/ and location found then leave it for another to find". 

Also he asks

How to prepare a disc for its adventure!

On the underside of the disc put:

The DGRUS Great Disc Adventure


Take photo of you using the disc

Go to:


upload photo and leave name, date, and location

Now sign disc and leave for someone else to find and use!


Once you have sent out a disc for the first time please create a discussion with the Disc Name, Color, Stamp (distinguishing marks) as the tittle.


This is a great concept.  A way to track a lost disc.  But I would like to start something similiar yet different.  I am taking Cassidy's idea and taking it a step further.  I am stuck here in Florida.  And realistically, will be for a long time.  I would love to travel and experience many different places and Disc Golf Courses.  But since I can not, there is nothing that says that I can't sent a disc of mine all over the place.  What am I talking about ?


"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"


There are fifty states in the United States.  For those who do not know here is a list...............





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




       I will need to find a friend in each state.  This DGRUS Friend has to befriend me, send me their address via private mail (I will not spam it, and I'll only send it to the person needing it) and promise to do the following.......

* Upon receiving the disc, take it to their local Course.

* Take a picture of themself holding the Disc in front of their Course Sign

* Play the course using the Disc when possible

* Upon returning home, go to this discussion, post the picture, and write a little story about it at their course

* Mail the Disc to the Next person on the list.


So far, I would like the following people (Currently on my Friend's list) to participate :

Ed Horst..................... Mr Ed                                                     Florida

Cassidy......................Wicked Dyes                                            Michigan

Mark Ellis....................Mark Ellis                                               Michigan

Shawn West.................Dookville                                                California

Donny Olow..................Donny Olow            Morley Field California. First place I ever played

David Reisner............... Kirk                                                       Hawaii

Steve West..................Steve West                                             Minnesota

Tim...........................Tim York                                                New Mexico

Monte........................ Moe Dee                                                New Jersey

Brett..................... Brett@sickdisc.com                                      Wisconsin


If they all accept, all I'll need is 42 more friends.  If they do not accept, I'll need someone to step up and take over representing that state.


Would you be willing to be part of the "Brotherhood" ?

I can not make this happen unless I have enough friends to cover every state.


Join the "Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc"



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Ahhhhh, the good old postal service.....

Sorry guys, its been a hectic week, but i did receive the disc early last week and i have played, and took pics with it at Mt. Airy. Some have played this course im sure, but since Fred and a few others got out there and cleared all the underbrush and put in a pro shop, it looks as nice as ive ever seen it. I will do a story tonight about the round i played with "Dad" and all the exciting things he got to witness.



     Thank you for responding.  I was thinking that the Post Office had lost my "Dad".

After all it is a busy time of the year for them.  Looking forward to your pics and story.

Jeff Nugent, you are next to receive the Disc.  You had stated that you'll represent Indiana.

Then it will go to Lee Castro in Illinious.

WHOOHOO!!!!!! I hope we've got snow by then!

Well, Finally "Dad" made it to his home state of O.H.... (if your from Ohio you know the rest of the chant.) and boy did me and the fellas have a great time showing him around one of the best courses in the world, Mt. Airy. (Or as some call it around here Mt. Scary) After securing him nicely in my Fade bag me and three of my good friends headed off to one of ours, and many others favorite sunday morning tradition! Disc Golf.... I personally discovered disc golf while driving around aimlessly in a park with a bunch of buddies, after just getting out of high school classes. We where bored, like all teenage kids after school, and spotted a beautiful shinny metal basket out in the middle of a field. We wondered what it was, and after further examination discovered people threw discs into those shinny things they called baskets. Long story short, me and the other 3 buddies i where with that day have been hooked ever since.... CONT'D....

 Enough about me though, back to the topic at hand. When we arrived at Mt. Airy we threw a couple of practice shots and i got a chance to try out "Dad's" Glide. What a wonderful disc he was for me the rest of the day. With a natural anhyzer "glide" it kept me out of trouble on a few occasions! Now ive never thrown a Glide before, but after throwing Dad, i have really contemplated getting one (maybe with Dads face on it) to add to my arsenal. I threw him off the tee for the first time on hole 10. And what would you know, he was "pin seeking" from the moment he left my hand. The disc seemed to be in slow motion for those five-ten seconds, and the thought that was racing in my mind was "How cool would it be to ace Dad the first time i threw him". Unfortunately it was a few inches short, but laid down nicely for a tap in duece! After that hole i figured he was looking down on me and this "Adventure", so i used him throughout the next 9 holes frequently. He helped me play one of my best rounds of the year at Airy, and i give all the credit to his being there, and watching over his disc and my shots. So i must thank "Dad' for helping me through a very good round!

After the round we hung around the "Nati" disc golf shop (Owned by H.O.F. Fred Salaz, who is always willing to help anyone that asks.) and drank a few soda's (yeah well call them soda's) and took a bunch more pics. Please enjoy the following pics, and thank you to Dragon for the opportunity to help in this endevour. I really enjoyed every minute of it. If youd like me still to represent KY, let me know. I will get out to idlewild (the other best course in the country) on Saturday and get the disc on the road to Jeff by Monday.


P.S.- If you have an iPhone, these pics where edited on Camera+. Its a free Camera App, that has all kinds of creative backgrounds that are VERY easy to use. I highly recommend. Pic editing sites are way to complicated for me, but this app could be under "picture editing app for dummies". Very user friendly. Hope you all enjoy


Waiting Patiently for Dad to make his way to Mississippi. How is the Deltona Life DD.

Deltona is boring as usual.

But being in florida is GREAT.

Still warm.  No snow.




     Thank you for your story, and for the many pictures. 


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