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This year's USDGC enlightened me to something new...."The Buncr Rule".

I Don't know if others were already using it before. Definitely took the infamous 17 and toned it down just a touch.

Earlier in the broadcast, I was watching a dude come up short....shot after shot...like 4 times...thinking....."holy $#!t" ...."that's a double handful at best"....it wasn't till the second day I heard them mention the new rule.

I liked the new rule....adds difficulty without being completely devastating!!!

This could technically be factored into a course design....any course design.

If done tastefully, with a nice looking professionally done rock wall for maximum lifespan...It could add something cool to one of those boring transitional type holes that appear in most course designs. Could also be done with a rustic cattle fence type construction....old railroad ties....landscape timbers...or on the cheap with fallen tree trunks and logs.

Any thoughts on that?

How would you feel about something like that on your home course?

How would you play it in casual rounds?...i.e. by the course rule if were to be or would you shrug it off and play your lie where it landed?

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I agree with everything but the 1.5m rule. I see no reason why anyone should step back 5 feet after making a perfect drive. That's penalizing good skill not challenging it, no sport should do that to their players. And what does a 5 feet flight add for a spectator? Nothing.
It's not a safety issue, if it's under the basket you have to bend down to pick it up anyway.
I might try this at one of our league doubles events....Reed Canal......very short course under 3800 feet for 18 holes.

The last four holes are some of the shortest on the course....2 of them (15 and 16) are wide open nothing to challenge except the ace run itself.... Thinking about using the island buncr concept on one...whereas, you have to land on the green to advance the disc (approx 10 meter radius) or re-tee. The other...the reverse concept with a 5 meter radius forcing a putt.

Of course....the easy way to deal with all that is......just Ace them...lmao!!!
Landing a disc in the 10 ft circle is probabalistic not precision skill. Not even the best can consistently land in the 10 ft circle more than a certain percentage of the time. Plus, there are usually gremlins in there like uneven ground, locks and mounds of grass around the pin that make landing that close more likely to get your disc to stand up and wobble away.

I'm not saying I prefer the new idea for the 5ft radius pullback. But the argument that "skill" should be rewarded when landing closer just isn't very strong. Just like an ace run isn't usually a smart play, I would prefer landing more like 4 to 8 feet away, given a choice, where the ground may be better.
I still disagree. The mounds of grass that happens at times are unavoidable that doesn't make my shot any less skillful. Of course no one is 100% with their shots but we all try to be and when it happens it's skill and doesn't deserve to be penalized.
a 3 meter or 10 foot circle is pretty tight....I was thinking more like 65 footer.....maybe oddly shaped at that....buncr on the outside......on a 140 foot hole.
Forget about the grass. After watching and measuring nearly a 1000 throws during the EDGE and skillshot programs, landing within 5 feet is not a repeatable skill but just part of a statistical distribution of landings within 15 feet which is a nine times larger area. Remember, we're talking about accuracy of shots ranging from say 40 feet away up to 400 feet away.
The 1.5m doesn't increase the challenge at all. I believe Harold stated that he proposed this so that a disc is propelled to the basket rather than dropped. A 1.5m putt should be just as automatic as a drop in. I'm not sure that trading the play-it-where-it-lies for a disc-should-be-tossed-not-dropped is a good trade. Play it where it lies is IMHO a stronger principle.
Unless you don't look at it as a penalty. There is just a minimum distance for a shot to count on a particular hole. Everybody plays under the same challenge and you have advanced warning of it so you can adjust your strategy.

Imagine a putting circle of 80 feet in diameter (ie..any shot which lands within 40 feet of the basket gets pulled back out to the 40 foot mark for the putt attempt). If you don't cash the drive or the long upshot then you are left with, at best, a 40 foot putt. On a wide open hole and a windy day it would put huge pressure on hitting a long putt. The same sort of pressure an island hole places on the drive: hit it or throw again.

It ain't for the faint of heart but we would see who handles pressure putting best. :) It would absolutely drive some players crazy and they would miss putts time after time after time.

As a spectator or a fellow competitor, there is a certain fascination with watching great players being placed under huge pressure, including when they fail. Watching a 1000 rated player miss the Island Hole time after time shows that they are human like the rest of us.
That's sick !!!!! ....some might need therapy after that....anger management !!! lmao!

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