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This year's USDGC enlightened me to something new...."The Buncr Rule".

I Don't know if others were already using it before. Definitely took the infamous 17 and toned it down just a touch.

Earlier in the broadcast, I was watching a dude come up short....shot after shot...like 4 times...thinking....."holy $#!t" ...."that's a double handful at best"....it wasn't till the second day I heard them mention the new rule.

I liked the new rule....adds difficulty without being completely devastating!!!

This could technically be factored into a course design....any course design.

If done tastefully, with a nice looking professionally done rock wall for maximum lifespan...It could add something cool to one of those boring transitional type holes that appear in most course designs. Could also be done with a rustic cattle fence type construction....old railroad ties....landscape timbers...or on the cheap with fallen tree trunks and logs.

Any thoughts on that?

How would you feel about something like that on your home course?

How would you play it in casual rounds?...i.e. by the course rule if were to be or would you shrug it off and play your lie where it landed?

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So.....that's a definite NO to a buncr area.
Just don't like design features that reward the lucky bounce or wind gust. A good buncr would be a ditch you had to play your shot from. Play it where it lies. If the rope grows naturally use it(vines). I think we need a height rule also. I designed a course around wwll tanks in a memorial park. Use the park features don't add trick stuff.
I agree with this, let the land itself determine how it's played. I find it odd you can land your shot within 10 meters of the basket and be OB on some holes.
I've always been a firm believer of "play it where it lies" ....or as close as humanly possible on the 'Line of Play'. That is the beauty of the game...a fundamental concept.

This buncr concept goes against my long term thinking on this....no question about it!!

I wouldn't get slap happy and go bonkers doing this...no way! but I would consider it for a shorter wide open lack luster no frills transitional type hole.
There is a good Discussion on the PDGA Boards...regarding a variation of a BunCR with latitude for relief...Some may have seen it....some not.


Those of you that either competed or spectated...are aware of this.....I would guess most of us are not.
This is the first I heard of the 1.5m rule....that's just crazy and adds nothing to the sport, imo.
The 1.5m rule is not a rule, just an idea that is being tossed around. It should eventually get tossed right into the trash.
I'm a disc golf junkie because.....(by Harold Du.....). I get to make up new stuff every year. Gotta keep em on their feet.
I liked what they did with that this year. I can see how that hole would have messed a lot of people up and have already brought the idea up to my association to see if we can't incorporate something like that in a tourney next year.
Good and I agree.
For a sport with as many free spirited people as disc golf attracts, when it comes to the game itself many players are quite conservative and skeptical of change. When yellow rope was introduced as a concept it had many detractors. Gradually it has gained acceptance and is being copied at more and more courses.

For those unfamiliar with the famous yellow rope, at the USDGC, Out-of -Bounds lines are created using yellow rope. So rather than digging a lake in the middle of the fairway, a circle of rope is laid and any disc resting inside of it is declared OB, just as though it were a real lake. Or rope could be strung along the entire edge of the fairway and any disc on the wrong side of the line is OB, just like we might play a road or a path or a cliff.

Although I have not played the USDGC in a few years and the exact placement of the rope lines are changed each year, my memory of the rope lines is that they were so exacting that most drives, most upshots and even some of the putts had a real risk of ending up OB. It was an amazing feat to play an entire round without OB penalty strokes. I know I never accomplished it.

The Winthrop course is a good course but not exceptional. With the addition of artificial OB (lots of yellow rope) it changes the course to the Winthrop Gold layout and is one of the best courses in the world. Not because it has great natural features but because the design of the course and the challenges presented are so superb.

So yellow rope strung haphazardly would just increase the luck factor and harm the course. But with enough design skill behind it, it makes the course.

Personally I like new rules and design features which increase the difficulty of the sport when applied to elite tournaments in professional divisions. So elevated baskets are great because the putts are harder to make and if you miss you may be much farther away. Island holes are fun because of the added pressure. Even putting circles are a cool idea ( if I understand what was proposed, any shot at a basket with a putting circle that didn't go in and was closer to the basket than 1.5 meters-about 5 feet-was taken back to the 1.5 meter line for the putt attempt. So it wiped out gimme putts. I think a 20 to 25 foot putting circle rule on certain holes would be great. It would increase the pressure and the challenge of the hole.

I realize the putting circle concept violates the play-it where-it-lies concept. But it is a unique way to increase the challenges for the best players in the world. It may belong in an Amateur division of a local tournament but that is not what it was proposed for.
Well said Mark !!!

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